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  Arthur Bergen: BIOT: February 1998  

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Subject: BIOT: February 1998
From: Arthur Bergen <a.bergen@ioi.knaw.nl>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 10:15:58 MET
Organization: ioi.knaw.nl
Priority: normal

 New BIOTs!

The BIOT section is open for requests and offers of information
regarding molecular biology and molecular genetics (protocols,
techniques, products, collaboration, etc.).

You can reach over 4250 of your colleagues, and on average you may
expect up to twenty replies to a single message. This service is
absolutely FREE of charge. Help yourself by helping your colleagues!

-Please send high quality messages only, including full name, address
and purpose. -Please use the appropriate TOPIC subject heading in your
message. -Please state non-trivial questions only. -Please reply by
private E-mail only, unless your request is of  general interest to
the entire HUM-MOLGEN community

Messages may be refused without further notification.

Edward Wilcox
Arthur Bergen
(BIOT editors)

This BIOT message contains:

        1) A request for details on meetings for genetics
        2) A request for information on lymphandenitis
        3) A search for some acetaldehyde compounds
        4) E-mails of Thomas Lehner and Russel M.W.?
        5) An announcement of a new version of HyperCLDB
        6) A need for more information on SYBR-green (Molecular Probes Inc.)
        7) A search for a review paper on the possible functionality of
           so-called junk DNA
        8) An interest in genetic studies of 'STR MULTIPLEXES' to get the
           statistics for DNA Profiling in our population (South East Asia)
        9) What is the best University or best Prof. (and location) for genetic
       10) An interest in Progeria Syndrome for a school report

I would like to have all the information about next year's meetings
anywhere in the world for human genetics.

Professor Dr. E.E. Wagih
e. mail eewagih@alexnet.com.eg
Dear Sirs:

     I would like to find information on the latest clinical research on
lymphandenitis which may stem from cat-scratch fever or tuberculosis or
perhaps some other disease. I would also like to find the best available
treatments for Lymphangionomas, including any trial medications world-wide
that don't necessarily require the care of a Quack.  In particular, I am
concerned with information about upper esophageal and oral-pharyngeal
hyperplasia and lesions.  It would be of great interest if someone in the
research field could contact me about their particular studies,
diagnostics and treatments.  I might be able to arrange for a biopsy or
specimen to be sent.
    Finally, I am curious to know if there are any at-home diagnostic kits
developed yet to detect for certain pathogens like M.Tuberculi etc. in the
    I would appreciate any and all information concerning these diseases.
I'm somewhat familiar with them, I've researched the Merck Manual, and
several pathology books.

    You may help by sending your information to my E-Mail address, or to

    P.O. Box 9008
    Charlotte, NC 28299
Can anybody provide me with the following compounds:


Your help is greatly appreciated.

PD Dr. Nenad Blau
University Children's Hospital
Division of Clinical Chemistry and Biochemistry
Steinwiesstrasse 75
8032 Zuerich / Switzerland
Tel.: +411 266 7544
Fax: +411 266 7169
E-mail: blau@kispi.unizh.ch
Dear Sirs,
    I am doing a PhD on the subject of Transmission of Mutans Streptococci,
and genotyping of MS by DNA Fingerprinting studies, and I am trying to find
the E-mails of Thomas Lehner and Russel M.W.  Would appreciate it very much
if you could help me.
Thank you very much for your kind interest and help.

Dr. -zg  Beyar
Remote host: webcache.ada.net.tr
Remote IP address:
Dear all,

    This is to announce you that a new version of HyperCLDB has been set up
and is available at the following URL:


HyperCLDB is the hypertext version of the Cell Line Data Base,
devoted to information on availability of human and animal cell
lines within European collections and laboratories.

This includes:
- European Collection of Animal Cell Cultures - ECACC (818 cell lines, UK),
- German Collection of Cell Cultures - DSMZ (265 lines, DE),
- German Cancer Research Center - DKFZ (267 lines, DE),
- Istituto Pediatrico Gaslini (822 lines, IT)
- Russian Cell Culture Collections (526 lines, RU)
- Centro Genetica Umana - Istituto Galliera (652 lines, IT)
- Interlab Cell Line Collection - ICLC (100 lines, IT)
- Istituto Zooprofilattico Brescia (203 lines, IT)

It currently includes the description of more than 3800 lines,
availability of which is granted at the listed laboratories.

HyperCLDB includes:
- 2836 human cell lines
- 1002 animal cell lines from 84 different species
- 1722 cell lines for studies on 300 pathologies
- 983 tumor cell lines from 156 different tumors
- 616 normal cell lines
- 253 transformed cell lines

The new version of HyperCLDB includes the following enhancements:
* links to the OnLine Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) records
  for a deeper knowledge of pathologies, both from the pathologies
  list and from the description of each cell line referring to a
  specific pathology,
* set up of direct links to the URL-minder system, to allow for
  registration of single pages at their remind archive (users are
  informed by email of any occurred changes in registered pages),
* displaying of the total number of occurrences of each term/value
  in controlled vocabularies/indexes,
* revised search engine at the following URL:
* updated graphic outline based on HTML tables, that makes browsing
  faster and appearance clearer, and splitting of the biggest files to
  allow for faster retrieval.

See you soon on HyperCLDB! Paolo Romano
This message comes from Paolo Romano vi ha inviato questo messaggio
      Biotechnology Department, Advanced Biotechnology Centre
          Largo Rosanna Benzi, 10, I-16132, Genova, Italy
            Tel: +39-10-5737-288  Fax: +39-10-5737-295
                     Email: paolo@ist.unige.it
  Mercurio Mailing list sulle manifestazioni congressuali al CBA
Dear Colleagues,

   I am trying to explore the merits of converting our agarose gels to using
SYBR-green (Molecular Probes Inc.) from the existing Ethidium Bromide, for
visualization of DNA.  What I am unable to ascertain is the risk involved in
using SYBR green. Is it mutagenic, does it require special procedures for
disposal etc.

M.T. (George) Rebello PhD
Human Genetics Department
Anatomy Building
University of Cape Town
    I am looking for a good review paper about the various hypotheses on
the possible functionality of so-called junk DNA--the non-coding regions of
eukaryotic genomes. I am aware of some of the ideas (selfish DNA, genome
structural functions, etc.) but I would like to find a review in the
primary literature. Does such a thing exist?

Thanks for you help!
Thom Quinn

Reply-To: "Dr. Indrayana N.S." <indranet@indo.net.id>

We are interested in genetic studies of 'STR MULTIPLEXES' to get the
statistics for DNA Profiling in our population (South East Asia:
Indonesia). We do not have enough funding for research, especially for
buying reagents, primers
etc. We do have complete laboratory equipment for Biotechnology.
Collaboration is welcome.

Dr Indrayana N.S.
Dept. of Forensic Medicine
Tropical Disease Center
Airlangga University
Medical Faculty
Fax: 62 31 5322472
    I am wondering which is the best University or best Prof. (and
location) for genetic engineering.  Please email me what you think.

"James Benoit-Robey (www)" <probey@MAIL.KAMLOOPS.NET>
Dear Hum-Molgen,

I am researching Progeria Syndrome for a school report and I am having a
lot of trouble in finding the cause of this disease. I need the cause on a
"cellular level". I would be very thankful if you could send me any
articles or documents on Progeria Syndrome that would help me in finding
out the cause of this disease.

Thank you.

Michael M.
Remote IP address:

Dr. Arthur A.B. Bergen
Department of Ophthalmogenetics
The Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute (IOI)
Royal Academy of Sciences of the Netherlands (KNAW)

** Snail-mail: **           ** FAX: **             ** E-mail: **

P.O.Box 12141               (+31)206916521         A.Bergen@IOI.KNAW.NL
1100 AC  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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