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registry of biomedical companies

  July 19, 2024
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Gelogex Information Canada

C. -B.

Phone: 16049458408
Fax: 011-604-941-9022


We collaborate in nutraceutical discovery: 

  • Pepto-bioactive delivery in preventative heart health in dietetics sausage products using delayed delivery Elastane(R) for encapsulization of tuna Bonita and beet ("veggie") source such peptides (see: Joseph & Sons Foods of Canada).
  • Medicinal milk food proteins therapeutic for controlling chronic inflammation. See: the first above, for more of our delayed-release pepto-bioactive peptides. This requires more critical gastroenteric studies as to the exact structures to design other than our copyrighted (c) 2022 by D. A. Flores (Owner/Principal) double sulfhydryl bridging or more or other function bonding groups vis-a-vis the CYSTEINE residues along the elastin raw material's tropo-chain conformation to form our particular Elastane(R).
  • PUFA delivery in processed meat, meat-derived, dairy milk foods and processed egg products.

 The L'Oleo(R) product can be compounded with: casein + cationic proteins + precursors to pepto-bioactive peptides that are delivered upon digestion and proteolysis from the emulsion of fat and protein depending on the meat product (e.g. sausages, luncheon meat, weiners and pate).

Pepto-bioactive type at the level of the endothelial gut lining could encourage the absorptivity of the PUFA via nuclear carriers in the cell during absorption maximizing the amounts of dietary PUFA reaching the liver via the circulation.

The question of stochiometry and rate of formation and effect pepto-bioactive have on HDL vs LDL formation remains, viz.: 1) the carrying capacity for cholesterol esters, 2) the critical role, if any, of PUFA as triacylglycerol (TAG) in HDL vs LDL formation. 

The pepto-bioactive fraction could also have an effect on the dynamics of HDL/LDL formation with the given PUFA supply, their circulating half-life or longevity of the species of lipoprotein with their conferring benefit to atherosclerosis and heart health.

Amalgamated fish-based products have here-to-fore not been investigated by Gelogex or manufactured to a wide extent. This is to be investigated further in future including isolating, enriching and producing such pepto-bioactive. 

There is also an effect of bioactive peptides in tuna fish Bonito muscle that, amongst other meats, plays an anti-oxidant effect and therefore preventative cardiovascular protection from clogged arteries, amongst others. There are plans to pair the L'Oleo(R) product with L'Oligo(R) product in Vienna Sausages, other links and deli salami and summer sausage or loafs.

SKYENEWS: There was a story recently regards our L'Oleo(R) product in links or sausage using pigs casings, to be mascerated and combined with enzymes, with binder of cooked starch, fat from flaxseed oil that has congealed due to hydrolysis with lipase, collagen from casings and then put through a micro-pelleter and then bulk combined to produce a variegated effect in appearance and texture. In Manila, the long-famed Longesina or Tocino make of breakfast sausage (see: Internet for recipe) featured with airline food, for e. g. was described to be insufficiently supplied with infected, a public hazard, due to poor storage and/or transportation of washed porc casings. The obvious solution would be to hire an abbatoire to process, refrigerate and transport the casings, well-washed, to the sausage-making enterprises around its vicinity in Manila.


(c) SKYE BLUE INTERNET. Port Coquitlam. BC. Canada V3B 1G3. 

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Last update of this entry: September 17, 2023

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