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  Arthur Bergen: LITE:Table of Contents for Nucleic Acids Research  

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Subject: LITE:Table of Contents for Nucleic Acids Research
From: Arthur Bergen <a.bergen@ioi.knaw.nl>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 10:06:34 MET
Organization: ioi.knaw.nl
Priority: normal

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Date:          Fri, 19 Sep 1997 16:37:38 +0100
To:            nar-toc@webber
From:          nar-toc@webber.oup.co.uk (List nar-toc)
Reply-to:      nar-toc@webber.oup.co.uk
Subject:       New Table of Contents for Nucleic Acids Research

Nucleic Acids Research - Table of Contents

Volume 25: January - December 1997: Issue 19 - Oct 1

Location at http://www.oup.co.uk/nar/Volume_25/Issue_19

The mechanism of U insertion/deletion RNA editing in kinetoplastid mitochondria.
Juan D. Alfonzo, Otavio Thiemannand Larry Simpson.

Pages 3751-3759
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka605

Metal ions play a passive role in the hairpin ribozyme catalysed reaction .
Karen J. Young, Francesca Gilland Jane A. Grasby.

Pages 3760-3766
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka627

Purification, biochemical characterization and protein-DNA interactions of the I-CreI endonuclease produced in Escherichia coli .
Jingshan Wang, Hyong-Ha Kim, Xiaoqin Yuanand David L. Herrin.

Pages 3767-3776
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka618

Effects of 5-(N-aminohexyl)carbamoyl-2'-deoxyuridine on endonuclease stability and the ability of oligodeoxynucleotide to activate RNase H.
Yoshihito Ueno, Izumi Kumagai, Noriyasu Haginoyaand Akira Matsuda.

Pages 3777-3782
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka631

Solid phase-supported thymine dimers for the construction of dimer-containing DNA by combined chemical and enzymatic synthesis: a potentially general method for the efficient incorporation of modifiePhillip Ordoukhanianand John-Stephen Taylor.

Pages 3783-3786
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka610

DNA triple helix formation at oligopurine sites containing multiple contiguous pyrimidines.
Darren M. Gowersand Keith R. Fox.

Pages 3787-3794
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka634

RNA polymerase II transcription inhibits DNA repair by photolyase in the transcribed strand of active yeast genes.
Magdalena Livingstone-Zatchej, Andreas Meier, Bernhard Suterand Fritz Thoma.

Pages 3795-3800
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka619

Structure-specific DNA binding by bacteriophage T5 5' -> 3' exonuclease.
Scott J. Garforthand Jon R. Sayers.

Pages 3801-3807
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka617

Solution structure of the ATF-2 recognition site and its interaction with the ATF-2 peptide.
Maria Rosaria Conte, Andrew N. Laneand Graham Bloomberg.

Pages 3808-3815
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka621

Detection and isolation of RNA-binding proteins by RNA-ligand screening of a cDNA expression library.
Rudolf Sagesser, Emilio Martinez, Mina Tsagrisand Martin Tabler.

Pages 3816-3822
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka628

Identification of rapid turnover transcripts overexpressed in thyroid tumors and thyroid cancer cell lines: use of a targeted differential RNA display method to select for mRNA subsets.
Rivkah Gonsky, Jeffrey A. Knauf, Rosella Elisei, Jian Wei Wang, Susan Suand James A. Fagin.

Pages 3823-3831
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka613

Stimulation of DNA inversion by FIS: evidence for enhancer-independent contacts with the Gin-gix complex.
Annette Deufel, Thomas Hermann, Regine Kahmannand Georgi Muskhelishvili.

Pages 3832-3839
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka633

Mutational analysis of the regulatory region of the Mycobacterium plasmid pAL5000.
Pelle Stoltand Neil G. Stoker.

Pages 3840-3846
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka626

Distinct roles of E2F recognition sites as positive or negative elements in regulation of the DNA polymerase [alpha] 180 kDa catalytic subunit gene promoter during Drosophila development.
Masamitsu Yamaguchi, Yuko Hayashi, Fumiko Hirose, Yoshio Nishimotoand Akio Matsukage.

Pages 3847-3854
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka616

Sensitivity of NMR internucleotide distances to B-DNA conformation: underlying mechanics.
Anne Lefebvre, Serge Fermandjianand Brigitte Hartmann.

Pages 3855-3862
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka622

Transcriptional activation of the human rod cGMP-phosphodiesterase [beta]-subunit gene is mediated by an upstream AP-1 element.
Adriana Di Polo, Leonid E. Lernerand Debora B. Farber.

Pages 3863-3867
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka604

Interaction of p53 with the human Rad51 protein.
Sabine Buchhop, Michael K. Gibson, Xin W. Wang, Peter Wagner, Horst-Werner Sturzbecherand Curtis C. Harris.

Pages 3868-3874
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka630

DNA binding and helicase domains of the Escherichia coli recombination protein RecG.
Akeel A. Mahdi, Peter McGlynn, Stuart D. Levettand Robert G. Lloyd.

Pages 3875-3880
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka608

A DNA helicase purified by replication protein A (RPA) affinity chromatography from mouse FM3A cells.
Patrick Hughesand Giuseppe Baldacci.

Pages 3881-3888
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka635

Antigen structural requirements for recognition by a cyclobutane thymine dimer-specific monoclonal antibody.
Yasuo Komatsu, Tomomi Tsujino, Tomonori Suzuki, Osamu Nikaidoand Eiko Ohtsuka.

Pages 3889-3894
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka620

DNA binding and transcriptional activation by the Ski oncoprotein mediated by interaction with NFI.
Pheruza Tarapore, Craig Richmond, Guoxing Zheng, Steven B. Cohen, Bruce Kelder, John Kopchick, Ulrich Kruse, Albrecht E. Sippel, Clemencia Colmenaresand Ed Stavnezer.

Pages 3895-3903
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka623

Analysis of the chromatin domain organisation around the plastocyanin gene reveals an MAR-specific sequence element in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Cornelis M. van Drunen, Rob W. Oosterling, Gerbienne M. Keultjes, Peter J. Weisbeek, Roel van Drieland Sjef C. M. Smeekens.

Pages 3904-3911
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka636

In vitro suppression as a tool for the investigation of translation initiation.
Vladimir A. Karginov, Sergey V. Mamaevand Sidney M. Hecht.

Pages 3912-3916
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka611

Ectopic mitotic recombination in Drosophila probed with bacterial [beta]-galactosidase gene-based reporter transgenes.
Stephan Bartsch, Klaus Ducker, Friederich E. Wurglerand Christian Sengstag.

Pages 3917-3924
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka614

Improved single-strand DNA sizing accuracy in capillary electrophoresis.
Barnett B. Rosenblum, Frank Oaks, Steve Menchenand Ben Johnson.

Pages 3925-3939
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka625

Elements in the distal 5'-flanking sequence and the first intron function cooperatively to regulate glutamine synthetase transcription during adipocyte differentiation.
Timothy J. Hadden, Chongsuk Ryouand Richard E. Miller.

Pages 3930-3936
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka612

Stability of HPRT marker gene expression at different gene-targeted loci: observing and overcoming a position effect.
David W. Melton, Ann-Marie Ketchenand Jim Selfridge.

Pages 3937-3943
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka615

Localization of the major ethidium bromide binding site on tRNA.
Wen-Chy Chu, Jack C.-H. Liuand Jack Horowitz.

Pages 3944-3949
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka624

Growth-dependent and growth-independent translation of messengers for heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoproteins.
Olga Camacho-Vanegas, Florian Weighardt, Claudia Ghigna, Francesco Amaldi, Silvano Rivaand Giuseppe Biamonti.

Pages 3950-3954
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka607

A rapid method for chromatin structure analysis in the filamentous fungus Aspergillus nidulans.
Ramon Gonzalezand Claudio Scazzocchio.

Pages 3955-3956
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka609

Betaine improves the PCR amplification of GC-rich DNA sequences.
Wolfgang Henke, Kerstin Herdel, Klaus Jung, Dietmar Schnorrand Stefan A. Loening.

Pages 3957-3958
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka606

Marked improvement of PAC and BAC cloning is achieved using electroelution of pulsed-field gel-separated partial digests of genomic DNA.
Scott J. Strong, Yuko Ohta, Gary W. Litmanand Chris T. Amemiya.

Pages 3959-3961
Document ID=NAR_25_19_gka629

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