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  Arthur Bergen: LITE: EMBO Table of Contents: 17 (3)  

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Subject: LITE: EMBO Table of Contents: 17 (3)
From: Arthur Bergen <a.bergen@ioi.knaw.nl>
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 12:19:59 MET
Organization: ioi.knaw.nl
Priority: normal

 The EMBO Journal, Volume 17, Issue 3,
 dated Feb 1998, is now available at:


The EMBO Journal
Current Table of Contents: Feb 1 1998;  17 (3)


 Distinct functions of calmodulin are required for the uptake step of
 receptor-mediated endocytosis in yeast: the type I myosin Myo5p is
 one of the calmodulin targets
        M.Isabel Geli, Andreas Wesp, Howard Riezman
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 635-647

 Ca2+-independent insulin exocytosis induced by alpha -latrotoxin
 requires latrophilin, a G protein-coupled receptor
        Jochen Lang, Yuri Ushkaryov, Alfonso Grasso, Claes B.
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 648-657

 Essential role of tubulin-folding cofactor D in microtubule assembly
 and its association with microtubules in fission yeast
        Dai Hirata, Hirohisa Masuda, Mark Eddison, Takashi Toda
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 658-666

 AIM-1: a mammalian midbody-associated protein required for
        Yasuhiko Terada, Masaaki Tatsuka, Fumio Suzuki, Yuko
        Yasuda, Setsuya Fujita, Masayuki Otsu
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 667-676

 Peroxisomal beta -oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids in
 Saccharomyces cerevisiae: isocitrate dehydrogenase provides NADPH
 for reduction of double bonds at even positions
        Carlo W.T. van Roermund, Ewald H. Hettema, Arnoud J. Kal,
        Marlene van den Berg, Henk F. Tabak, Ronald J.A. Wanders
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 677-687

 Mode of interaction of the single a subunit with the multimeric c
 subunits during the translocation of the coupling ions by F1F0
        Georg Kaim, Ulrich Matthey, Peter Dimroth
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 688-695

 Sec-dependent membrane protein biogenesis: SecYEG, preprotein
 hydrophobicity and translocation kinetics control the stop-transfer
        Franck Duong, William Wickner
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 696-705

 A dominant interfering mutant of FADD/MORT1 enhances deletion of
 autoreactive thymocytes and inhibits proliferation of mature T
        Kim Newton, Alan W. Harris, Mary L. Bath, Kenneth G.C.
        Smith, Andreas Strasser
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 706-718

 A strain-independent postnatal neurodegeneration in mice lacking the
 EGF receptor
        Maria Sibilia, Joachim P. Steinbach, Laura Stingl,
        Adriano Aguzzi, Erwin F. Wagner
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 719-731

 Regulation of Raf-1 kinase by TNF via its second messenger ceramide
 and cross-talk with mitogenic signalling
        Gertraud Muller, Peter Storz, Soizic Bourteele, Heike
        Doppler, Klaus Pfizenmaier, Harald Mischak, Alex Philipp,
        Christian Kaiser, Walter Kolch
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 732-742

 Identification and characterization of a new oncogene derived from
 the regulatory subunit of phosphoinositide 3-kinase
        Concepcion Jimenez, David R. Jones, Pablo
        Rodriguez-Viciana, Ana Gonzalez-Garcia, Esther Leonardo,
        Stefan Wennstrom, Cayetano von Kobbe, Jose L. Toran, Luis
        R-Borlado, Victor Calvo, Sergio G. Copin, Juan P. Albar,
        M.Luisa Gaspar, Emilio Diez, Miguel A.R. Marcos, Julian
        Downward, Carlos Martinez-A, Isabel Merida, Ana C.
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 743-753

 Membrane targeting of p21-activated kinase 1 (PAK1) induces neurite
 outgrowth from PC12 cells
        R.Hugh Daniels, Pamela S. Hall, Gary M. Bokoch
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 754-764

 Different positioning of the ligand-binding domain helix 12 and the
 F domain of the estrogen receptor accounts for functional
 differences between agonists and antagonists
        Mark Nichols, Jeanette M.J. Rientjes, A.Francis Stewart
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 765-773

 Targeted disruption of the MYC antagonist MAD1 inhibits cell cycle
 exit during granulocyte differentiation
        Kevin P. Foley, Grant A. McArthur, Christophe Queva,
        Peter J. Hurlin, Philippe Soriano, Robert N. Eisenman
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 774-785

 CRP interacts with promoter-bound sigma 54 RNA polymerase and blocks
 transcriptional activation of the dctA promoter
        Yi-Ping Wang, Annie Kolb, Martin Buck, Jin Wen, Fergal
        O'Gara, Henri Buc
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 786-796

 Sequence and structural elements of methylation guide snoRNAs
 essential for site-specific ribose methylation of pre-rRNA
        Zsuzsanna Kiss-Laszlo, Yves Henry, Tamas Kiss
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 797-807

 Ribosome release factor RF4 and termination factor RF3 are involved
 in dissociation of peptidyl-tRNA from the ribosome
        Valerie Heurgue-Hamard, Reza Karimi, Liliana Mora, Jane
        MacDougall, Celine Leboeuf, Guido Grentzmann, Mans
        Ehrenberg, Richard H. Buckingham
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 808-816

 HMG box proteins bind to four-way DNA junctions in their open
        J.Richard G. Pohler, David G. Norman, Janice Bramham,
        Marco E. Bianchi, David M.J. Lilley
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 817-826

 A helix-turn-helix structure unit in human centromere protein B
        Junji Iwahara, Takanori Kigawa, Katsumi Kitagawa, Hiroshi
        Masumoto, Tuneko Okazaki, Shigeyuki Yokoyama
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 827-837

 Pankinetoplast DNA structure in a primitive bodonid flagellate,
 Cryptobia helicis
        Julius Lukes, Milan Jirku, Nuraly Avliyakulov, Oldrich
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 838-846


 Corrigenda for vol. 16, p. 6209

        EMBO J. 1998 17 (3): p. 847

Copyright (c) 1998 by Oxford University Press.
Dr. Arthur A.B. Bergen
Department of Ophthalmogenetics
The Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute (IOI)
Royal Academy of Sciences of the Netherlands (KNAW)

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P.O.Box 12141               (+31)206916521         A.Bergen@IOI.KNAW.NL
1100 AC  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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