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  Arthur Bergen: ANNO: various  

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To: Multiple recipients of list HUM-MOLGEN <HUM-MOLGEN@NIC.SURFNET.NL>
Subject: ANNO: various
From: Arthur Bergen <bergen@AMC.UVA.NL>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 18:56:46 +0100

Note from the editor:

3 ANNOs! A announcement of meeting, A job asked, and a position offered
Subj:   ANNO, NEWS: ASCB Press Release

This message was originally submitted by KATHY@ASCB.FASEB.ORG to the HUM-MOLGEN


          National leaders in science, science policy, and

     Congress, including National Cancer Institute Director

     Richard Klausner, NIH Director Harold Varmus, fellow

     Nobel Laureate Paul Berg, Chiron Corporation CEO Edward

     Penhoet, and Congressman John Porter (R-IL) will be

     featured at the American Society for Cell Biology

     Annual Meeting.  This 35th ASCB Annual Meeting will be

     held at the Washington, DC Convention Center from

     December 9-13.  Some of the issues of special interest

     to members of the scientific community include:

          Educating the Public: Ideas for Scientists as

               Advocates, will be moderated by Robert Goldman of

               Northwestern University on Saturday, December 9

               from 2:00-4:00 PM.  Panelists will include

               Washington Post science writer Boyce Rensberger,

               Harold Silverman of Interscience Communications

               Ltd, Ellen Stoval of the National Coalition for

               Cancer Survivorship, and Congressional

               Representatives.  The seminar will focus on how

               scientists can more effectively address some

               common misperceptions the public has about

               medicine, and how they might become more effective

               advocates to the press and public at-large.

          Richard Klausner, NCI Director, will give the

               Policy Keynote Address on Saturday, December 9 at

               6:00 PM.  Klausner will discuss The New NCI:

               Opportunities and Responsibilities.  Eric Kandel

               of Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons

               will give the Science Keynote on Genes, Synapses,

               and the Cell-Term Memory.

          The E.B. Wilson Medal Presentation and Lecture by

               Bruce Nicklas of Duke University will take place

               on Sunday, December 10, at 6:15 PM.  Nicklas'

               lecture is Needling the Chromosomes in Mitosis.

          The E.E. Just Award Presentation and Lecture by

               James R. Gavin III of the Howard Hughes Medical

               Institute will be held on Sunday, December 10 at

               2:00 PM.  Gavin will discuss Cellular Calcium

               Dysregulation in Insulin-resistant Diabetes

               Mellitus: Role in Disease Pathophysiology.

                                    - 2 -

     ASCB President Ursula Goodenough of Washington University

     will address local high school students on Sunday, December

     10 from 12:30-4:00 PM.  Students and members of the press

     will have the opportunity to ask questions following the

     presentation entitled Why do Cells Have Sex, and How Does

     Sex Evolve?

     Harold Varmus, NIH Director, will be the featured speaker at

     the first ASCB College Student Symposium on Sunday, December

     10 from 2:00-5:30 PM.  Following the presentation, students

     will be invited to ask questions as well as to listen to

     selected graduate students discuss their career options and


     Congressman John Porter (R-IL) will receive the ASCB Public

     Service Award and address the ASCB Membership on Sunday,

     December 10 from 7:30-8:30 PM.  Rep. Porter is Chairman of

     the House Labor, Health & Human Services Appropriations

     Subcommittee and one of the NIH's strongest Congressional


     Paul Berg of Stanford University School of Medicine will

     present The Scientific Enterprise: Entering the Next

     Millennium, on Monday, December 11, from 1:00-2:30 PM.  Berg

     will discuss career options for graduate students and the

     future of the job market in the biological sciences.

     The Congressional Liaison Committee will meet on Tuesday,

     December 12, from 9:30-10:30 AM.  ASCB Congressional

     Education Liaison Peter Kyros, and Tom Pollard of Johns

     Hopkins University will discuss the ASCB's role in political

     advocacy.  Members of Congress have been invited.

     The Second Annual Practice of Science Session on Research in

     a New World: Practicing Science in an Era of Constrained

     Resources will be held on Tuesday, December 12 from 1:30-

     3:00 PM.  Edward Penhoet, CEO & President of Chiron

     Corporation, will provide an industry perspective, and ASCB

     past-President J. Richard McIntosh of the University of

     Colorado will provide an academic perspective.  Keith

     Yamamoto of the University of California, San Francisco will

     moderate the session.

     Leland Hartwell is recipient of the Fourteenth Keith R.

     Porter Award and will give his award presentation on

     Tuesday, December 12 at 7:30 PM.  Hartwell will speak on The

     Cell Cycle.

     For general information, contact ASCB Public Affairs

Director Jim Bernstein at 301/530-7153.  To register for the

Annual Meeting by e-mail, write jbernste@ascb.faseb.org. Provide

your name, business affiliation/address, phone, fax.  Write

"Press Registrant" in your reply.  A confirmation will be mailed

to you.

                             #       #       #

From:   IN%"ED-MOLGEN@nic.SURFnet.nl"  "Human Molecular Genetics Editors" 20-OCT-1995 09:55:10.09
To:     IN%"ED-MOLGEN@nic.SURFnet.nl"  "Multiple recipients of list ED-MOLGEN"
Subj:   ANNO

I am looking for a position of a biostatistician.
Last 12 years  my main activities were in applied statistics. I have
covered all stages of biostatistical applications: study design, data
collection and checking, computer analysis, interpretation and presentation
of results.

                        CURRICULUM VITAE
                        Novikov Ilia, Ph.D.

I.D.                  304745003
Address:              Iftach st. 14 fl.1, Tel Aviv , Israel=AE
Telephone (home)      972-3-399399
Date/place of Birth:  April 22, 1944
Marital Status:       Widowed+1(1980)
Office address:       Department of Clinical Epidemiology,
                      Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer,Israel, 5262=
E-mail:               epid04@ccsg.tau.ac.il

Education and degrees:=AE
1992      New England Epidemiology Summer Program,=AE
          Tufts University, Boston, MA, USA=AE
1971      Ph.D.in Mathematics from Moscow State University, USSR=AE
          Thesis "Gibbs state in quantum statistical physics " .=AE
1965-68   Post-graduate in Mathematical Department Moscow State University,
1965      M.S. in Mathematics Moscow State University, USSR=AE
1960-65   Student in Mathematical Department Moscow State University,=AE
       Service records:=AE
1991-     Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Chaim Sheba Medical Center,
          Tel Hashomer, Israel=20
          (1991-1993 Statistician and Analyst, 1993-now  Senior Statisticia=
1978-90   USSR Cardiology Research Center, Moscow,USSR=AE
          ( 1988-90 Leading Scientist, 1983-90 Chief of biostatistical=AE
          Group, 1978-88 Senior Scientist)=AE
1969-78   Central Institute of Automated Systems in Civil Engineering,=AE
          Moscow, USSR=AE
          (1974-78 Senior Scientist, 1972-74 Main Specialist,=AE
           1971-72 Leader of a group, 1969-71 Senior Engineer)=AE
         Research grants:=AE
1992-94   A knowledge based system for planning and conducting biomedical
          research, Ministry of Science, Israel ( Co-investigator ).=AE
1992-95   A Nationwide Study of Oldest-Old in Israel, NIH,USA ( Principal
          statistician ).=AE
1993-96   Epidemiology of Ovarian Cancer,NCA,NIH,USA (Principal Statisticia=
1994-97   A Follow-up of a National Cohort of Breast Disease - Factors=AE
           Affecting the Development of Breast Cancer,NIH,USA (Principal
         Computer experience:=AE
Computers: IBM 360, PDP 11/35, IBM PC.=AE
Software : Operating systems: OS 360, RT 11, MS DOS, Windows.=AE
           Statistical software -SAS,SPSS,BMDP,SYSTAT,EGRET,SUDAAN et al.=
           Data Bases - dBase 4, Foxpro 2.0 ,Clicks .=AE
           Languages: Fortran, PL1, Basic.=AE
More than 70 publications on mathematics, biostatistics, computer aided
control and design, computer applications in medicine.

         Translations (mathematics, statistics):
English - Russian: more than 15 articles,4 books (in cooperation);
French -Russian  : 2 articles, 1 book (in cooperation).
English (fluent), Hebrew, French (fair), Russian (mother tongue).
From:   IN%"ED-MOLGEN@nic.SURFnet.nl"  "Human Molecular Genetics Editors" 24-OCT-1995 10:24:22.82
To:     IN%"ED-MOLGEN@nic.SURFnet.nl"  "Multiple recipients of list ED-MOLGEN"

This  message  was originally  submitted  by  freyer@FBN.UNI-ROSTOCK.DE to  the

Research Institute for Biology of Farm Animals (FBN)
Division of Population Biology and Breeding Research

The FBN is a foundation under civil law of the land Mecklenburg-Pommerania/
Germany located in Dummerstorf, 15 minutes south of Rostock on the Baltic Sea.

        Our institute is concerned with basic research on:

                *   Population Biology and Animal Breeding
                *   Molecular Biology
                *   Reproduction Biology
                *   Physiological Basis of Animal Husbandry
                *   Muscle Biology and Growth
                *   Nutritional Physiology
                *   Biometry

        We invite applications for a

                              S C I E N T I S T
                      in the field of Population Genetics.

        The supposed candidate should work in an interdisciplinary team emphasiz        ing the statistical     design and analysis of genetic experiments both         with farm animals and model animals.

        This position requires thorough knowledge and experience in
                population genetics,
                quantitative genetics
        and basic knowledge in data analysis and programming.
        Additional  theoretical background and practice in
                population biology,
                animal genetics or molecular genetics will be advantageous.

        Applicants should have a Ph.D.  Successful post-doctoral work of at
        least 2 years in one or more of the areas mentioned above is highly

        We would offer an attractive salary, an excellent experimental basis and        the opportunity to contribute significantly to the scientific profile of        our institute.

        Please send your detailed application inclusive of curriculum vitae to
        this address:

                Research Institute for Biology of Farm Animals (FBN)
                Prof. Dr. habil. P. Kauffold, Director
                Wilhelm- Stahl- Allee 2
                18196 Dummerstorf /Germany

        For questions and further information please contact
                         dietl@fbn.uni-rostock.de or

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