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  Arthur Bergen: ANN,CALL: Thanks, WWWnews, Mailnews, Collaboration, MxDIAGN-L  

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To: Multiple recipients of list HUM-MOLGEN <HUM-MOLGEN@NIC.SURFNET.NL>
Subject: ANN,CALL: Thanks, WWWnews, Mailnews, Collaboration, MxDIAGN-L
From: Arthur Bergen <bergen@AMC.UVA.NL>
Date: Thu, 18 May 1995 18:22:16 +0100

Note from the editor:

This ANN, CALL message contains the following submessages:

1- for once, thank you note from me  ;-)
2- announcement: New at the HUM-MOLGEN WWW
3- coming up at HUM-MOLGEN mail
4- ann, call for collaboration and support from HUM-MOLGEN
5- announcement of an internet discussion list devoted to molecular

The ANNOuncement TOPIC is open for any kind of announcement in the
field of Genetis and molecular biology, including announcement of
workshops, congresses and job offerings or requests, etc.
The CALL TOPIC is open for CALLs for collaboration, offers of assistance,
CALLS for materials or methods. Communication is FREE of charge and very

Good ANNOs and/or CALLs

Arthur Bergen

Thank you for the numerous responses to the latest HUM-MOLGEN CALL.
Besides the exciting feeling of being interconnected with approximately
ONE THOUSAND collegaeus in genetics and molecular biology world-wide,
communiciation on HUM-MOLGEN apparantly works.......
(As you know, one of our aims is to combine list-communication with
traditional person-to person E-mail, to reduce the load of messages on
each subscribers mailbox)


HUM-MOLGEN WWW has been improved quite a lot the last few weeks; features

-a new homepage with easy search features.
-joint home page HUM-MOLGEN/NEUROWEB for an excellent neurogenetics forum
to be.
-the possibility of FREE registration,including short description, by and
                        for institutes and companies under the BIOT topic
-Darwin-on-line under the LITE topic
-New meeting place of biologists and clinicians.
-New easy one-point entry into the "genetics and molecular biology" internet.
-and much more.

Unless many other similar sites in the NET, communication and information
at HUM-MOLGEN WWW and mail is entirely FREE of charge.


3-Coming up at HUM-MOLGEN LITE mail:

digital PREVIEW TOCs of the Journals

                        HUMAN REPRODUCTION

                        THE EMBO JOURNAL

Thanks to Oxford University Press!


To improve the quality of communication, and the possibilities for all
HUM-MOLGEN subscribers, HUM-MOLGEN is now looking for collaboration between
existing **moderated** high quality medical and/or biology forums on the
internet with an (side-) interest in Genetics and/or molecular biology.

Besides, we are looking for institutes and/or companies, who would be
willing to support HUM-MOLGEN and/or to contribute to further improve the
quality of communication and information of this forum.

If you have any suggestions or a proposal,
Please contact

A.A.B. Bergen


From:   IN%"akilleen@umich.edu"  "Dr. Anthony Killeen"
Subj:   Listserv/Usenet Group for Human Molecular Diagnostics

Subscribers to hum-molgen may wish to know about the listserv MxDIAG-L which is
dedicated to human molecular diagnostics. All subjects related to the
application of DNA or RNA technologies to human diseases are appropriate,
including regulatory, certification, and management issues for clinical

Note from the HUM-MOLGEN editor:
Upon request the following, additional info about MxDIAG-L was given:

It is a listerv and Usenet group. THere are over 200 subscribers, the
emphasis is on pathology applications of molecular diagnostics including
microbiology, solid tumors, leukemias, forensics, identity, and some
The group is not moderated.

The address for this list is
listserv%ALBNYDH2.bitnet@UACSC2.ALBANY.EDU OR listserv@albnydh2.bitnet

Subscription is free and available by sending the command

subscribe mxdiag-l <Your Name> to one of the above addresses.

Messages to the list can be sent to

This list is also available on Usenet as bit.med.mxdiag-l

Anthony Killeen
Dept. of Pathology
University of Michigan


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