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  Carlo Gambacorti: NEWS: Human Genome News [July-September 1996; 8(1)]  

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To: Multiple recipients of list HUM-MOLGEN <HUM-MOLGEN@NIC.SURFNET.NL>
Subject: NEWS: Human Genome News [July-September 1996; 8(1)]
From: Carlo Gambacorti <GAMBACORTI@ICIL64.CILEA.IT>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 16:13:07 +0000
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The most recent issue of Human Genome News is up on the Human Genome
Management Information System WWW site.

Welcome to the Human Genome News----sponsored by the Department of Energy
Human Genome Program.  The July-September 1996 issue is available online at:


Human Genome News: Vol. 8, No. 1

In This Issue...

Genome News

     Justice Faces the Genome: Trials and Tribulations
          Briefing Judges for Flood of Novel Cases
          Genetic Privacy and Property: Perspectives from
          Capitol Hill
          A Look at Future Cases: Courting Disaster?
          Creating and Comparing DNA Profiles
          Searching for Truth in the Court System

     Third Branch of Life Confirmed: First Archaeon Sequenced
          Archaic Overachiever Thrives in Hostile

     BAC End-Sequencing Projects Initiated

     DOE, NCHGR Issue Human Subject Guidelines

     Immune System Genes Reveal Surprises

     Commercial Strategies Aim to Spin DNA Threads into Gold

     Industry Moves DNA Patenting Forward

     Mutation Database Initiative Under Way
     New Genome Center in Australia
     ELSI Working Group Under Review
     GSDB Conversion Complete
     Carrano a HUGO Vice-President
     Palazzolo Named Genome Center Director
     Dovichi Wins ACS Award
     Genome FAQs

Funding Information

GDB Forum
    Contacting GDB: Access Via WWW
    Fasman and Letovsky to Assume New GDB Roles
    GDB Links Human Genes to Drosophila Homologs
    Searching for Genes in GDB
    GDB has the numbers

Information Resources
    Software Finds Genes Across Species
    Science Magazine Special Section on Bioinformatics
    New Web Site on Genetics and Public Issues
    DNA Quiz on WWW
    Genomes, Molecular Biology, and Drug Discovery--
        1995 Seventh SmithKline Beecham International
        Symposium book
    The Gene Letter Online
    Video on Genetic Testing
    Mutation Research Journal Adds New Section
    Tool for Analyzing Multigene Families
    Genetics and You, a book about genetic principles that
         underlie genetic disorders
    Map Manager, a program for the Macintosh
    NIGMS/Coriell Catalog on Web
    Calendars: Events, Training

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