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  Frank S. Zollmann: ANNO: New Positions  

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Subject: ANNO: New Positions
From: "Frank S. Zollmann" <frank.zollmann@rz.uni-rostock.de>
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997 10:46:46 +22282143

                    HUM-MOLGEN New Positions

Employer as well as employee pay attention to the <<Positions
in Bioscience and Medicine>> section. E.g. the recent Roche
Bioscience posting got almost 2,000 hits.

This mail summarizes new announcements of job vacancies listed
at our WWW sites:


You can announce your positions (free) at


Thanks for your interest.

Frank S. Zollmann



Since the last ANNO: New positions summary we got these new

    1. Predoctoral student positions / PhD student positions:
       Physiology / Biophysics: Predoctoral
       Universidad de Murcia, Departamento de Fisiologia, Murcia, 30100
       Joaquin Garcia-Estan, Profesor de Fisiologia (jgel@fcu.um.es)

    2. Non-Academic Positions:
       Others: BS (7-10yr), MS or Ph.D. (3-5yr)
       Biotherapeutic R&D Company, Lewisville, TX 75067 USA
       Lynda K. Geraci (Fax: 972.317.0500)

    3. Non-Academic Positions:
       Others: Masters Level or Ph.D.
       Cancer Diagnostic Company, Lewisville, TX 75067 USA
       Ric J. Favors (Fax: 972.317.0500)

    4. Wanted:
       Neurology / Neuroscience: Research Associate or Research Assistant
       Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA 91711
       Jason Sydes (jsydes@hmc.edu)

    5. Postdocs or Research Associates:
       Neurology / Neuroscience: Postdoctoral Research Associate
       Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, IL 60611 USA
       Dr. Minnetta V. Gardinier (m-gardinier@nwu.edu)

    6. Non-Academic Positions:
       Molecular Diagnostics: Customer Technical Trainers
       Chiron Diagnostics, North America, Alameda, CA 94502 USA
       Manager of Customer Training (Fax: 510 748-8445)

    7. Postdocs or Research Associates:
       Genetics: Post-Doctoral Fellow
       Computational Bioscience and Engineering Laboratory,
       Division of Computer Research and Technology,
       National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland
       20892-5644, U.S.A.
       Wendy Evans (evansw@exchange.nih.gov)

    8. Postdocs or Research Associates:
       Genetics: Medical Geneticist MD or PhD
       Geneva Biomedical Research Institute, CH 1228 Plan-Les Ouates Geneva
       Jean-Jacques Mermod Ph.D. (jjm4169@.ggr.co.uk)

    9. Predoctoral student positions / PhD student positions:
       Genetics: PhD-student
       The Netherlands Ophthalmic Res. Inst./University of Leiden ,
       Amsterdam, 1100 AC, The Netherlands
       Dr. A.A.B. Bergen/ Dr. J.T. den Dunnen (A.Bergen@ioi.knaw.nl,

   10. Postdocs or Research Associates:
       Children's Hosp of Phila/Univ of Penn, Philadelphia, PA 19104
       Nancy B. Spinner, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (spinner@mail.med.upenn.edu)

   11. Postdocs or Research Associates:
       Cell and Molecular Biology / Anatomy: Post-doctoral fellow
       Barbara Davis center for Childhood Diabetes, Denver, 80262, USA
       Dr. John Hutton, Research Director (john.hutton@millenium.UCHSC.EDU)

   12. Postdocs or Research Associates:
       Cell and Molecular Biology / Anatomy: POST-DOCTORAL
       Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, N.Y. 10029-6574, USA,
       Dr. Thomas Lufkin (Lufkin@msvax.mssm.edu)

   13. Postdocs or Research Associates:
       Cell and Molecular Biology / Anatomy: Post-Doctoral Fellow
       Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 27710
       Russel E. Kaufman, MD (Kaufm001@mc.duke.edu)

   14. Postdocs or Research Associates:
       Cell and Molecular Biology / Anatomy: Post-doctoral fellow
       Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, Philadelphia PA 19107
       Professor C. Stubbs PhD (stubbsc@jeflin.tju.edu)

   15. Postdocs or Research Associates:
       Cell and Molecular Biology / Anatomy: Post-doctoral fellow
       University of Zurich, 8057 Zurich, Switzerland
       Dr. Pamela Mitchell (mitchell@pharma.unizh.ch)

   16. Postdocs or Research Associates:
       Cancer Research: Post-doctoral associate
       Institut fuer Humangenetik, Universitaet Essen, D-45122 Essen, Germany
       Dr. Dietmar R. Lohmann (dr.lohmann@uni-essen.de)

   17. Postdocs or Research Associates:
       Cancer Research: Post-Doctoral Fellow
       Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY 10029
       Jonathan D. Licht, M.D. (jlicht@smtplink.mssm.edu)

   18. Wanted:
       Biotechnology: Clinical/Biomedical Engineer
       Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
       Felicia Thornton (flt3@po.cwru.edu)

   19. Postdocs or Research Associates:
       Biotechnology: Post-doctoral fellow
       Geneva Biomedical Research Institute , CH1228 Plan Les Ouates geneva
       Dr Eric Kawashima (Fax: 00 41 22 794 69 65)

   20. Postdocs or Research Associates:
       Biochemistry / Immunology: POST DOCTORAL FELLOW
       BARBARA DAVIS CENTER, Denver, 80262, USA
       Dr. John C. Hutton, Director of Research (john.hutton@millenium.UCHSC.EDU)

   21. Postdocs or Research Associates:
       Biochemistry / Immunology: Post-Doctoral Fellow
       Ontario Cancer Institute, Toronto, Ontario CANADA M5G 2M9
       Dr. Jean Gariepy, Senior Scientist (gariepy@oci.utoronto.ca)

   22. Predoctoral student positions / PhD student positions:
       Biochemistry / Immunology: Ph.D. student
       University of Goettingen, Inst. of Biochemistry, D-37073 Goettingen, Germany
       Prof. Dr. Detlef Doenecke (ddoenec@gwdg.de)

   23. Wanted:
       Biochemistry / Immunology: Postdoctoral, Research Assistant
       http://home.t-online.de/home/Axel.Goerke, Europe, D-30175 Hannover
       Dr. rer.nat. Axel Goerke (Axel.Goerke@t-online.de)

For usage of the web by E-mail gateway:

 1. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/predoctoral/0036.html

 2. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/non_academic_positions/0160.html

 3. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/non_academic_positions/0159.html

 4. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/wanted/0118.html

 5. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/postdocs/0347.html

 6. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/non_academic_positions/0161.html

 7. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/postdocs/0344.html

 8. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/postdocs/0342.html

 9. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/predoctoral/0035.html

10. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/postdocs/0338.html

11. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/postdocs/0352.html

12. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/postdocs/0349.html

13. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/postdocs/0346.html

14. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/postdocs/0345.html

15. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/postdocs/0341.html

16. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/postdocs/0353.html

17. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/postdocs/0340.html

18. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/wanted/0119.html

19. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/postdocs/0343.html

20. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/postdocs/0351.html

21. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/postdocs/0350.html

22. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/predoctoral/0037.html

23. http://www.informatik.uni-rostock.de/HUM-MOLGEN/positions/wanted/0112.html


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