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  Arthur Bergen: LITE: New Table of Contents for NAR  

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Subject: LITE: New Table of Contents for NAR
From: Arthur Bergen <a.bergen@ioi.knaw.nl>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 12:10:19 MET
Organization: ioi.knaw.nl
Priority: normal

Nucleic Acids Research - Table of Contents
Volume 26, January - December 1998: Issue 09
Location at: http://www.oup.co.uk/nar/Volume_26/Issue_09/

The D arm of tRNA Tyr is necessary and sufficient for import into Leishmania mitochondria in vitro
Sridam Mahapatra, Subhagata Ghosh, Saphal Kanti Bera, Trina Ghosh, Anish Das, Samit Adhya
Pages 2037-2041
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb371_gml

DNA topoisomerase II sites in the histone H4 gene during the highly synchronous cell cycle of Physarum polycephalum
Valerie Borde, Michel Duguet
Pages 2042-2049
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb355_gml

Accelerated mRNA decay in conditional mutants of yeast mRNA capping enzyme
Beate Schwer, Xiangdong Mao, Stewart Shuman
Pages 2050-2057
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb366_gml

Phosphorylation of tobacco eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4A upon pollen tube germination
Roel G. L. op den Camp, Cris Kuhlemeier
Pages 2058-2062
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb380_gml

Cloning and characterization of a human DEAH-box RNA helicase, a functional homolog of fission yeast Cdc28/Prp8
Osamu Imamura, Kumi Saiki, Tokio Tani, Yasumi Ohshima, Minoru Sugawara and Yasuhiro Furuichi
Pages 2063-2069
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb369_gml

The pro-oligonucleotide approach: solid phase synthesis and preliminary evaluation of model pro-dodecathymidylates
Guilhem Tosquellas, Karine Alvarez, Christelle Dell'Aquila, Francois Morvan, Jean-Jacques Vasseur, Jean-Louis Imbach, Bernard Rayner
Pages 2069-2074
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb370_gml

Transcription activation by Escherichia coli FNR protein: similarities to, and differences from, the CRP paradigm
Bo Li, Helen Wing, David Lee, Hui-chung Wu, Stephen Busby
Pages 2075-2081
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb359_gml

Improving stable transfection efficiency: antioxidants dramatically improve the outgrowth of clones under dominant marker selection
Markus Brielmeier, Jean-Marie Bechet, Martin H. Falk, Michael Pawlita, Axel Polack, Georg W. Bornkamm
Pages 2082-2085
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb348_gml

(1,4,7-trimethyl-1,4,7-triazacyclononane)iron (III)-mediated cleavage of DNA: detection of selected protein-DNA interactions
Amy Ehmann, David Chafin, Kyu-Min Lee, Jeffrey J. Hayes
Pages 2086-2091
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb365_gml

Short unligated sticky ends enable the observation of circularised DNA by atomic force and electron microscopies
Bernard Revet, Alain Fourcade
Pages 2092-2097
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb367_gml

The activation function 2 domain of hepatic nuclear factor 4 is regulated by a short C-terminal proline-rich repressor domain
Valentine P. Iyemere, Neil H. Davies, George G. Brownlee
Pages 2098-2104
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb379_gml

Synthesis and RNA polymerase incorporation of the degenerate ribonucleotide analogue rPTP
K. Moriyama, K. Negishi, M. S. J. Briggs, C. L. Smith, F. Hill, M. J. Churcher, D. M. Brown, D. Loakes
Pages 2105-2111
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb381_gml

TFIID (TBP) stabilizes the binding of MyoD to its DNA site at the promoter and MyoD facilitates the association of TFIIB with the preinitiation complex
Hanna Heller, Eyal Bengal
Pages 2112-2119
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb377_gml

Repressor titration: a novel system for selection and stable maintenance of recombinant plasmids
Steven G. Williams, Rocky M. Cranenburgh, Amanda M. E. Weiss, Christopher J. Wrighton, David J. Sherratt, Julian A. J. Hanak
Pages 2120-2124
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb374_gml

A stimulatory RNA associated with RecBCD enzyme
Susan K. Amundsen, Andrew F. Taylor, Gerald R. Smith
Pages 2125-2131
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb352_gml

Structure and regulation of a polymorphic gene encoding folate receptor type [gamma]/[gamma][prime]
Huiquan Wang, John F. Ross, Manohar Ratnam
Pages 2132-2142
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb353_gml

DNA binding properties of a chemically synthesized DNA binding domain of hRFX1
Fabrice Cornille, Patrick Emery, Wolfgang Schuler, Christine Lenoir, Bernard Mach, Bernard P. Roques, Walter Reith
Pages 2143-2149
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb356_gml

Molecular beacon probes combined with amplification by NASBA enable homogeneous, real-time detection of RNA
Gionata Leone, Harm van Schijndel, Bob van Gemen, Fred Russel Kramer, Cornelis Dirk Schoen
Pages 2150-2155
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb378_gml

The importance of base pairing in the penultimate stem of Escherichia coli 16S rRNA for ribosomal subunit association
Matthew A. Firpo, Albert E. Dahlberg
Pages 2156-2160
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb349_gml

Characterisation of Leishmania telomeres reveals unusual telomeric repeats and conserved telomere-associated sequence
Guoliang Fu, Douglas C. Barker
Pages 2161-2167
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb375_gml

Coexistence of nuclear DNA-encoded tRNAVal(AAC) and mitochondrial DNA-encoded tRNAVal(UAC) in mitochondria of a liverwort Marchantia polymorpha
Kinya Akashi, Mizuki Takenaka, Shohei Yamaoka, Yoshitaka Suyama, Hideya Fukuzawa, Kanji Ohyama
Pages 2168-2172
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb358_gml

STAT 5 and NF-Y are involved in expression and growth hormone-mediated sexually dimorphic regulation of cytochrome P450 3A10/lithocholic acid 6[beta]-hydroxylase
Asha Subramanian, Jianming Wang, Gregorio Gil
Pages 2173-2178
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb351_gml

Triple helices formed at oligopyrimidine[bull]oligopurine sequences with base pair inversions: effect of a triplex-specific ligand on stability and selectivity
Shrikant Kukreti, Jian-Sheng Sun, David Loakes, Daniel M. Brown, Chi-Hung Nguyen, Emile Bisagni, Therese Garestier, Claude Helene
Pages 2179-2183
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb376_gml

Efficient in vitro repair of 7-hydro-8-oxodeoxyguanosine by human cell extracts: involvement of multiple pathways
Meeta Jaiswal, Leonora J. Lipinski, Vilhelm A. Bohr, Sharlyn J. Mazur
Pages 2184-2191
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb382_gml

Involvement of the 5[prime]-untranslated region in cold-regulated expression of the rbpA1 gene in the cyanobacterium Anabaena variabilis M3
Naoki Sato, Ayako Nakamura
Pages 2192-2199
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb350_gml

Structure-function analysis of the trypanosomatid spliced leader RNA
Igor Goncharov, Yu-xin Xu, Yitzhak Zimmer, Kineret Sherman, Shulamit Michaeli
Pages 2200-2207
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb364_gml

Exploratory studies on azole carboxamides as nucleobase analogs: thermal denaturation studies on oligodeoxyribonucleotide duplexes containing pyrrole-3-carboxamide
Peiming Zhang, W. Travis Johnson, Douglas Klewer, Natasha Paul, Geoffrey Hoops, V. J. Davisson, Donald E. Bergstrom
Pages 2208-2215
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb368_gml

Comparative gene expression profiling by oligonucleotide fingerprinting
Sebastian Meier-Ewert, Jorg Lange, Helmut Gerst, Ralf Herwig, Armin Schmitt, Jan Freund, Thorsten Elge, Richard Mott, Bernhard Herrmann , Hans Lehrach
Pages 2216-2223
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb360_gml

Advantages of 2[prime]-O-methyl oligoribonucleotide probes for detecting RNA targets
Mehrdad Majlessi, Norman C. Nelson, Michael M. Becker
Pages 2224-2229
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb354_gml

Using neural networks for prediction of the subcellular location of proteins
A. Reinhardt, T. Hubbard
Pages 2230-2236
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb357_gml

The effect of two antipodal fluorine-induced sugar puckers on the conformation and stability of the Dickerson-Drew dodecamer duplex [d(CGCGAATTCGCG)]2
Hisafumi Ikeda, Raul Fernandez, Andrzej Wilk, Joseph J. Barchi Jr, Xiaolin Huang, Victor E. Marquez
Pages 2237-2244
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb361_gml

Transverse formamide gradients as a simple and easy way to optimise DNA single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis
Benoit Paccoud, Jeannette Bourguignon, Maryam Diarra-Mehrpour, Jean-Pierre Martin, Richard Sesboue
Pages 2245-2246
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb363_gml

Gel electrophoretic detection of 7,8-dihydro-8-oxoguanine and 7,8-dihydro-8-oxoadenine via oxidation by Ir(IV)
James G. Muller, Victor Duarte, Robyn P. Hickerson, Cynthia J. Burrows
Pages 2247-2249
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb372_gml

Highly sensitive detection of gene expression of an intronless gene: amplification of mRNA, but not genomic DNA by nucleic acid sequence based amplification (NASBA)
Albert Heim, Isabella Maria Grumbach, Stefanie Zeuke, Bert Top
Pages 2250-2251
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb373_gml

A recombination based method to rapidly assess specificity of two-hybrid clones in yeast
R. Petermann, B. M. Mossier, D. N. T. Aryee, H. Kovar
Pages 2252-2253
Document ID = NAR_26_09_gkb362_gml

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