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  Frank S. Zollmann: LITE: Genes & Development 10:7,8  

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To: Multiple recipients of list HUM-MOLGEN <HUM-MOLGEN@NIC.SURFNET.NL>
Subject: LITE: Genes & Development 10:7,8
From: "Frank S. Zollmann" <Frank.Zollmann@rz.uni-rostock.de>
Date: Sun, 5 May 1996 15:28:37 +0200

Genes & Development
Volume 10:7
April 1, 1996

Research papers

Selection of axial growth sites in yeast requires Axl2p, a novel plasma 
membrane glycoprotein 
     Terry Roemer, Kevin Madden, James Chang, and Michael Snyder 777 

Bifunctional protein required for asymmetric cell division and 
cell-specific transcription in Bacillus subtilis 
     Andrea Feucht, Thierry Magnin, Michael D. Yudkin, and Jeffery 
Errington 794 

CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein alpha (C/EBPalpha) inhibits cell 
proliferation through the p21 (WAF-1/CIP-1/SDI-1) protein 
     Nikolai A. Timchenko, Margie Wilde, Makoto Nakanishi, James R. 
Smith, and Gretchen J.
     Darlington 804 

The cdk5/p35 kinase is essential for neurite outgrowth during neuronal 
     Margareta Nikolic, Henryk Dudek, Young T. Kwon, Yolande F.M. Ramos, 
and Li-Huei
     Tsai 816 

Tissue-specific inactivation of p53 tumor suppression in the mouse 
     Tammy Bowman, Holly Symonds, Liya Gu, Chaoying Yin, Moshe Oren, and 
Terry Van
     Dyke 826 

Wild-type p53 transgenic mice exhibit altered differentiation of the 
ureteric bud and possess small kidneys 
     Lucy A. Godley, Jeffrey B. Kopp, Michael Eckhaus, Jennifer J. 
Paglino, Jennie Owens, and
     Harold E. Varmus 836 

Differential effects of cdk2 and cdk3 on the control of pRb and E2F 
function during G1 exit
     Francesco Hofmann and David M. Livingston 851 

Functional interactions between the pelle kinase, Toll receptor, and tube 
suggest a mechanism for activation of dorsal 
     Jacqueline L. Norris and James L. Manley 862 

CIF, an essential cofactor for TFIID-dependent initiator function 
     Jrg Kaufmann, C. Peter Verrijzer, John Shao, and Stephen T. Smale 

Multiprotein transcription factor UAF interacts with the upstream element 
of the yeast RNA polymerase I promoter and forms a stable preinitiation complex 
     Daniel A. Keys, Bum-Soo Lee, Jonathan A. Dodd, Toai T. Nguyen, Loan 
Vu, Emmanuelle
     Fantino, Laura M. Burson, Yasuhisa Nogi, and Masayasu Nomura 887 

Erratum 904 

Genes & Development
Volume 10:8
April 15, 1996


Repression and activation by multiprotein complexes that alter chromatin 
     Robert E. Kingston, Christopher A. Bunker, and Anthony N. Imbalzano 

Research papers

Drosophila IRBP/Ku p70 corresponds to the mutagen-sensitive mus309 gene 
and is involved in P-element excision in vivo 
     Eileen L. Beall and Donald C. Rio 921 

A reversible, p53-dependent G0/G1 cell cycle arrest induced by 
ribonucleotide depletion in the absence of detectable DNA damage 
     Steven P. Linke, Kristie C. Clarkin, Aldo Di Leonardo, Amy Tsou, and 
Geoffrey M. Wahl

Productive T-cell receptor -chain gene rearrangement: coincident 
regulation of cell cycle and clonality during development in vivo 
     Eric S. Hoffman, Lorena Passoni, Tessa Crompton, Thomas M.J. Leu, 
David G. Schatz, Andrew Koff, Michael J. Owen, and Adrian C. Hayday 948 

TANK, a co-inducer with TRAF2 of TNF- and CD40L-mediated NF-kappaB 
     Genhong Cheng and David Baltimore 963 

Differential activation of adipogenesis by multiple PPAR isoforms 
     Regina P. Brun, Peter Tontonoz, Barry M. Forman, Ramsey Ellis, 
Jasmine Chen, Ronald M. Evans, and Bruce M. Spiegelman 974 

Forced expression of E-cadherin in the mouse intestinal epithelium slows 
cell migration and provides evidence for nonautonomous regulation of cell
fate in a 
self-renewing system 
     Michelle L. Hermiston, Melissa H. Wong, and Jeffrey I. Gordon 985 

A human RNA helicase-like protein, HRH1, facilitates nuclear export of 
spliced mRNA by releasing the RNA from the spliceosome 
     Mutsuhito Ohno and Yoshiro Shimura 997 

Germ-like passage is required for establishment of methylation and 
expression patterns of imprinted but not of nonimprinted genes 
     Kerry Lee Tucker, Caroline Beard, Jessica Dausman, Laurie 
Jackson-Grusby, Peter W. Laird, Hong Lei, En Li, and Rudolf Jaenisch 1008 

Silencers are required for inheritance of the repressed state in yeast 
     Scott G. Holmes and James R. Broach 1021 

Requirement of a corepressor for Dr1-mediated repression of transcription 
     Fred Mermelstein, Kam Yeung, Jun Cao, Juan A. Inostroza, Hediye 
Erdjument-Bromage, Kathie Eagelson, David Landsman, Pat Levitt, Paul Tempst,
and Danny 
Reinberg 1033 

Product News 1049


1.      Tables of contents for Genes & Development from 
        January 1996 to the latest issue can be found on the
        HUM-MOLGEN web site at:-


2.      Abstracts for the papers listed above will shortly be
        available at the CSHL World Wide Web site. 
        Simply go to the Genes & Development home page at:-


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