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  Arthur Bergen: LITE: TOC NAR 25:20  

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Subject: LITE: TOC NAR 25:20
From: Arthur Bergen <a.bergen@ioi.knaw.nl>
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 13:36:19 MET
Organization: ioi.knaw.nl
Priority: normal

Nucleic Acids Research - Table of Contents

Volume 25: January - December 1997: Issue 20 - Oct 15

Location at http://www.oup.co.uk/nar/Volume_25/Issue_20

Dynamics of potentiation and activation: GAGA factor and its role in heat shock gene regulation.

Pages 3963-3970
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka637

Replication of DNA templates containing 5-formyluracil, a major oxidative lesion of thymine in DNA.
Qiu-Mei Zhang, Hiroshi Sugiyama, Izumi Miyabe, Shigeo Matsuda, Isao Saitoand Shuji Yonei.

Pages 3969-3973
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka644

Saccharomyces cerevisiae mms19 mutants are deficient in transcription-coupled and global nucleotide excision repair.
Marcel Lombaerts, Marcel Tijsterman, Richard A. Verhageand Jaap Brouwer.

Pages 3974-3979
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka653

RNA synthesis using a universal, base-stable allyl linker.
Xiaohu Zhang, Barbara L. Gaffneyand Roger A. Jones.

Pages 3980-3983
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka665

Vaccinia virion protein VP8, the 25 kDa product of the L4R gene, binds single-stranded DNA and RNA with similar affinity.
Christopher D. Baylissand Geoffrey L. Smith.

Pages 3984-3990
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka655

Cloning of the BssHII restriction-modification system in Escherichia coli: BssHII methyltransferase contains circularly permuted cytosine-5 methyltransferase motifs .
Shuang-yong Xu, Jian-ping Xiao, Janos Posfai, Robert Maunusand Jack Benner II.

Pages 3991-3994
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka666

Efficient transcription of an immunoglobulin [kappa] promoter requires specific sequence elements overlapping with and downstream of the transcriptional start site.
Marc R. Pelletier, Eunice N. Hatada, Gabriele Scholzand Claus Scheidereit.

Pages 3995-4003
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka661

p53-mediated DNA renaturation can mimic strand exchange.
Dominique Jean, Daniel Gendron, Louis Delbecchiand Pierre Bourgaux.

Pages 4004-4012
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka670

The primer binding site on the RNA genome of human and simian immunodeficiency viruses is flanked by an upstream hairpin structure.
Benjamin Berkhout.

Pages 4013-4017
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka643

Isoalloxazine derivatives promote photocleavage of natural RNAs at G&middot;U base pairs embedded within helices.
Petra Burgstaller, Thomas Hermann, Christian Huber, Eric Westhofand Michael Famulok.

Pages 4018-4027
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka650

Transcription activation at Class I FNR-dependent promoters: identification of the activating surface of FNR and the corresponding contact site in the C-terminal domain of the RNA polymerase [alpha] Stephen M. Williams, Nigel J. Savery, Stephen J. W. B

Pages 4028-4034
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka647

Functional modulation of estrogen receptor by redox state with reference to thioredoxin as a mediator.
Shin-ichi Hayashi, Kyoko Hajiro-Nakanishi, Yuichi Makino, Hidetaka Eguchi, Junji Yodoiand Hirotoshi Tanaka.

Pages 4035-4040
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka660

Target choice determinants of the Tc1 transposon of Caenorhabditis elegans.
Rene F. Ketting, Sylvia E. J. Fischerand Ronald H. A. Plasterk.

Pages 4041-4047
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka659

Tc7, a Tc1-hitch hiking transposon in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Rene Rezsohazy, Henri G. A. M van Luenen, Richard M. Durbinand Ronald H. A. Plasterk.

Pages 4048-4054
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka662

A conserved core element is functionally important for maize mitochondrial promoter activity in vitro.
Angelina G. F. S. Caoileand David B. Stern.

Pages 4055-4060
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka648

Excision of a conjugative transposon invitro by the Int and Xis proteins of Tn916.
Christine Rudy, Kathryn L. Taylor, Douglas Hinerfeld, June R. Scottand Gordon Churchward.

Pages 4061-4066
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka668

Winding of the DNA helix by divalent metal ions.
You-Cheng Xuand Hans Bremer.

Pages 4067-4071
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka654

Minor groove binding of a bis-quaternary ammonium compound: the crystal structure of SN 7167 bound to d(CGCGAATTCGCG)2.
Christopher J. Squire, George R. Clarkand William A. Denny.

Pages 4072-4078
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka649

The RNA polymerase II preinitiation complex formed in the presence of ATP.

Pages 4079-4084
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka641

Core-associated non-duplex sequences distinguishing the genomic and antigenomic self-cleaving RNAs of hepatitis delta virus.

Pages 4085-4093
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka640

The spoU gene of Escherichia coli, the fourth gene of the spoT operon, is essential for tRNA (Gm18) 2'-O-methyltransferase activity.
Britt C. Persson, Gunilla Jagerand Claes Gustafsson.

Pages 4093-4097
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka642

CD, absorption and thermodynamic analysis of repeating dinucleotide DNA, RNA and hybrid duplexes [d/r(AC)]12&middot;[d/r(GT/U)]12and the influence of phosphorothioate substitution.

Pages 4098-4106
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka639

Interaction of human recombination proteins Rad51 and Rad54.
Efim I. Golub, Oleg V. Kovalenko, Ravindra C. Gupta, David C. Wardand Charles M. Radding.

Pages 4106-4110
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka646

In vivo sequencing of camptothecin-induced topoisomerase I cleavage sites in human colon carcinoma cells.
Corinne Pondarre, Dirk Strumberg, Akira Fujimori, Rosimar Torres-Leonand Yves Pommier.

Pages 4111-4116
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka669

The crystal structure of an RNA oligomer incorporating tandem adenosine-inosine mismatches.
Richard J. Carter, Katrien J. Baeyens, John SantaLucia, Douglas H. Turnerand Stephen R. Holbrook.

Pages 4117-4122
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka663

Factors influencing the extent and selectivity of alkylation within triplexes by reactive G/A motif oligonucleotides.
Jed N. Lampe, Igor V. Kutyavin, Rebecca Rhinehart, Michael W. Reed, Rich B. Meyerand Howard B. Gamper, Jr.

Pages 4123-4131
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka671

Identification of essential nucleotides of the FP1 element responsible for enhancement of low density lipoprotein receptor gene transcription.
Punita Dhawan, Ruixin Changand Kamal D. Mehta.

Pages 4132-4138
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka664

A fiber optic biosensor for fluorimetric detection of triple-helical DNA.
Andre H. Uddin, Paul A. E. Piunno, Robert H. E. Hudson, Masad J. Damhaand Ulrich J. Krull.

Pages 4139-4146
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka651

The Neisseria gonorrhoeae S.NgoVIII restriction/modification system: a type IIs system homologous to the Haemophilus parahaemolyticus HphI restriction/modification system .

Pages 4147-4152
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka599

Alternative mRNA splice variants of the rat ClC-2 chloride channel gene are expressed in lung: genomic sequence and organization of ClC-2.

Pages 4153-4159
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka638

Simplified handling of high-density genetic filters using rigid plastic laminates.
D. R. Bancroft, J. K. O'Brien, A. Guerasimovaand H. Lehrach.

Pages 4160-4161
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka652

Determination of methylation specificity of sequence-specific DNA methyltransferases using matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry.
Takashi Tamura, Yoshinori Araki, Seiji Yamaoka, Kenji Inagakiand Hidehiko Tanaka.

Pages 4162-4164
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka657

Ligation independent cloning irrespective of restriction site compatibility.
Chuan Liand Ronald M. Evans.

Pages 4165-4166
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka645

A dicistronic construct allows easy detection of human CFTR expression from YAC DNA in human cells.
Georges Vassauxand Clare Huxley.

Pages 4167-4168
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka658

A novel method for producing partial restriction digestion of DNA fragments by PCR with 5-methyl-CTP.
Kwong-Kwok Wong, Lye Meng Markillieand Jeffrey D. Saffer.

Pages 4169-4171
Document ID=NAR_25_20_gka656

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