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  Frank S. Zollmann: LITE: Human Heredity 46:4,5  

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To: Multiple recipients of list HUM-MOLGEN <HUM-MOLGEN@NIC.SURFNET.NL>
Subject: LITE: Human Heredity 46:4,5
From: "Frank S. Zollmann" <Frank.Zollmann@rz.uni-rostock.de>
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 1996 21:23:20 +0200

Human Heredity
Volume 46:4
July-August 1996

Original Papers

181 The Development of ABO Isohemagglutinins in Taiwanese
Liu, Y.J.; Chen, W.; Wu, K.W.; Broadberry, R.E.; Lin, M. (Taipei) 

185 Phenylketonuria in The Netherlands: 93% of the Mutations Are Detected by
Single-Strand Conformation Analysis
van der Sijs-Bos, C.J.M.; Diepstraten, C.M.; Juyn, J.A.; Plaisier, M.;
Giltay, J.C.; van Spronsen, F.J.; Smit, G.P.A.; Berger, R.; Smeitink,
J.A.M.; Poll-The, B.T.; Ploos van Amstel, J.K. (Utrecht/Groningen) 

191 No Evidence for Linkage between Schizophrenia and Eight Microsatellite
Markers on
Chromosome 19
Parfitt, E.; Asherson, P.; Roberts, E.; Mant, R.; Nanko, S.; Gill, M.;
McGuffin, P.; Owen, M. (Cardiff/London/Tokyo/Dublin) 

197 Human Enzyme Polymorphism in the Canary Islands. VII. G6PD Seattle in
Canarians and
North African Berbers
Cabrera, V.M.; González, P.; Salo, W.L. (Tenerife/Duluth, Minn.) 

201 G6PD NanKang (517T->C; 173 Phe>Leu): A New Chinese G6PD Variant Associated
with Neonatal Jaundice
Chen, H.-L.; Huang, M.-J.; Huang, C.-S.; Tang, T.K. (Taipei) 

205 ABO, Rh and Kell Frequency Distribution in a Sample Population of Terni
Cassetti, M.; Palazzesi, G.; Minestrini, D.; Cammerieri, A.; Carlini, L.

211 Linkage Study of Best’s Vitelliform Macular Dystrophy (VMD2) in a Large
American Family
Hou, Y.-C.; Richards, J.E.; Bingham, E.L.; Pawar, H.; Scott, K.; Segal, M.;
Lunetta, K.L.; Boehnke, M.; Sieving, P.A. (Ann Arbor, Mich.) 

221 Association between the p21 Codon 31 A1 (arg) Allele and Lung Cancer
Själander, A.; Birgander, R.; Rannug, A.; Alexandrie, A.-K.; Tornling, G.;
Beckman, G.

Methodological Issues

226 Faster Linkage Analysis Computations for Pedigrees with Loops or Unused
Schäffer, A.A. (Bethesda, Md./Houston, Tex.)

Short Communications

236 T Cell Receptor ß Chain RFLP in Chinese, Indians and Malays from Singapore
Tan, J.A.M.A.; Tay, J.S.H.; Aziz, N.B.A.; Saha, N. (Singapore) 

239 Identification of a Polymorphic CA Repeat in the COL6A2 Gene on Human
Chromosome 21q22.3
Comeglio, P.; Saitta, B.; Pepe, G.; Chu, M.-L. (Philadelphia, Pa./Florence) 

Human Heredity
Volume 46:5
September-October 1996

Date of publishing: July, 18 96

Original Papers

241 Genealogical Information and the Structure of Rural Latin-American
Reality and Fantasy
Castilla, E.E.; Adams, J. (Rio de Janeiro/Buenos Aires/Ann Arbor, Mich.)

256 Consanguinity and Associated Socio-Demographic Factors in the United Arab
Bener, A.; Abdulrazzaq, Y.M.; Al-Gazali, L.I.; Micallef, R.; Al-Khayat,
A.I.; Gaber, T.

265 Phenocopies versus Genetic Heterogeneity: Can We Use Phenocopy
Frequencies in
Linkage Analysis to Compensate for Heterogeneity?
Durner, M.; Greenberg, D.A.; Hodge, S.E. (New York, N.Y./Bonn)

274 Interpopulational and Intrapopulational Genetic Diversity of Amerindians
as Revealed
by Six Variable Number of Tandem Repeats
Zago, M.A.; Silva, W.A., Jr.; Tavella, M.H.; Santos, S.E.B.; Guerreiro,
J.F.; Figueiredo, M.S. (Ribeirão Preto/Belém)

290 Effect of p53 Alleles on Placental Weight
Birgander, R.; Själander, A.; Beckman, G.; Beckman, L. (Umeå)

Short Communication

298 A HhaI Polymorphism in the Human MEP1A Gene Encoding the Alpha Subunit
of the
Metalloendopeptidase Meprin
Dewald, G.; Schildhaus, H.-U.; Mücher, G.; Zerres, K. (Bonn)


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