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  Arthur Bergen: CALL: various and editorial policy  

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To: Multiple recipients of list HUM-MOLGEN <HUM-MOLGEN@NIC.SURFNET.NL>
Subject: CALL: various and editorial policy
From: Arthur Bergen <bergen@AMC.UVA.NL>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 1995 11:29:52 +0100

Note from the editor:

6 new CALLs !
The number of this kind of (and other) messages to HUM-MOLGEN is increasing.
Most messages on HUM-MOLGEN are succesful in terms of replies.
To improve the quality of messages, and not so much the quantity (we
don't want to "fill" your mailbox), we (the editors) have to become
somewhat more selective in terms of quality. Thus please, if you submit
a message to HUM-MOLGEN,

1) state clearly and short the purpose of your message
2) include your full name, adres, phone and E-mail number
3) take your time to include all relevant information, and to exclude
        irrelevant information.

We (the editors) will sometimes summarize or could initially return your

We wish everybody high quality CALLs and other relevant messages!!

Best regards

Arthur Bergen

CALLs follow:
From:   IN%"ED-MOLGEN@nic.SURFnet.nl"  "Human Molecular Genetics Editors" 14-AUG-1995 14:15:30.50
To:     IN%"ED-MOLGEN@nic.SURFnet.nl"  "Multiple recipients of list ED-MOLGEN"

I am looking for a geneticist by the name of Dr. A. Gencik.  The last
address I have for him is Dept. Forschung, Kantonsspital, CH-4031, Basel.
The letter I sent was returned by the Swiss postal service.
Thank you for your help.

Leslie Biesecker
Bldg 49 Room 4A80
Bethesda, MD 20892
Phone 301-402-2041
Fax 301-402-2170
Email leslieb@helix.nih.gov
From:   IN%"ED-MOLGEN@nic.SURFnet.nl"  "Human Molecular Genetics Editors" 22-AUG-1995 11:35:08.55
To:     IN%"ED-MOLGEN@nic.SURFnet.nl"  "Multiple recipients of list ED-MOLGEN"
Subj:   CALL: dopamine D3 receptor cDNA

This  message   was  originally  submitted  by   WMGPJEA@CARDIFF.AC.UK  to  the

I am currently working on the human dopamine D3 receptor gene (DRD3).
This gene is of interest to our group since there is an association
between homozygote genotypes for a Bal I polymorphism in exon 1 and
We wish to isolate the 5' end of the gene, in order to determine the
promotor region. Is there anyone who has access to HUMAN RNA, cDNA
or cloned cDNA which contains DRD3?  Has anyone done a Northern blot
on the message? Is anyone else working on the promotor of this gene?

From:   IN%"gqva12@udcf.gla.ac.uk"  "Grant GALLAGHER" 22-AUG-1995 17:53:22.07
To:     IN%"ED-MOLGEN@nic.SURFnet.nl"  "Multiple recipients of list ED-MOLGEN"
Subj:   CALL

gqva12@udcf.gla.ac.uk (Grant GALLAGHER) sent the following comments:

does anyone know where on chromosome 1 IL-10 is? We'd be very grateful.

Also, I'd like to 'meet' others who are working on the genetics of cytokine expression.

Many thanks

Server protocol: HTTP/1.0
Remote host: g-gallagher.surgery.gla.ac.uk
Remote IP address:


Subj:   CALL: Roommate wanted during ASHG meeting

From: Andrew Wong <cwong@GPU.SRV.UALBERTA.CA>
Subject: CALL: Roommate wanted during ASHG meeting

I am a graduate student working in Dr Heather McDermid's lab, University of
Alberta. I am going to attend the ASHG meeting at Minneapolis from 24 to
28, Oct. I need a roommate to share my accomodation during the meeting. If
anyone is interested, please reply to my private e-mail. Thank you.


This  message  was  originally  submitted  by  diskreva@MEKO.VUB.AC.BE  to  the

I write to ask for your help, advice, any information, addresses, etc. for
a possibility to fund my PhD research programme.

I come from Nigeria. I am finishing MSc course in the Free University of
Brussels with outstanding results in course work and in my thesis research.
I work with Prof. Jacques De Greve from Lab of Medical Oncology on ovarian
cancer. My promotor (the boss of the Lab) is very pleased with my work and
proposed me a PhD research in ovarian cancer.

At the same time I received a proposal for PhD on artherosclerosis from
Prof. Paul Holvoet, Molecular biology and Vascular Disorders, Catholic
University Leuven (KUL).

Unfortunately these universities could not sponsor PhD programmes. Both my
promoter and I look for a scholarship that will give me the chance to
develop my research in a PhD programme.

My address is:
Joseph Idigo
Room C82
107, Laarbeeklaan
1090 Brussels

Your kindness is going to be highly appreciated.


J. Idigo

Diana Iskreva, MSc
Free University Brussels
Human Ecology Department
103 Laarbeeklaan
1090 Brussels
fax: +322/4774964

Subj:   Asian DNAs

This  message  was  originally  submitted by  BOWDEN@MGRP.BGSM.WFU.EDU  to  the
HUM-MOLGEN list at  NIC.SURFNET.NL. If you simply forward it  back to the list,

        We have recently identified a highly polymorphic Y chromosome marker
and are currently genotyping it on Caucasian, African-American and American
Indian DNAs. We would also like to genotype it on a comparable collection of
Asian DNAs. If anyone has such a collection and is interested in collaborating
please get in touch with me.
Don Bowden
Bowman Gray School of Medicine
Winston-Salem, NC

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