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  Bergen (ioi): BIOT: various  

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To: Multiple recipients of list HUM-MOLGEN <HUM-MOLGEN@NIC.SURFNET.NL>
Subject: BIOT: various
From: "Bergen (ioi)" <A.A.BERGEN@AMC.UVA.NL>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 18:47:41 +0200

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Arthur Bergen

This message was  originally submitted by ealcivar@GU.PRO.EC  to the HUM-MOLGEN

My name is Irina Moleon Borodowsky. I am cuban biologist. I used
to live in Cuba and I used to work in Medicine Tropical institute
from Havana. Actually I live in guayaquil, Ecuador. I worked in
PCR and hybridization techniques for some infectious pathogens.
In this country, I am trying to fing the way appyling molecular
biology in private diagnosis because my economical situation
is very bad, and also I like of the molecular biology.
Please if someone help me in tell me:
which the best primers for the diagnosis of clamidia, what is the
secuences,  and what is biologic fluid that i may use it,
the same for the papilloma virus, what is the best  primers for
use in pathology?-EPV, and fibrosis quistica
I would like  also to know if can to do a training in situ
amplification for infectious agents and p53
I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advances
You can contact with me to this e-mai: lealcivar@gu.pro.ec
Irina Moleon Borodowsky


This  message  was  originally  submitted  by  TAHMASEB@SABA.TMU.AC.IR  to  the

Dear Collegues,
I would be very appretiated if anybody tell me how I can retieve the
sequence of intron 19 of human F VIII gene by internet network.

Mohammad Tahmaseb


>From jcampusa@genes.bio.puc.clFri Oct 11 16:24:58 1996

jcampusa@genes.bio.puc.cl (Jorge Campusano) sent the following comments:

I am a chilean biochemist student who is working in in situ hybridization
of metabotropic glutamate receptors in rat brain slices.
My problem is that i have problems with this technique and i really
appreciate to comunicate with an investigator with who i could talk about
my problems.
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Mgoral@bmclib2.bhs.org (Nick Markey) sent the following comments:

I am looking for information on where to obtain the probe PW71 (D15S63
to use in methylation studies for identification of uniparental
disomies of chromosome 15.  Can anyone help me?
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Remote host: library.bhs.org
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Dear colleagues,

I am looking for information about acrocentric chromosomes.
I am interested in the special staining properties of the different
DNA-types in the short arms of these chromosomes;

e.g. r-DNA>>>GC-rich>>>QFQ-/R-bands+/AgNOR+

does someone know the exact staining behaviour of

1. alpha-satellite DNA
2. beta-satellite DNA
3. satellite III DNA
4. the cytological satellite
5. rDNA

If someone can answer me my questions please contact me.
It would be very helpful for me!

Thanks a lot!

Markus Stumm
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I am M.Sc student in Genetics.My thesis is about determination of allelic
freqencies of restriction site polymorphisms on this gene.RFLP is the
easiest way to carreier identification.allelic ferqencies of Hind III and
BclI were easily determined by PCR(Polymerase Chain Reaction)but it seems
dificult for XbaI polymorphism.It usually has unspecefic bonds in agarose
gel electrophoresis . I would very appritiated if someboby tell me what the
good condition is for obtatining good bands by PCR.

Yours Sincerely
Mohammad Tahmaseb

This  message  was  originally   submitted  by  ANDREA@MVCCH2.UNICA.IT  to  the

Dear sirs,
I am a new graduated student of Chemistry who's looking for the improvement of
 his knowledges in the field of Degradation of recalcitrant tossic substances
by new biotechnologies.
I would like to receive any comment, suggestion or else from anyone more expert
than me and, possibly, with the will of sharing impression and solving problems
If you should have any suggestion to fit my request, please send it by e-mail to
"Andrea@mvcch2.unica.it". From the elementary books to the newest article
recently appeared in the specialized rewiews, up to the recent results on
the trend of the market in the field, all will be helpful.
Thanks a lot by now.
                   Andrea Fera
>From GAMBACORTI@ICIL64.CILEA.ITFri Oct 11 16:26:09 1996
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 10:22:42 +0000
>ikr@ikr.nl (J.A.Groenink,MD) sent the following comments:
>Is there a simple PCR-based test available for the chimeric oncogen BCR-ABL
?Purpose is the the finding of minimal quantities after treatment for CML.
>Comprehensive Cancercentre Rotterdam, Holland
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From: "J.A.Groenink,MD" <ikr@ikr.nl>
To: Multiple recipients of list ED-MOLGEN <ED-MOLGEN@NIC.SURFNET.NL>
Subject: CML & PCR

ikr@ikr.nl (J.A.Groenink,MD) sent the following comments:

Is there a simple PCR-based test availible to detect small quantities of
of the chimeric oncogen BCR-ABL ? Purpose is the detection after
treatment for CML.

Comprehensive Cancercentre Rotterdam, Holland

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>From panai@logos.cy.net

This message was  originally submitted by panai@LOGOS.CY.NET  to the HUM-MOLGEN

I don't have a chromosome 22 specific library but I have a copy of the
PAC library (Ioannou et al, Nature Genetics 6 (1994) 84-89 and
unpublished work) (total genomic, average insert size ~120kb, 3x
redundancy) which we can screen for you by PCR or filter hybridization
on a collaborative basis, as long as you can cover our basic screening
costs. The properties of this library make it ideal for recovering most
genes intact with their regulatory sequences.

Best regards,

Panos Ioannou

Panos Ioannou, PhD
Coordinator, Dept. of Molecular Genetics
The Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics
6 International Airport Av.
P.O. Box 3462, Nicosia 1683, Cyprus
Tel: (357) 2 392652 (dir)/392650 (secr)
Fax: (357) 2 358237/8
e-mail: panai@zenon.logos.cy.net (active until Sept. 96)
e-mail: panai@mdrtc.cing.ac.cy (active from July 1 1996)

> Reply-to:      R.deGroot@hli.azu.nl
> From:          "Rolf P. de Groot" <R.deGroot@hli.azu.nl>
> Subject:       Question
> Dear everybody
> We are trying to clone the promoter of a gene located on human
> chromosome 22 for some time now. However, we are still unsuccessfull.
> I wonder whether anybody could help us with a chromosome 22 specific
> genomic library (phage or cosmid). We would be happy to cooperate
> with anybody who could supply us with such a library.
> Thanks,
> Rolf P. de Groot
> Rolf P. de Groot                  Tel: (31)30 2507134 / 6754
> Dept. Pulmonary Diseases          Fax: (31)30 2542155
> Room G03.550                      Email: R.deGroot@hli.azu.nl
> University Hospital Utrecht       Email2: pvlangen@worldaccess.nl
> PO Box 85500
> 3508 GA Utrecht
> The Netherlands

>From luizmau@USP.BRFri Oct 11 16:26:33 1996
Subject: Re: BIOT: various August 1996

This message was originally submitted  by luizmau@USP.BR to the HUM-MOLGEN list

Would someone help me? I neek to extract DNa from plasma that have lost
the buffy coat. Can I have some chance to get some DNA? I hava about 5 ml
of plasma from each one.

         %   Luiz Mauricio da Silva - luizmau@usp.br           %
          %  Departamento de Genetica FMRP - USP              %


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