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  Bergen (ioi): LITE: Nucleic Acids Research 24:01  

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To: Multiple recipients of list HUM-MOLGEN <HUM-MOLGEN@NIC.SURFNET.NL>
Subject: LITE: Nucleic Acids Research 24:01
From: "Bergen (ioi)" <A.A.Bergen@AMC.UVA.NL>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 15:39:33 +0100

Nucleic Acids Research - ISSN 0305 1048
Volume 24:01
1 January 1996

Executive Editors:-
R. T. Walker, Birmingham, UK
R. J. Roberts, Beverly, MA, USA
K. Calame, New York, NY, USA
I. C. Eperon, Leicester, UK
M. J. Gait, Cambridge, UK
H. J. Gross, Wurzburg, Germany
R. I. Gumport, Urbana, IL, USA
R. B. Hallick, Tucson, AZ, USA
S. Linn, Berkeley, CA, USA
R. T. Simpson, University Park, PA, USA

TI      GenBank

AU      Dennis A. Benson , Mark Boguski , David J.
        Lipman and James Ostell

        Pages 1-5

TI      The European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)

AU      Patricia Rodriguez-Tome , Peter J. Stoehr ,
        Graham N. Cameron and Tomas P. Flores

        Pages 6-13

TI      The Genome Sequence DataBase (GSDB):
        meeting the challenge of genomic sequencing

AU      Gifford Keen , Jillian Burton , David Crowley ,
        Emily Dickinson , Ada Espinosa-Lujan , Ed
        Franks , Carol Harger , Mo Manning , Shelley
        March , Mia McLeod , John O'Neill , Alicia
        Power , Maria Pumilia , Rhonda Reinert , David
        Rider , John Rohrlich , Jolene Schwertfeger ,
        Linda Smyth , Nina Thayer , Charles Troup and
        Chris Fields

        Pages 13-16

TI      The PIR-International Protein Sequence

AU      David G. George , Winona C. Barker , Hans-
        Werner Mewes

        Pages 17-21

TI      The SWISS-PROT protein sequence data bank
        and its new supplement TREMBL

AU      Amos Bairoch and Rolf Apweiler

        Pages 21-25

TI      The metabolic pathway collection from EMP:
        the enzymes and metabolic pathways database

AU      Evgeni Selkov , Svetlana Basmanova , Terry
        Gaasterland , Elena Panyushkina , Lyudmila
        Pronevitch , Evgeni Selkov, Jr and Ilya Yunus

        Pages 26-29

TI      Compilation of DNA sequences of Escherichia
        coli K12 (ECD and ECDC; update 1995)

AU      Manfred Kroeger and Ralf Wahl

        Pages 29-32

TI      EcoCyc: an encyclopedia of Escherichia coli
        genes and metabolism

AU      Peter D. Karp , Monica Riley

        Pages 32-40

TI      Genes and proteins of Escherichia coli

AU      Monica Riley and David B. Space

        Pages 40-40

TI      NRSub: a non-redundant database for Bacillus

AU      Guy Perriere , Ivan Moszer

        Pages 41-45

TI      YPD-A database for the proteins of
        Saccharomyces cerevisiae

AU      James I. Garrels

        Pages 46-49

        comprehensive compilation of protein encoding
        sequences and its associated homology
        databases from the yeast Saccharomyces

AU      Reinhard Doelz , Marie-Odile Mosse

        Pages 50-52

TI      FlyBase: the Drosophila database

AU      The FlyBase Consortium

        Pages 53-56

TI      Improvements to the GDB tm Human Genome
        Data Base

AU      Kenneth H. Fasman , Stanley I. Letovsky ,
        Robert W. Cottingham and David T. Kingsbury

        Pages 57-63

TI      Molecular probe data base (MPDB)

AU      Maria Giuseppina Campi

        Pages 64-67

TI      Compilation of tRNA sequences and sequences
        of tRNA genes

AU      Mathias Sprinzl , Clemens Steegborn , Frank

        Pages 68-72

TI      Small RNA database

AU      Jian Gu and Ram Reddy

        Pages 73-75

TI      The uRNA database

AU      Christian Zwieb

        Pages 76-79

TI      The Signal Recognition Particle Database

AU      Niels Larsen and Christian Zwieb

        Pages 80-81

TI      The Ribosomal Database Project (RDP)

AU      Bonnie L. Maidak, Gary J. Olsen, Niels Larsen ,
        Michael J. McCaughey and Carl R. Woese

        Pages 82-85

TI      Database on the structure of small ribosomal
        subunit RNA

AU      Yves Van de Peer , Stefan Nicolai , Peter De
        Rijk and Rupert De Wachter

        Pages 86-91

TI      Database on the structure of large ribosomal
        subunit RNA

AU      Peter De Rijk , Yves Van de Peer and Rupert De

        Pages 92-97

TI      The RNA modification database

AU      Pamela F. Crain

        Pages 98-99

TI      The haemophilia A mutation search test and
        resource site, home page of the factor VIII
        mutation database: HAMSTeRS

AU      Adam I . Wacey , Geoffrey Kemball-Cook

        Pages 100-103

TI      Haemophilia B (sixth edition): a database of
        point mutations and short additions and

AU      F. Giannelli , P. M. Green , S. S. Sommer

        Pages 103-119

TI      Databases and software for the analysis of
        mutations in the human p53 gene, the human
        hprt gene and the lacZ gene in transgenic

AU      Neal F. Cariello , George R. Douglas

        Pages 119-120

TI      APC gene: database of germline and somatic
        mutations in human tumors and cell lines

AU      Christophe Beroud and Thierry Soussil ,

        Pages 121-124

TI      Database of mutations that alter the large tumor
        antigen of simian virus 40

AU      Timothy D. Kierstead and James M. Pipas

        Pages 125-127

TI      PAH Mutation Analysis Consortium Database:
        a database for disease-producing and other
        allelic variation at the human PAH locus

AU      Liem Hoang , Susan Byck , Lynne Prevost and
        Charles R. Scriver (curators)

        Pages 127-132

TI      A cholinesterase genes server (ESTHER): a
        database of cholinesterase-related sequences for
        multiple alignments, phylogenetic relationships,
        mutations and structural data retrieval

AU      Xavier Cousin

        Pages 132-137

TI      Software and database for the analysis of
        mutations in the human FBN1 gene

AU      Gwenaelle Collod

        Pages 137-141

TI      Somatic point mutations in the p53 gene of
        human tumors and cell lines: updated

AU      M. Hollstein , B. Shomer

        Pages 141-146

TI      p53 gene mutation: software and database

AU      Christophe Beroud , Frederique Verdier and
        Thierry Soussi

        Pages 147-150

TI      The androgen receptor gene mutations database

AU      Bruce Gottlieb

        Pages 151-154

TI      The glucocorticoid receptor resource

AU      Mark Danielsen and Elisabeth Martinez

        Pages 155-156

TI      Protein C deficiency: summary of the 1995
        database update

AU      Pieter H. Reitsma

        Pages 157-159

TI      BTKbase, mutation database for X-linked
        agammaglobulinemia (XLA)

AU      Mauno Vihinen

        Pages 160-166

TI      The 16S ribosomal RNA mutation database

AU      Kathleen L. Triman

        Pages 166-168

TI      The 23S Ribosomal RNA Mutation Database

AU      Kathleen L. Triman

        Pages 169-171

TI      A general database for DNA sequence changes
        induced by mutagenesis of several bacterial and
        mammalian genes

AU      Franklin Hutchinson and J. Edward Donnellan, Jr

        Pages 172-176

TI      MITOMAP: a human mitochondrial genome

AU      Andreas M. Kogelnik

        Pages 177-179

TI      The SWISS-2DPAGE database of two-
        dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis,
        its status in 1995

        Ron D. Appel , Jean-Charles Sanchez

        Pages 180-182

TI      Progress with the PRINTS protein fingerprint

AU      T. K. Attwood , M. E. Beck

        Pages 182-189

TI      The PROSITE database, its status in 1995

AU      Amos Bairoch , Philipp Bucher

        Pages 189-196

TI      The Blocks database-a system for protein

AU      Shmuel Pietrokovski , Jorja G. Henikoff and
        Steven Henikoff

        Pages 197-201

TI      The HSSP database of protein structure-
        sequence alignments

AU      Reinhard Schneider and Chris Sander

        Pages 201-205

TI      The FSSP database: fold classification based on
        structure-structure alignment of proteins

AU      Liisa Holm and Chris Sander

        Pages 206-210

TI      The SBASE protein domain library, Release
        4.0: a collection of annotated protein sequence

AU      Janos Murvai

        Pages 210-214

TI      Codon usage tabulated from the international
        DNA sequence databases

AU      Yasukazu Nakamura , Ken-nosuke Wada ,
        Takashi Gojobori and Toshimichi Ikemura

        Pages 214-215

TI      TransTerm: a database of translational signals

AU      Mark E. Dalphin , Chris M. Brown , Peter A.
        Stockwell and Warren P. Tate

        Pages 216-218

TI      GRBase, a database linking information on
        proteins involved in gene regulation

AU      Bruce Collier and Mark Danielsen

        Pages 219-220

TI      The ENZYME data bank in 1995

AU      Amos Bairoch

        Pages 221-222

TI      REBASE-restriction enzymes and methylases

AU      Richard J. Roberts and Dana Macelis

        Pages 223-236

TI      The Ribonuclease P Database

AU      James W. Brown

        Pages 236-238

TI      TRANSFAC: a database on transcription factors
        and their DNA binding sites

AU      E. Wingender , P. Dietze , H. Karas and R.

        Pages 238-241

TI      MHCPEP-a database of MHC-binding peptides:
        update 1995

AU      Vladimir Brusic , George Rudy , Anthony P.
        Kyne and Leonard C. Harrison

        Pages 242-244

TI      Histone Sequence Database: a compilation of
        highly-conserved nucleoprotein sequences

AU      Andreas D. Baxevanis and David Landsman

        Pages 245-247

TI      O-GLYCBASE: a revised database of O -
        glycosylated proteins

AU      Jan E. Hansen

        Pages 248-252

Nucleic Acids Research is published 25 times
a year by Oxford University Press.

The papers listed above will appear in the 1
January 1996 issue. If you would like further
details about Nucleic Acids Research,
including instructions for authors or details
of subscription rates, please contact:-

Richard Gedye
Oxford University Press
Walton Street
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1865 267785
Fax: +44 1865 267782
E-mail:  gedyer@oup.co.uk

Copyright in the table of contents listed
above is held by Oxford University Press, but
you are welcome to circulate it further,
provided that Oxford University Press is
credited as publisher and copyright holder.

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