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  Arthur Bergen: CALL: various  

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To: Multiple recipients of list HUM-MOLGEN <HUM-MOLGEN@NIC.SURFNET.NL>
Subject: CALL: various
From: Arthur Bergen <bergen@AMC.UVA.NL>
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 1995 12:25:22 +0100

Note from the editor: This CALL message contains 5 submessages:

CALL:   primate cell lines -- collaboration
CALL:   tyrosinase-negative albinism RNA sought -- collaboration
CALL:   How does electronic communication affect your (research-) life?
CALL:   Info wanted about the latest impact factor of some Journals
CALL:   Info wanted about adrenergic receptors

As you know, it is HUM-MOLGEN policy, to combine general request to the
list with personal replies (unless your reply is of general interest) to
reduce the laod of messages on the entire HUM-MOLGEN list.
The CALL section is open for (FREE) calls for collaboration; info etc.

Happy CALLs

Arthur Bergen

This  message   was  originally  submitted  by   rocchi@MVX36.CSATA.IT  to  the

I am working on karyotype evolution of primates. I am looking for
lymphoblast (or fibroblast) cell lines from primates, especially from a
male gorilla and a female gibbon (HLA). Could anyone help me?
Dr. Mariano Rocchi

Dr. Mariano Rocchi
Ist. Genetica
Via Amendola 165/A
70126 Bari, Italy
tl  +39-80-5443.371
fax +39-80-5443.386
em rocchi@mvx36.csata.it

Subj:   tyrosinase negative albininism RNA sought

This  message   was  originally  submitted  by   karp@MEDCOR.MCGILL.CA  to  the

I am doing nested RT-PCR of peripheral blood in patients with metastatic
melanoma, to develop an assay for circulating melanoma cells. So far the assay
is very sensitive, we can detect 5 melanoma cells in 10 million non melanoma
cells. However all our "normal" volunteer samples are positive for Tyrosinase
in the peripheral blood. Blood or RNA from such a patient would be a very
helpful negative control for our assay. Any suggestions on how to clean up our
assay would also be most appreciated.

Stephen Karp
DeptS. of Surgery and Oncology
Mcgill University, Montreal Canada

Subj:   CALL: Some feedback about electronic communication

This  message  was  originally   submitted  by  CFSA0034@VM1.ULAVAL.CA  to  the

I'm a french student in MBA studying the electronic communication impact
on relations between people and networks of people. I need you to know how
Beeing connected by e-mail and internet has changed the way you make contacts,
build relationships,...? Are your electronic relations reliable? Do
more contacts means better knowledge? Do you feel more confortable on e-mail
than in face to face meetings? I would be *very* grateful for you to answer
these first questions.
Thank you.

Subj:   impact factor

I need to know  the "impact factor" of
Human  Molecular  Genetics
Nature  Genetics
Anatomy and Embriology
Mammalian Genome
Somat Cell and Molec Genetics
Anatom Rec
Mariano Rocchi

Dr. Mariano Rocchi
Ist. Genetica
Via Amendola 165/A
70126 Bari, Italy
tl  +39-80-5443.371
fax +39-80-5443.386
em rocchi@mvx36.csata.it
From:   IN%"kotanko1@ping.at"  "Kotanko Peter, MD" 24-JUN-1995 12:50:07.47
Subj:   adrenergic receptorsCALL: Your Subject

kotanko1@ping.at (Kotanko Peter, MD) sent the following comments:

Im am working on the molecular biology of the beta 2 adrenoceptor. I would
be very glad to receive any new results on this topic.
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Remote host: pong.ping.at
Remote IP address:

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