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  Bergen (ioi): LITE: Human Heredity: January 1996 (Volume 46, No 1)  

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To: Multiple recipients of list HUM-MOLGEN <HUM-MOLGEN@NIC.SURFNET.NL>
Subject: LITE: Human Heredity: January 1996 (Volume 46, No 1)
From: "Bergen (ioi)" <A.A.Bergen@AMC.UVA.NL>
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 10:48:59 +0100

The Table of contents of Human Heredity can also be found at the 


Human Heredity
January 1996 (Volume 46, No 1)


J.Ott, New York, N.Y.

Associate Editors

L. Beckman, Umea
M. Boehnke, Ann Arbor, MI
C.R. Cloninger, St. Louis, MO
P.M. Conneally, Indianapolis, IN
L.P. ten Kate, Amsterdam

Editorial Board

K. Berg, Oslo
L.L. Cavalli-Sforza, Stanford, CA
A. de la Chapelle, Helsinki
J. Dausset, Paris
T.J. David, Manchester
B. Dutrillaux, Paris
F.C. Fraser, Montreal
N. Freire-Maia, Curitiba
J. Frézal, Paris
R. Grubb, Lund
P.A. Jacobs, Salisbury
P.J. McAlpine, Winnipeg
Margareta Mikkelsen, Kobenhavn
F. Mitelman, Lund
N.E. Morton, Southampton
J. Mohr, Kobenhavn
A.E. Mourant, London
J.V. Neel, Ann Arbor, MI
U. Pettersson, Uppsala
Marianne Rasmuson, Umea
D.L. Rimoin, Los Angeles, CA
L.D. Sanghvi, Bombay
M. Siniscalco, Sassari
F. Vogel, Heidelberg
D.J. Weatherall, Oxford
R.L. White, Salt Lake City, UT
M. Whittaker, Exeter
S. Karger AG, Basel - Switzerland

Date of publishing: December, 11 95


 Original Papers

 1 Genetic and Environmental Effects on Urinary Kallikrein,
 Catecholamines, Sodium, Potassium, Urea Nitrogen and Inorganic
 Sulfate Sulfur Levels in School-Age Twins

 Kagamimori, S.; Naruse, Y.; Matsubara, I.; Li Fu, B.; Sokejima, S.;
 Yamagami, T. (Toyama)

 7 Asian Hypersusceptibility to Motion Sickness

 Stern, R.M.; Hu, S.; Uijtdehaage, S.H.J.; Muth, E.R.; Xu, L.H.;
 Koch, K.L. (University Park, Pa./Hershey, Pa.)

 15 Alpha-Thalassemia Genes in Israel: Deletional and Nondeletional
 Mutations in Patients of Various Origins

 Shalmon, L.; Kirschmann, C.; Zaizov, R. (Petah Tikva)

 20 Comparison of Single-Entry and Double-Entry Two-Step Couple
 Screening for Cystic Fibrosis Carriers

 ten Kate, L.P.; Verheij, J.B.G.M.; Wildhagen, M.F.; Hilderink,
 H.B.M.; Kooij, L.; Verzijl, J.G.; Habbema, J.D.F.

 26 Detection of the Plasma Cholinesterase K Variant by PCR Using an
 Amplification-Created Restriction Site

 Jensen, F.S.; Nielsen, L.R.; Schwartz, M. (Copenhagen)

 32 Genetic Epidemiology of the Mitsuda Reaction in Leprosy

 Feitosa, M.; Krieger, H.; Borecki, I.; Beiguelman, B.; Rao, D.C.
 (Rio de Janeiro/St. Louis, Mo./Sao Paulo/Campinas)

 36 Novel Mutation Identified in the PAH Gene

 Charikova, E.V. (Moscow)

 41 p53 Polymorphisms and Haplotypes Show Distinct Differences
 between Major Ethnic Groups

 Själander, A.; Birgander, R.; Saha, N.; Beckman, L.; Beckman, G.

 49 p53 Polymorphisms and Haplotypes in Nasopharyngeal Cancer

 Birgander, R.; Själander, A.; Zhou, Z.; Fan, C.; Beckman, L.;
 Beckman, G. (Umeå/Zunyi)

 Short Communications

 55 Lod Score Curves for Phase-Unknown Matings

 Hulbert-Shearon, T.; Boehnke, M.; Lange, K. (Ann Arbor, Mich.)

 58 BaII and MspI Polymorphisms of the Dopamine D3 Receptor Gene in
 African Blacks and Caucasians

 Crocq, M.-A.; Buguet, A.; Bisser, S.; Burgert, E.; Stanghellini, A.;
 Uyanik, G.; Dumas, M.; Macher, J.-P.; Mayerova, A. (Rouffach/La

HUMAN HEREDITY (ISSN 0001-5652) is published 6 times annually by

 S.Karger AG, P.O. Box, CH-4009 Basel.
 Founded 1950 as 'Acta Genetica et Statistica Medica' by Gunnar
 Dahlberg. Continued by M. Hauge (1965-1983)

 c Copyright 1995 by S.Karger AG

 For further information please contact:

 Freddy Brian
 Information and Documentation
 Allschwilerstrasse 10
 CH-4009 Basel, Switzerland + Schweiz + Suisse

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