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  Arthur Bergen: (Fwd) New Table of Contents for Nucleic Acids Research  

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Subject: (Fwd) New Table of Contents for Nucleic Acids Research
From: Arthur Bergen <a.bergen@ioi.knaw.nl>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 13:38:51 MET
Organization: ioi.knaw.nl
Priority: normal

Nucleic Acids Research - Table of Contents

Volume 25: January - December 1997: Issue 17 - Sept 1

Location at http://www.oup.co.uk/nar/Volume_25/Issue_17

Homing endonucleases: keeping the house in order.
Marlene Belfortand Richard J. Roberts.

Pages 3379-3389
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka567

Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: a new generation of protein database search programs.
Stephen F. Altschul, Thomas L. Madden, Alejandro A. Schaffer, Jinghui Zhang, Zheng Zhang, Webb Millerand David J. Lipman.

Pages 3389-3403
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka562

Effects of base mismatches on joining of short oligodeoxynucleotides by DNA ligases.
Clare E. Pritchardand Edwin M. Southern.

Pages 3403-3407
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka565

A prediction of the amino acids and structures involved in DNA recognition by type I DNA restriction and modification enzymes .
Shane S. Sturrockand David T. F. Dryden.

Pages 3408-3414
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka571

Precise assessment of microsatellite instability using high resolution fluorescent microsatellite analysis.
Shinya Oda, Eiji Oki, Yoshihiko Maeharaand Keizo Sugimachi.

Pages 3415-3420
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka568

Evidence for a hydroxide ion bridging two magnesium ions at the active site of the hammerhead ribozyme.
Thomas Hermann, Pascal Auffinger, William G. Scottand Eric Westhof.

Pages 3421-3427
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka557

Peg5/Neuronatin is an imprinted gene located on sub-distal chromosome 2 in the mouse.
Fusako Kagitani, Yoshimi Kuroiwa, Shigeharu Wakana, Toshihiko Shiroishi, Naoki Miyoshi, Shin Kobayashi, Michiru Nishida, Takashi Kohda, Tomoko Kaneko-Ishinoand Fumitoshi Ishino.

Pages 3428-3433
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka563

Sce3, a suppressor of the Schizosaccharomyces pombe septation mutant cdc11, encodes a putative RNA-binding protein.
Susanne Schmidt, Kay Hofmannand Viesturs Simanis.

Pages 3433-3440
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka559

Sequence-specific targeting and covalent modification of human genomic DNA .
Evgeniy S. Belousov, Irina A. Afonina, Mikhail A. Podyminogin, Howard B. Gamper, Michael W. Reed, Robert M. Wydro and Rich B. Meyer.

Pages 3440-3445
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka561

Inhibition of transcription by the TAR RNA of HIV-1 in a nuclear extract of HeLa cells.
Rika Yamamoto, Shiori Koseki, Jun Ohkawa, Kazuo Murakami, Satoshi Nishikawa, Kazunari Tairaand Penmetcha K. R. Kumar.

Pages 3445-3450
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka541

Cleavage of collagen RNA transcripts by hammerhead ribozymes in vitro is mutation-specific and shows competitive binding effects.
Gabriele Grassi, Antonella Forlinoand Joan C. Marini.

Pages 3451-3458
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka536

Recruitment of transcription factors to the target site by triplex-forming oligonucleotides.
Fedor Svinarchuk, Irina Nagibneva, Dmitry Chern, Slimane Ait-Si-Ali, Linda L. Pritchard, Philippe Robin, Claude Malvyand Annick Harel-Bellan.

Pages 3459-3464
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka566

Specific polyadenylation and purification of total messenger RNA from Escherichia coli.
Rama Rao Amaraand Satchidanandam Vijaya.

Pages 3465-3470
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka542

The RNase P RNA from cyanobacteria: short tandemly repeated repetitive (STRR) sequences are present within the RNase P RNA gene in heterocyst-forming cyanobacteria.
A. Vioque.

Pages 3471-3477
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka540

Nucleoprotein complex formation by the enhancer binding protein NifA.
Xiang Y. Wang, Annie Kolb, Wendy Cannonand Martin Buck.

Pages 3478-3485
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka539

The binding of two dimers of IciA protein to the dnaA promoter 1P element enhances the binding of RNA polymerase to the dnaA promoter 1P.
Yong Lee, Ho Lee, Jeongbin Yimand Deog Hwang.

Pages 3486-3490
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka558

Contacts between Bacillus subtilis catabolite regulatory protein CcpA and amyO target site.
Jeong-Ho Kimand Glenn H. Chambliss.

Pages 3490-3496
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka556

Effects of diaminopurine and inosine substitutions on A-tract induced DNA curvature. Importance of the 3'-A-tract junction.
Niels Erik Mollegaard, Christian Bailly, Michael J. Waringand Peter E. Nielsen.

Pages 3497-3503
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka570

Expression of bovine mitochondrial tRNASerGCUderivatives in Escherichia coli.
Ikuko Hayashi, Gota Kawaiand Kimitsuna Watanabe.

Pages 3503-3508
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka569

Antisense oligonucleotide binding to U5 snRNP induces a conformational change that exposes the conserved loop of U5 snRNA.
Gil Astand Alan M. Weiner.

Pages 3508-3513
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka554

ESSA: an integrated and interactive computer tool for analysing RNA secondary structure.
F. Chetouani, P. Monestie, P. Thebault, C. Gaspinand B. Michot.

Pages 3514-3523
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka537

Competition between HMG-I(Y), HMG-1 and histone H1 on four-way junction DNA.
David A. Hilland Raymond Reeves.

Pages 3523-3532
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka555

Diversity among the primate eosinophil-derived neurotoxin genes: a specific C-terminal sequence is necessary for enhanced ribonuclease activity.
Helene F. Rosenbergand Kimberly D. Dyer.

Pages 3532-3536
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka564

Re-usable DNA template for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR).
Sabina N. Sheikhand Philip Lazarus.

Pages 3537-3542
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka553

pH dependence of self-splicing by the group IA2 intron in a pre-mRNA derived from the nrdB gene of bacteriophage T4.
Ann-Sofie Sjogren, Roger Strombergand Britt-Marie Sjoberg.

Pages 3543-3549
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka538

A solid-phase assay to screen monoclonal antibodies against DNA-binding protein.
N. Ishii, H. Nakayama, J. Katayama, M. Arisawaand Y. Aoki.

Pages 3550-3552
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka551

Rapid determination of the complexity of cDNA bands extracted from DDRT-PCR polyacrylamide gels.
Neil R. Smith, Alan Li, Mark Aldersley, Alec S. High, Alexander F. Markhamand Philip A. Robinson.

Pages 3552-3554
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka552

Microamplification of specific chromosome sequences; an improved method for genome analysis.
N. Ponelies, N. Steinand G. Weber.

Pages 3555-3557
Document ID=NAR_25_17_gka560

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