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registry of biomedical companies

  July 19, 2024
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Registry of biomedical companies:

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Gobal Napi Pharmaceuticals

6th october city
Toll free: Dr.Nasr Meleka

Phone: +2028333354
Fax: +2028333351


Global Napi Pharmaceuticals is one of group of companies specialized in the field of manufacturing, promotion, import, export, and distribution of pharmaceuticals & cosmetics in Egypt. GNP is an Egyptian private sector investment pharmaceutical industry project founded under the investment law 230 of 1990, initiated in 1994, and started production in 1998. *Art of technology manufacturing plant is located at 6 October City industrial zone, Giza, Egypt. GNP assets 35 million Egyptian pound. GNP 2005 sales 160 million Egyptian pounds. GNP is a licensed pharmaceutical project, founded under the laws of investment. The plant is designed, built and equipped with the most updated GMP specifications. GNP is provided by the most reputable, high technology pharmaceutical grade machinery and control laboratory. Production and Quality control are all designed according to the rules of the International pharmaceutical Industry. G.N.P production, research and quality assurance, follow the most modern and advanced current good manufacturing practice (CGMPS) set forth by the world health organization (WHO). G.N.P products were carefully selected to meet the local and export market needs, and to substitute the imported products. G.N.P is paying much attention to research and development. G.N.P acquired the Total Quality Management Certificate (ISO 9001) from the American system register (ASR ). And also acquired the Certificate of Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) from the American system register (ASR ). GNP is audited by several multinational companies, the licensors, on regular basis who are manufacturing a wide range of their products in our facility. Licensors are : MSD - USA Sanofi Aventis - France Boehringer Ingelheim – Germany Wyeth - USA Elerte - France Bayer Health Care – Germany Pierre Fabre – France Grimberg - France Biox Novapharm – Germany Help - Greece Stada - Germany GNP possesses a well carefully selected product portfolio representing major therapeutic classes:  Cardio – Vascular.  Anti Inflammatory.  Respiratory Tract.  Anti Infective.  Gastro Intestinal.  Central Nervous System.  Dermatological Preparations.  Food supplements and Natural Products. GNP products are classified into two lines of products: - National products (mostly are generics) - Licensed products (manufactured under license of the previously mentioned licensors. Please don’t hesitate to any requirements needed. Hoping a fruitful cooperation with our companies. Thanks & Best Regards, International Marketing Manager Dr.Nasr Meleka

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Last update of this entry: September 06, 2023

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