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What is your general impression of HUM-MOLGEN ? 
(Answers to first question of HUM-MOLGEN survey)

Colette Fakoya
Love it. This is a true free exchange of academic ideas among those most interested. The communication speeds up the rate of new information to the benefit of basic science researchers, service providers and recipients of genetic services.

Martin Gossen
Excellent idea, brings specialists together and will surely become a very important tool for all human geneticists.

Carolyn Brown
Generally interesting. Wide-range of participants. More Table of Contents would be nice.

Stefan Einar Stefansson
Good, simple and easy to handle.

Graeme Suthers
very good - I have been surprised becuase I have started to use it rather than just 'play'.

Agnes Tay
Useful and informative

Rather complete.
Well policed.
Good source of journal contents - pre release.

Juleen Cavanaugh
As traffic increases the noise goes up, but I am still happy to subscribe as the inormation content is still high.

Liu J Jian
very good

Paul Watkins
I just started subscribing about 2 weeks ago. It has been extremely useful so far.

Pamela M. Corley
Excellent. The quality of the posts is higher than most of the listservs I have seen. The organization by TOPICS is a good concept. The set feature seems like a good idea, although I have not experimented with it.

Tom Frank
Very good

Brian Nightingale
Quite useful in it's informativeness and at times quite stimulating following some of the discussions.

Mike Furness
It does what it planned to - it seems to fill the gap between research and clinical scientists

Leslie Biesecker
very useful

HP Sattler
A quite interesting discussion group. But some topics are quite far away from my special interests.

Naoki Sato
Sometimes useful.

Michael Sullivan
A useful list with some interesting topics discussed. Journal previews are very good.

Ming Lee
Is still growing. Information/discussion seem to come from only very few areas (eg. ethics, diagnosis, etc). Would be more interesting if more input from other areas.

Deborah Morris-Rosendahl
Excellent information forum for human geneticists worldwide.

Very Good

Positive, because it gives an idea about people thinking about the same topics, and gives you access to their adresses. Important for people, who are a bit isolated. This applies also to the journal previews.

Mike Walte

Dr. Thaddeus Kurczynski
very useful

Caroline Graff

Inge Jonassen

Viktor M. Gindilis
Since I began a membership in this community (a couple of months ago), I feel that my daily life has become much more interesting. Moreover, if it were not for this fabulous opportunity, I would not get so much of valuable information."

It appears very useful, though I am only at the edges of the field.

Paulo Santos
improving day after day

Useful, but I'm concerned that as it gets bigger, it will be hard to scan quickly enough. It will continue to absorb more of my time, or yours!

Helmut Bloecker
Exiting new media (for a novice like me, at least), very useful links to clinicians, very fresh infos!

David Ford
My interest is low . I only use 10% of what comes over.

Peter Bross
It's a good service, with growing interesting facilities.

Nathalie JOSSO

Dr F.J Novo
It's a very good forum for the interchange of information with other people in the field, finding useful data, etc. Of course, not everything suits me very well, but that's what you'd expect from a list like this.
However, as you can see below, I point out a couple of things which in my opinion could be relevant to other users as well.
leer.gif (48 Byte) Bruce F. Smith V.M.D., Ph.D.
Excellent! The volume of messages is not excessive, and I usually see something of interest. I believe that my next post doc will be hired through Hum-molgen.

It was the first conference about Human Molecular Genetics on Internet that I subscribed. I think that this conference can improve communication between clinic and resarch. It seems to me that HUM-MOLGEN is very useful. The WWW in Rostock is a very good source of information.

Alison Whelan
I find it very helpful. I like the way the topics are announced in each message-- there are some areas I am not interested in, and then I can skip the rest of the announcement. I find it a great service and I look forward to seeing a new message in my mailbox....

Petros Tsipouras

I almmost satisfied with this news group, and also appreciate with staffs' efforts.

Carsten Holzmann
Very interesting and very useful

Kwang-Jen Hsiao

Chris Zerylnick
Another good resource to help try to keep up with the ever-expanding field.

Brett Levay-Young
I enjoy reading the postings in general. For the most part I have been a "lurker" until now. I think the CALL portion could be especially useful.

Chi Wong
Good, although I did not feel it is user-friendly when I firstly subscribed HUM-MOLGEN. Later on I adapted the commands for communicating with the server and I enjoy reading news everyday.

Isa Samuels
HUM-MOLGEN is very informative and keeps me aware of the latest developments and issues in bioscience. Thank you for creating HUM-MOLGEN

Todd Walker
Excellent forum for broad range of discussion topics


J. A. Witkowski
Positive - it appears to fill a useful goal.

Yvon Chagnon

Highly useful especially in terms of the preview of oncoming journals. Also, it is a good forum for the discussion of scientific questions, problems etc.

very interesting topics for discussion, easy to see what will be discussed in subseqent pages

Robert Brown
Have been enormously impressed with Hum-Molgen's e-mail service. The queries are timely, relevant; the commentaries are appreciated. Please keep up the good work.

Marcia Lewis
a welcome forum for exchange of ideas and dissemination of information, inquiries, etc.

David Beck
It is very useful and is always read

Certainly keeps my mailbox full, but most of stuff is of interest. Right now, mix is great, but could get overwhelming.

Kevin S Hughes
Has provided vory useful information, especoally in letting me know of other resources.

Janusz Szymas
Very good.

Stephen L. Mathias
It provides a useful source of information and a way of keeping in touch with various things that are going on in the human genetics field that I might not be aware of.

Robert Resta
Interesting, with a lot of potential.

Dr C. Mathew
More info about meetings and fewer messages from people who are too lazy or incompetent to use medline/read the literature.

Bob Walsh
Moderators dedicated, service improving. Especially useful for those with lesser Internet capability, like myself. Remember that those like me must commit a block of time to select TOPICs or respond to questionnaires. Remember the total cost of 1000 scientists times 1 hour.

Takeo Kubota
It is cool means for me to obtain new knowledge.

Peter A. Covitz
My only comment is that the way you organize the messages is awkward and filled with excessive header material. This may help YOU as the editor keep the posts orderly, but it does not facilitate easy reading. I suggest consolidating the posts to more simple formats, without all the abbreviations and categorizations. We can tell whether the message is a job request or an ethics question.

Weidinger Gilbert
very good!


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