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  Arthur Bergen: LITE: Table of Contents EMBO 16 (23)  

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Subject: LITE: Table of Contents EMBO 16 (23)
From: Arthur Bergen <a.bergen@ioi.knaw.nl>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 09:59:32 MET
Organization: ioi.knaw.nl
Priority: normal

 The EMBO Journal, Volume 16, Issue 23,
 dated Dec 1997, is now available at:


A plain-text copy of the table of contents has been appended below.

The EMBO Journal
Current Table of Contents: Dec 1 1997;  16 (23)

Member Review

 Competition- a common motif for the imprinting mechanism?
        Denise P. Barlow
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 6899-6905


 The three-dimensional structure of human procarboxypeptidase A2.
 Deciphering the basis of the inhibition, activation and intrinsic
 activity of the zymogen
        Isabel Garcia-Saez, David Reverter, Josep Vendrell,
        Francesc X. Aviles, Miquel Coll
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 6906-6913

 The c-IAP-1 and c-IAP-2 proteins are direct inhibitors of specific
        Natalie Roy, Quinn L. Deveraux, Ryosuke Takahashi, Guy S.
        Salvesen, John C. Reed
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 6914-6925

 Defective mammopoiesis, but normal hematopoiesis, in mice with a
 targeted disruption of the prolactin gene
        Nelson D. Horseman, Wenzhu Zhao, Encarnacion
        Montecino-Rodriguez, Minoru Tanaka, Kunio Nakashima,
        Sandra J. Engle, Frost Smith, Edith Markoff, Kenneth
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 6926-6935

 Solution structure of midkine, a new heparin-binding growth factor
        Wakana Iwasaki, Koji Nagata, Hideki Hatanaka, Tatsuya
        Inui, Terutoshi Kimura, Takashi Muramatsu, Keiichi
        Yoshida, Mitsuo Tasumi, Fuyuhiko Inagaki
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 6936-6946

 A novel outer membrane lipoprotein, LolB (HemM), involved in the
 LolA (p20)-dependent localization of lipoproteins to the outer
 membrane of Escherichia coli
        Shin-ichi Matsuyama, Naoko Yokota, Hajime Tokuda
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 6947-6955

 Requirement for the ryanodine receptor type 3 for efficient
 contraction in neonatal skeletal muscles
        Federica Bertocchini, Catherine E. Ovitt, Antonio Conti,
        Virginia Barone, Hans R. Scholer, Roberto Bottinelli,
        Carlo Reggiani, Vincenzo Sorrentino
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 6956-6963

 Co-localization of HIV-1 Nef with the AP-2 adaptor protein complex
 correlates with Nef-induced CD4 down-regulation
        Michael E. Greenberg, Scott Bronson, Martin Lock, Markus
        Neumann, George N. Pavlakis, Jacek Skowronski
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 6964-6976

 Reduction of microtubule catastrophe events by LIS1,
 platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase subunit
        Tamar Sapir, Michael Elbaum, Orly Reiner
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 6977-6984

 Spc98p and Spc97p of the yeast gamma -tubulin complex mediate
 binding to the spindle pole body via their interaction with Spc110p
        Michael Knop, Elmar Schiebel
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 6985-6995

 Solution structure and basis for functional activity of stromal
 cell-derived factor-1; dissociation of CXCR4 activation from binding
 and inhibition of HIV-1
        Matthew P. Crump, Jiang-Hong Gong, Pius Loetscher,
        Krishna Rajarathnam, Ali Amara, Fernando
        Arenzana-Seisdedos, Jean-Louis Virelizier, Marco
        Baggiolini, Brian D. Sykes, Ian Clark-Lewis
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 6996-7007

 Yeast pseudohyphal growth is regulated by GPA2, a G protein alpha
        Michael C. Lorenz, Joseph Heitman
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 7008-7018

 Control of B cell development by Ras-mediated activation of Raf
        Brian M. Iritani, Katherine A. Forbush, Michael A.
        Farrar, Roger M. Perlmutter
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 7019-7031

 Signal characteristics of G protein-transactivated EGF receptor
        Henrik Daub, Christian Wallasch, Andreas Lankenau,
        Andreas Herrlich, Axel Ullrich
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 7032-7044

 A novel SAPK/JNK kinase, MKK7, stimulated by TNFalpha and cellular
        Tetsuo Moriguchi, Fumiko Toyoshima, Norihisa Masuyama,
        Hiroshi Hanafusa, Yukiko Gotoh, Eisuke Nishida
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 7045-7053

 BMK1/ERK5 regulates serum-induced early gene expression through
 transcription factor MEF2C
        Yutaka Kato, Vladimir V. Kravchenko, Richard I. Tapping,
        Jiahuai Han, Richard J. Ulevitch, Jiing-Dwan Lee
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 7054-7066

 Extracellular signal-dependent nuclear import of Stat1 is mediated
 by nuclear pore-targeting complex formation with NPI-1, but not Rch1
        Toshihiro Sekimoto, Naoko Imamoto, Koichi Nakajima,
        Toshio Hirano, Yoshihiro Yoneda
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 7067-7077

 Structure of the human NF-kappa B p52 homodimer-DNA complex at 2.1 A
        Patrick Cramer, Christopher J. Larson, Gregory L.
        Verdine, Christoph W. Muller
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 7078-7090

 Cloning of an Inr- and E-box-binding protein, TFII-I, that interacts
 physically and functionally with USF1
        Ananda L. Roy, Hong Du, Polly D. Gregor, Carl D. Novina,
        Ernest Martinez, Robert G. Roeder
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 7091-7104

 Using altered specificity Oct-1 and Oct-2 mutants to analyze the
 regulation of immunoglobulin gene transcription
        Pratik C. Shah, Eric Bertolino, Harinder Singh
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 7105-7117

 Defective B cell receptor-mediated responses in mice lacking the Ets
 protein, Spi-B
        Gloria H. Su, Hui-Min Chen, Natarajan Muthusamy, Lee Ann
        Garrett-Sinha, David Baunoch, Daniel G. Tenen, M.Celeste
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 7118-7129

 Structural and functional features of a specific nucleosome
 containing a recognition element for the thyroid hormone receptor
        Jiemin Wong, Qiao Li, Ben-Zion Levi, Yun-Bo Shi, Alan P.
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 7130-7145

 Post-transcriptional regulation contributes to Drosophila clock gene
 mRNA cycling
        W.Venus So, Michael Rosbash
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 7146-7155

 The tracheae defective gene encodes a bZIP protein that controls
 tracheal cell movement during Drosophila embryogenesis
        Karsten G. Eulenberg, Reinhard Schuh
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 7156-7165

 Nuclear calcium signalling by individual cytoplasmic calcium puffs
        Peter Lipp, David Thomas, Michael J. Berridge, Martin D.
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 7166-7173

 Functional crosstalk between exon enhancers, polypyrimidine tracts
 and branchpoint sequences
        Massimo Buvoli, Stephen A. Mayer, James G. Patton
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 7174-7183

 Lithium toxicity in yeast is due to the inhibition of RNA processing
        Bernhard Dichtl, Audrey Stevens, David Tollervey
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 7184-7195

 The Cln3 cyclin is down-regulated by translational repression and
 degradation during the G1 arrest caused by nitrogen deprivation in
 budding yeast
        Carme Gallego, Eloi Gari, Neus Colomina, Enrique Herrero,
        Marti Aldea
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 7196-7206

 A pathway distinct from the mammalian unfolded protein response
 regulates expression of endoplasmic reticulum chaperones in
 non-stressed cells
        Joseph W. Brewer, John L. Cleveland, Linda M. Hendershot
        EMBO J. 1997 16 (23): p. 7207-7216

Copyright (c) 1997 by Oxford University Press.
Dr. Arthur A.B. Bergen
Department of Ophthalmogenetics
The Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute (IOI)
Royal Academy of Sciences of the Netherlands (KNAW)

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P.O.Box 12141               (+31)206916521         A.Bergen@IOI.KNAW.NL
1100 AC  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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