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  Bergen (ioi): LITE: Nucleic Acids Research 24:19  

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To: Multiple recipients of list HUM-MOLGEN <HUM-MOLGEN@NIC.SURFNET.NL>
Subject: LITE: Nucleic Acids Research 24:19
From: "Bergen (ioi)" <A.A.Bergen@AMC.UVA.NL>
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 10:34:52 +0200

Nucleic Acids Research - ISSN 0305 1048
Volume 24:19
3 October 1996

Executive Editors:-
R. T. Walker, Birmingham, UK
R. J. Roberts, Beverly, MA, USA
K. Calame, New York, NY, USA
I. C. Eperon, Leicester, UK
M. J. Gait, Cambridge, UK
H. J. Gross, Wurzburg, Germany
R. I. Gumport, Urbana, IL, USA
R. B. Hallick, Tucson, AZ, USA
S. Linn, Berkeley, CA, USA
R. T. Simpson, University Park, PA, USA

NOTE: Abstracts of all these papers are available at the NAR
Online Web site at:

If you are a subscriber to the print version of NAR, you can also
access the full text of these articles online. For more details of
this service, please see the notes at the foot of this posting, under
the heading 'NAR Online - mini-FAQ'.


SP1-binding elements, within the common metaxin-thrombospondin 3
intergenic region, participate in the regulation of the metaxin

        Malcolm Collins and Paul Bornstein

Pages 3661-3670

The central pseudoknot in 16S ribosomal RNA is needed for ribosome
stability but is not essential for 30S initiation complex formation

        Raymond A. Poot, Cornelis W. A. Pleij and Jan van Duin

Pages 3670-3676

The amino-terminal domain of the transcription termination factor
TTF-I causes protein oligomerization and inhibition of DNA binding

        Eva E. Sander, Stephen W. Mason, Christine Munz and Ingrid

Pages 3677-3685

Functional analysis of the DNA-stimulated ATPase domain of yeast

        Emilie Richmond and Craig L. Peterson

Pages 3685-3692

Hydration of the RNA duplex r(CGCAAAUUUGCG) 2 determined by

        Maria R. Conte, Graeme L. Conn, Tom Brown and Andrew N.

Pages 3693-3699

An antibiotic-binding motif of an RNA fragment derived from the
A-site-related region of Escherichia coli 16S rRNA

        Hajime Miyaguchi, Hidehiko Narita, Kensaku Sakamoto and
        Shigeyuki Yokoyama

Pages 3700-3706

A polyoma-based episomal vector efficiently expresses exogenous
genes in mouse embryonic stem cells

        Gieri Camenisch, Markus Gruber, Greg Donoho, Petra Van
        Sloun, Roland H. Wenger and Max Gassmann

Pages 3707-3714

Zn 2+ -sensing by the cyanobacterial metallothionein repressor
SmtB: different motifs mediate metal-induced protein-DNA

        Jennifer S. Turner, Paul D. Glands, Anthony C. R. Samson and
        Nigel J. Robinson

Pages 3714-3721

Conserved thermochemistry of guanosine nucleophile binding for
structurally distinct group I ribozymes

        Louis Y. Kuo  and Thomas R. Cech

Pages 3722-3727

Single-well genotyping of diallelic sequence variations by a
two-color ELISA-based oligonucleotide ligation assay

        Vincent O. Tobe, Scott L. Taylor and Deborah A. Nickerson

Pages 3728-3732

A small circular TAR RNA decoy specifically inhibits Tat-activated
HIV-1 transcription

        Paul R. Bohjanen, Richard A. Colvin, M. Puttaraju, Michael D.
        Been and Mariano A. Garcia-Blanco

Pages 3733-3739

p72: a human nuclear DEAD box protein highly related to p68

        Gabor M. Lamm, Samantha M. Nicol, Frances V. Fuller-Pace
        and Angus I. Lamond

Pages 3739-3747

A convenient approach to the synthesis of trinucleotide
phosphoramidites-synthons for the generation of
oligonucleotide/peptide libraries

        A. L. Kayushin, M. D. Korosteleva, A. I. Miroshnikov, W.
        Kosch, D. Zubov and N. Piel

Pages 3748-3755

Identification of new RNA modifying enzymes by iterative genome
search using known modifying enzymes as probes

        Claes Gustafsson, Ralph Reid, Patricia J. Greene and Daniel V.

Pages 3756-3763

Characterization of the DNA polymerase requirement of human base
excision repair

        Karin Nealon, Iain D. Nicholl and Mark K. Kenny

Pages 3763-3771

Viral transactivators E1A and VP16 interact with a large complex
that is associated with CTD kinase activity and contains CDK8

        Moses O. Gold, Jean-Pierre Tassan, Erich A. Nigg, Andrew P.
        Rice and Christine H. Herrmann

Pages 3771-3777

Use of tagged random hexamer amplification (TRHA) to clone and
sequence minute quantities of DNA-application to a 180 kb plasmid
isolated from Sphingomonas F199

Kwong-Kwok Wong, Lisa C. Stillwell, Christopher A. Dockery and
Jeffrey D. Saffer

Pages 3778-3783

FLP-mediated recombination of FRT sites in the maize genome

        L. Alexander Lyznik, K. V. Rao  and Thomas K. Hodges

Pages 3784-3790

Purification and biochemical analyses of a monomeric form of Tn 5

        Dona York and William S. Reznikoff

Pages 3790-3796

3 ' Processing and termination of mouse histone transcripts
synthesized  in vitro by RNA polymerase II
Xiaohong Gu and William F. Marzluff
Pages 3797-3805
Document ID=NAR_24_19_6e0276

Immobilized metal affinity chromatography of DNA
Changhee Min and Gregory L. Verdine
Pages 3806-3811
Document ID=NAR_24_19_6a0277

Solid support synthesis of all- R p-oligo(ribonucleoside

Helena Almer, Jacek Stawinski and Roger Stromberg

Pages 3811-3820


The mouse poly (C)-binding protein exists in multiple isoforms and
interacts with several RNA-binding proteins

        Birgit Funke, Brigitte Zuleger, Ricardo Benavente, Tillman
        Schuster, Martin Goller, James Stevenin and Ivan Horak

Pages 3821-3828

Structure, tissue distribution and genomic organization of the
murine RRM-type RNA binding proteins TIA-1 and TIAR

        Andreas R. P. Beck, Quintus G. Medley, Stephen O'Brien, Paul
        Anderson and Michel Streuli

Pages 3829-3836


Searching databases of conserved sequence regions by aligning
protein multiple-alignments

        Shmuel Pietrokovski

Pages 3836-3846

Cloning and characterization of the genomic DNA of the human MSSP

        Christian Haigermoser, Mitsuaki Fujimoto, Sanae M. M. Iguchi-
        Ariga and Hiroyoshi Ariga

Pages 3846-3857


A new approach to overcome potassium-mediated inhibition of triplex

        Fedor Svinarchuk, Dmitry Cherny, Arnaud Debin, Etienne
        Delain and Claude Malvy

Pages 3858-3865

Characterization of peptide-oligonucleotide heteroconjugates by
mass spectrometry

        Ole N. Jensen, Sandhya Kulkarni1, w, Jane V. Aldrich1, W and
        Douglas F. Barofsky

Pages 3866-3873

Gene transfer mediated by [alpha] 2 -macroglobulin

        Holm Schneider, Klaus Huse, Gerd Birkenmeier, Andreas Otto
        and Gerhard H. Scholz

Pages 3873-3875

Temporal control of the Cre recombinase in transgenic mice by a
tetracycline responsive promoter

        Luc St-Onge, Priscilla A. Furth and Peter Gruss

Pages 3875-3877

Nucleic Acids Research is published 25 times a year by
Oxford University Press.

The papers listed above appear in the october 3, 1996 issue. If you
would like further details about Nucleic Acids Research,
including instructions for authors or details of subscription
rates, please contact:-

Richard Gedye
Oxford University Press
Walton Street
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1865 267785
Fax: +44 1865 267782
E-mail:  gedyer@oup.co.uk

Copyright in the table of contents listed above is held by
Oxford University Press, but you are welcome to circulate
it further, provided that Oxford University Press is
credited as publisher and copyright holder.



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In 1996, you can still visit NAR Online and browse or search the
titles and abstracts as a visitor. But you won't be able to access
the full text of articles.


Yes.  You'll find when you come to our site as a visitor that you
can access the full text of Volume 23, Issue 24 (the last issue of

We hope you find this information helpful. All questions,
comments and suggestions, etc. on NAR Online's quality, speed,
ease of use, facilities, and options will continue to be greatly
We've already done a lot to enhance NAR Online as a result of
the feedback so far, and we look forward to continuing to do so.

Best wishes,

Richard Gedye
Oxford University Press
Walton Street

Tel:      +44 1865 267785 (direct)
Fax:     +44 1865 267835
E-mail:  gedyer@oup.co.uk
World Wide Web site: http://www.oup.co.uk/
Dr. Arthur A.B. Bergen
Department of Ophthalmogenetics
The Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute (IOI)
Royal Academy of Sciences of the Netherlands (KNAW)

** Snail-mail: **           ** FAX: **             ** E-mail: **

P.O.Box 12141               (+31)206916521         A.Bergen@IOI.KNAW.NL
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