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  Arthur Bergen: LITE: EMBO Table of Contents: 17 (8)  

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Subject: LITE: EMBO Table of Contents: 17 (8)
From: Arthur Bergen <a.bergen@ioi.knaw.nl>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 08:58:17 MET
Organization: ioi.knaw.nl
Priority: normal

 The EMBO Journal, Volume 17, Issue 8,
 dated Apr 1998, is now available at:


A plain-text copy of the table of contents has been appended below.

The EMBO Journal
Current Table of Contents: Apr 15 1998;  17 (8)


 Perturbation of beta 1-integrin function alters the development of
 murine mammary gland
        Marisa M. Faraldo, Marie-Ange Deugnier, Matvey Lukashev,
        Jean Paul Thiery, Marina A. Glukhova
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2139-2147

 Dileucine-based sorting signals bind to the beta chain of AP-1 at a
 site distinct and regulated differently from the tyrosine-based
 motif-binding site
        Iris Rapoport, Yu Chen Chen, Philippe Cupers, Steven E.
        Shoelson, Tomas Kirchhausen
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2148-2155

 Initial docking of ER-derived vesicles requires Uso1p and Ypt1p but
 is independent of SNARE proteins
        Xiaochun Cao, Nicole Ballew, Charles Barlowe
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2156-2165

 A novel EspA-associated surface organelle of enteropathogenic
 Escherichia coli involved in protein translocation into epithelial
        Stuart Knutton, Ilan Rosenshine, Mark J. Pallen, Israel
        Nisan, Bianca C. Neves, Christopher Bain, Carmel Wolff,
        Gordon Dougan, Gad Frankel
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2166-2176

 Ramifications of kinetic partitioning on usher-mediated pilus
        E.T. Saulino, D.G. Thanassi, J.S. Pinkner, S.J. Hultgren
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2177-2185

 ER-60, a chaperone with thiol-dependent reductase activity involved
 in MHC class I assembly
        Jonathan A. Lindquist, Ole N. Jensen, Matthias Mann,
        Gunter J. Hammerling
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2186-2195

 Mtr10p functions as a nuclear import receptor for the mRNA-binding
 protein Npl3p
        Bruno Senger, George Simos, F.Ralf Bischoff, Alexandre
        Podtelejnikov, Matthias Mann, Ed Hurt
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2196-2207

 A novel protein modification pathway related to the ubiquitin system
        Dimitris Liakopoulos, Georg Doenges, Kai Matuschewski,
        Stefan Jentsch
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2208-2214

 IAPs block apoptotic events induced by caspase-8 and cytochrome c by
 direct inhibition of distinct caspases
        Quinn L. Deveraux, Natalie Roy, Henning R. Stennicke,
        Todd Van Arsdale, Qiao Zhou, Srinivasa M. Srinivasula,
        Emad S. Alnemri, Guy S. Salvesen, John C. Reed
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2215-2223

 Caspase-mediated activation and induction of apoptosis by the
 mammalian Ste20-like kinase Mst1
        Jonathan D. Graves, Yukiko Gotoh, Kevin E. Draves, Diane
        Ambrose, David K.M. Han, Michael Wright, Jonathan
        Chernoff, Edward A. Clark, Edwin G. Krebs
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2224-2234

 Cell wall integrity modulates RHO1 activity via the exchange factor
        Marc Bickle, Pierre-Alain Delley, Anja Schmidt, Michael
        N. Hall
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2235-2245

 Membrane-targeting sequences on AKAP79 bind
        Mark L. Dell'Acqua, Maree C. Faux, Jacqueline Thorburn,
        Andrew Thorburn, John D. Scott
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2246-2260

 A novel lipid-anchored A-kinase Anchoring Protein facilitates
 cAMP-responsive membrane events
        Iain D.C. Fraser, Steven J. Tavalin, Linda B. Lester,
        Lorene K. Langeberg, Ann M. Westphal, Rebecca A. Dean,
        Neil V. Marrion, John D. Scott
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2261-2272

 Calmodulin controls the rod photoreceptor CNG channel through an
 unconventional binding site in the N-terminus of the beta -subunit
        Dietmar Weitz, Martin Zoche, Frank Muller, Michael
        Beyermann, Heinz G. Korschen, U.Benjamin Kaupp,
        Karl-Wilhelm Koch
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2273-2284

 Two distantly positioned PDZ domains mediate multivalent
 INAD-phospholipase C interactions essential for G protein-coupled
        Rika van Huizen, Karen Miller, De-Mao Chen, Ying Li,
        Zhi-Chun Lai, Ronald W. Raab, William S. Stark, Randall
        D. Shortridge, Min Li
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2285-2297

 Xvent-1 mediates BMP-4-induced suppression of the
 dorsal-lip-specific early response gene XFD-1' in Xenopus embryos
        Henner Friedle, Sepand Rastegar, Hubert Paul, Eckhard
        Kaufmann, Walter Knochel
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2298-2307

 A phosphorylation site in the Ftz homeodomain is required for
        Jianli Dong, Ling-Hong Hung, Robert Strome, Henry M.
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2308-2318

 Identification of BSAP (Pax-5) target genes in early B-cell
 development by loss- and gain-of-function experiments
        Stephen L. Nutt, Aline M. Morrison, Petra Dorfler,
        Antonius Rolink, Meinrad Busslinger
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2319-2333

 Erythroid Kruppel-like factor (EKLF) is active in primitive and
 definitive erythroid cells and is required for the function of 5'HS3
 of the beta -globin locus control region
        Rita Tewari, Nynke Gillemans, Mark Wijgerde, Beatriz
        Nuez, Marieke von Lindern, Frank Grosveld, Sjaak
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2334-2341

 Rb binds c-Jun and activates transcription
        Michael A. Nead, Laurel A. Baglia, Michael J. Antinore,
        John W. Ludlow, Dennis J. McCance
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2342-2352

 Structure of wild-type yeast RNA polymerase II and location of Rpb4
 and Rpb7
        Grant J. Jensen, Gavin Meredith, David A. Bushnell, Roger
        D. Kornberg
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2353-2358

 Mechanism of translational coupling in the nifLA operon of
 Klebsiella pneumoniae
        F. Govantes, E. Andujar, E. Santero
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2368-2377

 Tertiary structure formation in the hairpin ribozyme monitored by
 fluorescence resonance energy transfer
        Nils G. Walter, Ken J. Hampel, Kirk M. Brown, John M.
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2378-2391

 Dissecting RNA recombination in vitro: role of RNA sequences and the
 viral replicase
        Peter D. Nagy, Chunxia Zhang, Anne E. Simon
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2392-2403

 Ku80 is required for immunoglobulin isotype switching
        Rafael Casellas, Andre Nussenzweig, Robert Wuerffel,
        Roberta Pelanda, Amy Reichlin, Heikyung Suh, Xiao-Feng
        Qin, Eva Besmer, Amy Kenter, Klaus Rajewsky, Michel C.
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2404-2411

 Regulation of DNA replication and repair proteins through
 interaction with the front side of proliferating cell nuclear
        Zophonias O. Jonsson, Robert Hindges, Ulrich Hubscher
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2412-2425

 Initiation of DNA replication at CpG islands in mammalian
        Sonia Delgado, Maria Gomez, Adrian Bird, Francisco
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2426-2435

 Devoted to the lagging strand_the psi subunit of DNA polymerase III
 holoenzyme contacts SSB to promote processive elongation and sliding
 clamp assembly
        Zvi Kelman, Alexander Yuzhakov, Jelena Andjelkovic, Mike
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (8): p. 2436-2449

Copyright (c) 1998 by Oxford University Press.
Dr. Arthur A.B. Bergen
Department of Ophthalmogenetics
The Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute (IOI)
Royal Academy of Sciences of the Netherlands (KNAW)

** Snail-mail: **           ** FAX: **             ** E-mail: **

P.O.Box 12141               (+31)206916521         A.Bergen@IOI.KNAW.NL
1100 AC  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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