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  Bergen (ioi): LITE: Human Molecular Genetics 5:5 (may 1996)  

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To: Multiple recipients of list HUM-MOLGEN <HUM-MOLGEN@NIC.SURFNET.NL>
Subject: LITE: Human Molecular Genetics 5:5 (may 1996)
From: "Bergen (ioi)" <A.A.Bergen@AMC.UVA.NL>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 13:12:40 +0200

Human Molecular Genetics - ISSN 1964-6906
Volume 5, No. 5
May 1996
Executive Editors:-
K E Davies, Oxford, UK
Huntington F Willard, Cleveland, OH, USA

Construction of a mouse model of Charcot-Marie-Tooth
disease type 1A by pronuclear injection of human YAC DNA
        C Huxley, E Passage, A Manson, G Putzu, D
        Figarella-Branger, J F Pellissier and M Fontes
P. 563

Characterization of the split hand/split foot malformation
locus SHFM1 at 7q21.3-q22.1 and analysis of a candidate
gene for its expression during limb development
        M A Crackower, S W Scherer, J M Rommens, C-C
        Hui, P Poorkaj, S Soder, J M Cobben, L Hudgins, J P
        Evans and L-C Tsui
P. 571

Identification of the first gene (FRG1) from the FSHD region
on human chromosome 4q35
        J C T van Deutekom, R J L F Lemmers, P K Grewal,
        M van Geel, S Romberg, H G Dauwerse, T J Wright,
        G W Padberg, M H Hofker, J E Hewitt and R R Frants
P. 581

Gene transfer into the mouse retina mediate by an adeno-
associated viral vector
        R R Ali, M B Reichel, A J Thrasher, R J Levinsky, C
        Kinnon, N Kanuga, D M Hunt and S S Bhattacharya
P. 591

Isolation of genes amplified in human cancers by
microdissection mediated by cDNA capture
        E Gracia, U Fischer, A ElKahloun, J M Trent,
        E Meese and P S Meltzer
P. 595

Mutations in the Ca2+ sensing receptor gene cause autosomal
dominant and sporadic hypoparathyroidism
        J Baron, K K Winer, J A Yanovski, A W
        Cunningham, L Laue, D Zimmerman and G B Cutler, Jr
P. 601

cDNA cloning of a human homologue of the C. elegans cell
fate-determining gene mab-21: expression, chromosomal
localization and analysis of a highly polymorphic (CAG)n
trinucleotide repeat
        R L Margolis, O C Stine, M G McInnis, N G Ranen,
        D C Rubinsztein, J Leggo, L V Jones Brando, A S
        Kidwai, S J Loev, T S Breschel, C Callahan, S G
        Simpson, J R DePaulo, F J McMahon, S Jain, E S
        Paykel, C Walsh, L E DeLisi, T J Crow, E F Torrey,
        R G Ashworth, J P Macke, J Nathans and C A
P. 607

Isolation of a new clathrin heavy chain gene with muscle-
specific expression from the region commonly deleted in
velo-cardio-facial syndrome
        H Sirotkin, B Morrow, R DasGupta, R Goldberg, S R
        Patanjali, G Shi, L Cannizzaro, R Shprintzen, S M
        Weissman and R Kucherlapati
P. 617

Characterization of a second human clathrin heavy chain
polypeptide gene (CLH-22) from chromosome 22q11
        D Kedra, M Peyrard, I Fransson, J E Collins, I
        Dunham, B A Roe and J P Dumanski
P. 625

Isolation of a novel gene from the DiGeorge syndrome
critical region with homology to Drosophila gdl and to
human LAMC1 genes
        S Demczuk, G Thomas and A Aurias
P. 633

Expression of the von Hippel-Landau disease tumour
suppression gene during human embryogenesis
        F M Richards, P N Schofield, S Fleming and E R
P. 639

Crigler-Najjer syndrome type II is inherited both as a
dominant and as a recessive trait
        O Koiwai, S Aono, Y Adachi, T Kamisako, Y Yasui,
        M Nishizawa and H Sato
P. 645

X-linked liver glycogenosis type II (XLG II) is caused by
mutations in PHKA2, the gene encoding the liver alpha
subunit of phosphorylase kinase
        J Hendrickx, E Dams, P Coucke, P Lee, J Fernandes
        and P J Willems
P. 649

Mutation hotspots in the PHKA2 gene in X-linked
liver glycogenesis due to phosphorylase kinase deficiency
with atypical activity in blood cells (XLG2)
        B Burwinkel, Y S Shin, H D Bakker, J Deutsch, M J
        Lozano, I Maire and M W Kilimann
P. 653

Long-range sequence analysis in Xq28: 13 known and six
candidate genes in 219.4 kb of high GC DNA between the
RCP/GCP and G6PD loci
        E Y Chen, M Zollo, R Mazzarella, A Ciccodicola, C-
        n Chen, L Zuo, C Heiner, F Burough, M Repetto, D
        Schlessinger and M D'Urso

Genetic mapping of the human homologue (T) of mouse T
(Brachyury) and a search for allele association between
human T and spina bifida
        K Morrison, C Papapetrou, J Attwood, F Hol, S A
        Lynch, A Sampath, B Hamel, J Burn, J Sowden, D
        Stott, E Mariman and Y H Edwards
P. 669

A member of the MAP kinase phosphatase gene family in
mouse containing a complex trinucleotide repeat in the
coding region
        A M Theodosiou, N R Rodrigues, M A Nesbit, H J
        Ambrose, H Paterson, E. McLellan-Arnold, Y Boyd,
        M A Leversha, N Owen, D J Blake, A Ashworth and
        K E Davies

Heterogeneity in telomere length of human chromosomes
        P M Lansdorp, N P Verwoerd, F M van de Rijke,
        V Dragowska, M-T Little, R W Dirks, A K Raap
        and H J Tanke
P. 685

Confirmation of three susceptibility genes to insulin-
dependent diabetes mellitus: IDDM4, IDDM5 and IDDM8
        D-F Luo, R Buzzetti, J I Rotter, N K Maclaren, L J
        Raffel, L Nistico, C Giovannini, P Pozzilli, G
        Thomson and J-X She

Linkage of polymorphic congenital cataract to the gamma-
crystallin gene locus on human chromosome 2q33-35
        E I Rogaev, E A Rogaeva, G I Korovaitseva, L A
        Farrer, A N Petrin, S A Keryanov, S Turaeva, I
        Chumakov, P St. George-Hyslop and E K Ginter
P. 699

Localisation of a gene for central areolar choroidal dystrophy
to chromosome 17p
        A J Lotery, K T Ennis, G Silvestri, S Nicholl, D
        McGibbon, A D Collins and A E Hughes
P. 705


Human Molecular Genetics is a monthly journal of original
peer-reviewed research, published by Oxford University Press.
In addition to the regular monthly issues, a special review issue,
reviewing important developments in the field, is published each

The papers listed above will appear in the May 1996 issue,
which is shortly to be printed. Copies are scheduled for despatch
to subscribers on 20 April 1996.  If you would like further
details about Human Molecular Genetics, including details of
subscription rates, please contact:-

Richard Gedye
Oxford University Press
Walton Street
Oxford  OX2 6DP
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1865 267785
Fax: +44 1865 267782
E-Mail: gedyer@oup.co.uk

Copyright in the table of contents listed above is held by
Oxford University Press, but you are welcome to circulate
them further, provided that Oxford University Press is
credited as publisher and copyright holder.

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