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  Arthur Bergen: LITE: Nucleic Acids Research 23:9  

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To: Multiple recipients of list HUM-MOLGEN <HUM-MOLGEN@NIC.SURFNET.NL>
Subject: LITE: Nucleic Acids Research 23:9
From: Arthur Bergen <bergen@AMC.UVA.NL>
Date: Fri, 12 May 1995 18:12:55 +0100

Nucleic Acids Research - ISSN 0305 1048
Volume 23, No 9
11 MAY 1995
Executive Editors:-
R.T.Walker, Birmingham, UK
R.J.Roberts, Beverly, MA, USA
K.Calame, New York, NY, USA
I.C.Eperon, Leicester, UK
M.J.Gait, Cambridge, UK
H.J.Gross, Wurzburg, Germany
R.I.Gumport, Urbana, IL, USA
R.B.Hallick, Tucson, AZ, USA
S.Linn, Berkeley, CA, USA
R.T.Simpson, University Park, PA, USA

8-Methoxypsoralen photoinduced plasmid-chromosome recombination in
Saccharomyces cerevisiae using a centromeric vector
     Lisiane B. Meira, Joao Antonio Pegas Henriques and Nieve

Specific inhibition of DNA polymerase beta by its 14 kDa domain: role of
single- and double-stranded DNA binding and 5'-phosphate recognition
     Intisar Husain, Bradley S. Morton,William A. Beard, Rakesh K. Singhal,
     Rajendra Prasad, Samuel H. Wilson and Jeffrey M. Besterman

Enzymic removal of 5-methylcytosine from poly(dG-5-methyl-dC) by HeLa cell
nuclear extracts is not by a DNA glycosylase
     Robert A. Steinberg

Methylation of slipped duplexes, snapbacks and cruciforms by human
     Ali Laayoun and Steven S. Smith

Site-directed mutagenesis of the human DNA repair enzyme HAP1:
identification of residues important for AP endonuclease and RNase H activity
     Gil Barzilay, Lisa J. Walker, Craig N. Robson+ and Ian D. Hickson

Direct measurement via phage titre of the dissociation constants in solution of
fusion phage-substrate complexes
     Michael R. Dyson, Volker Germaschewski and Kenneth Murray

The DNA binding domain of the vaccinia virus early transcription factor small
subunit is an extended helicase-like motif
     Jing Li and Steven S. Broyles

Tandem repeats of the 5' non-transcribed spacer of Tetrahymena rDNA function
as high copy number autonomous replicons in the macronucleus but do not
prevent rRNA gene dosage regulation
     Wei-Jun Pan and Elizabeth H. Blackburn

Transcriptional activation by the orphan nuclear receptor ARP-1
     Sohail Malik and Sotirios Karathanasis

Increased stability of nucleic acids containing 7-deaza-guanosine and
7-deaza-adenosine may enable rapid DNA sequencing by matrix-assisted laser
desorption mass spectrometry
     Klaus Schneider and Brian T. Chait

The binding modes of a rationally designed photoactivated DNA nuclease
determined by NMR
     H. Peter Spielmann, Patricia A. Fagan, Therese M. Bregant1, R. Daniel
     Little and David E. Wemmer

Interaction of Xenopus TFIIIC with a 5S RNA gene
     Michael R. Sturges, Magdalena Bartilson and Lawrence J. Peck

The HMG-1 box protein family: classification and functional relationships
     Andreas D. Baxevanis and David Landsman

The G-rich auxiliary downstream element has distinct sequence and position
requirements and mediates efficient 3' end pre-mRNA processing through a
trans-acting factor
     Paramjeet S. Bagga, Lance P. Ford, Fan Chen and Jeffrey Wilusz

Versatile vectors to study recoding: conservation of rules between yeast and
mammalian cells
     Guillaume Stahl, Laure Bidou1, Jean-Pierre Rousset and Michel Cassan

Novel DNA photocleaving agents with high DNA sequence specificity related to
the antibiotic bleomycin A2
     Reiko Kuroda, Hiroshi Satoh, Miho Shinomiya, Takumi Watanabe and
     Masami Otsuka

The lytic replicon of bacteriophage P1 is controlled by an antisense RNA
     Jochen Heinrich, Hans-Dieter Riedel, Beate Ruckert, Rudi Lurz and Heinz

The Escherichia coli MelR transcription activator: production of a stable
fragment containing the DNA-binding domain
     Carmen M. Michan, Stephen J. W. Busby and Eva I. Hyde

Transcription activation of yeast ribosomal protein genes requires additional
elements apart from binding sites for Abf1p or Rap1p
     Paula M. Goncalves, Gerard Griffioen, Rob Minnee, Mariska Bosma,
     Leonard S. Kraakman, Willem H. Mager and Rudi J. Planta

Defining a novel cis element in the 3'-untranslated region of mammalian
ribonucleotide reductase component R2 mRNA: role in transforming growth
factor-beta1 induced mRNA stabilization
     Francis M. Amara, Frank Y. Chen and Jim A. Wright

Protein-DNA interactions in soluble telosomes from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
     Jocelyn H. Wright and Virginia A. Zakian

Modified nucleotides reveal the indirect role of the central base pairs in
stabilizing the lac repressor-operator complex
     Xiaolin Zhang and Philip A. Gottlieb

A sindbis virus mRNA polynucleotide vector achieves prolonged and high level
heterologous gene expression in vivo
     F. W. Johanning, R. M. Conry, A. F. LoBuglio, M. Wright, L. A.
     Sumerel, M. J. Pike and D. T. Curiel,

The CUG codon is decoded in vivo as serine and not leucine in Candida
     Manuel A.S. Santos and Mick F. Tuite

Site-specific initiation of DNA replication within the non-transcribed spacer of
Physarum rDNA
     Marianne Benard, Claire Lagnel and Gerard Pierron

Role for the highly conserved region of domain IV of 23S-like rRNA in
subunit-subunit interactions at the peptidyl transferase centre
Ilia Leviev, Svetlana Levieva and Roger A. Garrett

Prokaryotic ribosomes recode the HIV-1 gag-pol -1 frameshift sequence by an
E/P site post-translocation simultaneous slippage mechanism
     Julie A. Horsfield, Daniel N. Wilson, Sally A. Mannering, Frances M.
     Adamski and Warren P. Tate

Splinkerettes-improved vectorettes for greater efficiency in PCR walking
     Rebecca S. Devon, David J. Porteous and Anthony J. Brookes

Rapid and high efficiency site-directed mutagenesis by improvement of the
homologous recombination technique
     Annick Martin, Esther Toselli, Marie-Francoise Rosier, Charles Auffray
     and Marie-Dominique Devignes

Growth of E.coli at low temperature dramatically increases the transformation
frequency by electroporation
     Shuang-En Chuang, Ann-Lii Chen and Chih-Chiang Chao

Identification of ribosome binding sites in Escherichia coli using neural
network models
     David Bisant and Jacob Maizel

Single-step direct PCR amplification from solid tissues
     Yong Shu Liu, Robert J. S. Thomas and Wayne A. Phillips


Nucleic Acids Research is published 25 times a year by Oxford University

The papers listed above will appear in the 11 May 1995 issue. If you would
like further details about Nucleic Acids Research, including details of
subscription rates, please contact:-

Richard Gedye
Oxford University Press
Walton Street
Oxford  OX2 6DP
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1865 267785
Fax: +44 1865 267782
E-Mail: gedyer@oup.co.uk

Copyright in the table of contents listed above is held by Oxford
University Press, but you are welcome to circulate them further,
provided that Oxford University Press is credited as publisher and
copyright holder.

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