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To: Multiple recipients of list HUM-MOLGEN <HUM-MOLGEN@NIC.SURFNET.NL>
Subject: NEWS, COMP: New Internet Resources
From: Arthur Bergen <bergen@AMC.UVA.NL>
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 1995 16:18:38 +0100

From: "Frank S. Zollmann" <frank.zollmann@RZ.UNI-ROSTOCK.DE>
Subject: NEWS, COMP: New Internet Resources

              HUM-MOLGEN New Internet Resources


1 | Nature online
2 | Genome Research
3 | Resource for Molecular Cytogenetics
4 | Clinical Trials Listing
5 | Medical Research Agencies Index
6 | Evolving Technologies Corporation
7 | Cell online
8 | The UCSD World-Wide Biochemical Genetics Referral Test List
9 | PZANDQZ - Genetic Counseling Students' Network
10| The RATMAP WWW Server
11| Human Genome Project Information


1 | Nature online

Since October 19th, 1995 Nature maintains a WWW site including What's new in
Nature, Catalogue of Nature's Journals and Job descriptions.

2 | Genome Research

a new journal from CSHL Press including an online supplement.
The journal focuses on genome studies in all species, including genetic
and physical mapping, DNA sequencing, gene discovery, informatics,
statistical and mathematical methods and genome structure and
function, as well as technological innovations and applications.
New data in these areas are published as research papers, review
articles, short reports, and summaries of physical mapping and large-scale
sequencing projects.

3 | Resource for Molecular Cytogenetics

The Resource for Molecular Cytogenetics at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
and at the University of California, San Francisco, funded by the Department of Energy,
has been created to facilitate the application of molecular cytogenetics in clinical
and biological studies. Work is being pursued in three areas: Development and
application of improved hybridizaton technology, selection of probes
optimized for the use in situ hybridization (FISH), and development of digital imaging microscopy.http://rmc-www.lbl.gov

4 | Clinical Trials Listing

An international listing of ongoing clinical trials actively
recruiting patients. Use this listing to search for clinical
trials by therapeutic area and geographic region.

5 | Medical Research Agencies Index

AIDS. Arthritis. Cancer. Diabetes. Heart Disease. Herpes.
Fight back by supporting medical research, and help discover
the prevention and cure for these and other diseases.

6 | Evolving Technologies Corporation

is providing a public service to
qualified research organizations who are conducting or are planning
to conduct Clinical Trials which are IRB or FDA approved. Referring
physicians or patients considering enrolling into a Clinical Trials
Program should contact the designated individual(s) listed in the
Informational Announcement.

7 | Cell online

The tables of contents and abstracts for Cell, Immunity, and Neuron
are now available. To facilitate communication with authors, Cell
Press has attached to each article the corresponding author's
telephone and fax numbers and, where available, email address.

8 | The UCSD World-Wide Biochemical Genetics Referral Test List

is a database offered as a public service to help locate laboratories
performing various biochemical genetics tests.

      List of Diseases and Tests
      List of Tests by Type

            Metabolite Assays
            Enzyme and Functional Assays
            DNA Tests

      List of Laboratories, Tests and Addresses
      List of Tests and Labs Performing Them



is a new Genetic Counseling Students' Network of the Department of
Medical and Molecular Genetics at Indiana University (54
subscribers / October 9th '95).

You can join this group by sending the message "sub PZANDQZ your name"
to listserv@indycms.iupui.edu

10 | The RATMAP WWW Server

is is a database covering genes physically mapped to chromosomes
in the laboratory rat and kept by the Department of Genetics in
Gothenburg. The service contains

      General information,
      Rat Genetic Nomenclature,
      Rat locus list,
      Literature references sorted by rat gene symbol


11 | Human Genome Project Information

is maintained by the Human Genome Management Information System
(HGMIS) for the U.S. Department of Energy Human Genome
Program.. HGMIS is charged with

    1. helping to communicate genome-related matters and
       research to contractor , grantees, and other publications;
    2. serving as a clearinghouse for information on the U.S. genome project; and
    3. reducing duplication of research efforts by providing a forum for
       information exchange among Human Genome Project investigators worldwide.


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