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  Bergen (ioi): LITE: TOC for NAR  

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Subject: LITE: TOC for NAR
From: "Bergen (ioi)" <A.A.BERGEN@AMC.UVA.NL>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 17:50:10 +0200

Volume 25: January - December 1997: Issue 15 - August 1

Location at http://www.oup.co.uk/nar/Volume_25/Issue_15

The world according to Maf.
Hozumi Motohashi, Jordan A. Shavit, Kazuhiko Igarashi, Masayuki Yamamotoand James Douglas Engel.

Pages 2953-2959
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka491

Representation of cloned genomic sequences in two sequencing vectors: correlation of DNA sequence and subclone distribution.
Stephanie L. Chissoe, Marco A. Marra, LaDeana Hillier, Ryan Brinkman, Richard K. Wilsonand Robert H. Waterston.

Pages 2960-2966
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka507

The role of a basic amino acid cluster in target site selection and non-specific binding of bZIP peptides to DNA.
Steven J. Metallo, David N. Paolellaand Alanna Schepartz.

Pages 2967-2972
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka498

DNA helicase activity in Werner's syndrome gene product synthesized in a baculovirus system.
Noriyuki Suzuki, Akira Shimamoto, Osamu Imamura, Junro Kuromitsu, Saori Kitao, Makoto Gotoand Yasuhiro Furuichi.

Pages 2973-2978
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka505

A branched DNA signal amplification assay for quantification of nucleic acid targets below 100 molecules/ml.
Mark L. Collins, Bruce Irvine, Diana Tyner, Eric Fine, Crystle Zayati, Chu-an Chang, Thomas Horn, David Ahle, Jill Detmer, Lu-Ping Shen, Janice Kolberg, Steve Bushnell, Mickey S. Urdeaand David D. Ho
Pages 2979-2984
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka513

Conditional gene targeted deletion by Cre recombinase demonstrates the requirement for the double-strand break repair Mre11 protein in murine embryonic stem cells.
Yonghong Xiaoand David T. Weaver.

Pages 2985-2991
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka492

The developmental activation of the chicken lysozyme locus in transgenic mice requires the interaction of a subset of enhancer elements with the promoter.
Matthias C. Huber, Ulrike Jagle, Gudrun Krugerand Constanze Bonifer.

Pages 2992-3000
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka495

Mechanism of DNA transesterification by vaccinia topoisomerase: catalytic contri
butions of essential residues Arg-130, Gly-132, Tyr-136 and Lys-167 .
John Wittschieben and Stewart Shuman.

Pages 3001-3008
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka499

A cruciform-dumbbell model for inverted dimer formation mediated by inverted repeats.
Ching-Tai Lin, Yi Lisa Lyuand Leroy F. Liu.

Pages 3009-3016
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka511

Mechanisms of developmental regulation in Trypanosoma brucei: a polypyrimidine tract in the 3'-untranslated region of a surface protein mRNA affects RNA abundance and translation.
Hans-Rudolf Hotz, Claudia Hartmann, Karin Huober, Michael Hugand Christine Clayton.

Pages 3017-3025
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka497

DNA binding and transactivation properties of Fos variants with homodimerization capacity.
Dominique Porte, Pascale Oertel-Buchheit, Matthias John, Michele Granger-Schnarrand Manfred Schnarr.

Pages 3026-3033
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka501

Synthesis and hybridization properties of inverse oligonucleotides.
Mirella Marangoni, Arthur Van Aerschot, Patrick Augustyns, Jef Rozenskiand Piet Herdewijn.

Pages 3034-3041
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka493

NMR analysis of CYP1(HAP1) DNA binding domain-CYC1 upstream activation sequence interactions: recognition of a CGG trinucleotide and of an additional thymine 5 bp downstream by the zinc cluster and tAnne-Lise Vuidepot, Francois Bontems, Michel Gervais,

Pages 3042-3050
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka500

Telomere length regulation during postnatal development and ageing in Mus spretus .
Gina M. Coviello-McLaughlinand Karen R. Prowse
Pages 3051-3058
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka496

Modification of DNA duplexes to smooth their thermal stability independently of their base content for DNA sequencing by hybridization.
Hong-Khanh Nguyen, Pascal Auffray, Ulysse Asseline, Daniel Dupretand Nguyen Thanh Thuong.

Pages 3059-3065
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka487

Analysis of immunoglobulin S[gamma]3 recombination breakpoints by PCR: implications for the mechanism of isotype switching.
Jian Du, Ye Zhu, Ananth Shanmugamand Amy L. Kenter.

Pages 3066-3073
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka484

Comparison of the specificities and catalytic activities of hammerhead ribozymes and DNA enzymes with respect to the cleavage of BCR-ABL chimeric L6 (b2a2) mRNA.
Tomoko Kuwabara, Masaki Warashina, Tsuyoshi Tanabe, Kenzaburo Tani, Shigetaka Asanoand Kazunari Taira.

Pages 3074-3081
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka494

A coalescent approach to the polymerase chain reaction.
Gunter Weiss and Arndt von Haeseler.

Pages 3082-3087
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka508

Ribonucleoprotein formation by the ORF1 protein of the non-LTR retrotransposon Tx1L in Xenopus oocytes.
Genevieve Pont-Kingdon, Enxi Chi, Shawn Christensenand Dana Carroll.

Pages 3088-3094
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka482

Nanoscopic structure of DNA condensed for gene delivery.
David D. Dunlap, Alessia Maggi, Marco R. Soriaand Lucia Monaco.

Pages 3095-3101
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka504

Multiplex fluorescence-based primer extension method for quantitative mutation analysis of mitochondrial DNA and its diagnostic application for Alzheimer's disease.
Eoin Fahy, Ramina Nazarbaghi, Maryam Zomorrodi, Corinna Herrnstadt, W. Davis Parker, Robert E. Davisand Soumitra S. Ghosh.

Pages 3102-3109
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka490

Sp3 encodes multiple proteins that differ in their capacity to stimulate or repress transcription.
Sarah B. Kennett, Ava J. Udvadiaand Jonathan M. Horowitz.

Pages 3110-3117
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka489

Intronic polyadenylation in the human glycinamide ribonucleotide formyltransferase gene.
Julie L. C. Kanand Richard G. Moran.

Pages 3118-3123
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka510

Analysis of the cleavage reaction of a trans-acting human hepatitis delta virus ribozyme .
Hamid Fauzi, Junji Kawakami, Fumiko Nishikawaand Satoshi Nishikawa.

Pages 3124-3130
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka488

An episomal vector for stable tetracycline-regulated gene expression .
Monika Jost, Csaba Kariand Ulrich Rodeck.

Pages 3131-3134
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka448

Cellular distribution of mammalian DNA topoisomerase II is determined by its catalytically dispensable C-terminal domain.
Noritaka Adachi, Mitsuko Miyaike, Satoshi Kato, Ryunosuke Kanamaru, Hideki Koyamaand Akihiko Kikuchi.

Pages 3135-3142
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka486

Identification of two novel cis-elements in the promoter of the prostate-specific antigen gene that are required to enhance androgen receptor-mediated transactivation.
Jianye Zhang, Shaobo Zhang, Patricia E. Murtha, Wen Zhu, Simon S.-M. Houand Charles Y. F. Young.

Pages 3143-3150
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka506

DNA damage-dependent recruitment of nucleotide excision repair and transcription proteins to Escherichia coli inner membranes.
DNA damage-dependent recruitment of nucleotide excision repair and transcription proteins to Escherichia coli inner membranesChien-liang Glenn Lin, Oleg Kovalskyand Lawrence Grossman.

Pages 3151-3158
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka502

A branch point consensus from Arabidopsis found by non-circular analysis allows for better prediction of acceptor sites.
Niels Tolstrup, Pierre Rouzeand Soren Brunak.

Pages 3159-3163
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka509

Optimization of the performance of the polymerase chain reaction in silicon-based microstructures.
Theresa B. Taylor, Emily S. Winn-Deen, Enrico Picozza, Timothy M. Woudenbergand Michael Albin.

Pages 3164-3168
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka512

Identification of an intronic enhancer that nullifies upstream repression of SPARC gene expression.
Kapaettu Satyamoorthy, Stefan J. Samulewicz, Lora D. Thornburg, Amitabha Basuand Chin C. Howe.

Pages 3169-3174
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka483

An extracellular matrix response element in the promoter of the LpS1 genes of the sea urchin Lytechinus pictus.
Christopher A. Seid, Ravi K. Ramachandran, Jenny M. George, Venkatesh Govindarajan, Maria F. Gonzalez-Rimbau, Constantin N. Flytzanisand Craig R. Tomlinson.

Pages 3175-3182
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka485

Magnetic bead capture of cDNAs from double-stranded plasmid cDNA libraries.
Allan R. Shepardand James L. Rae.

Pages 3183-3185
Document ID=NAR_25_15_gka503

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