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  Arthur Bergen: LITE: New Table of Contents for Nucleic Acids Rese  

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Subject: LITE: New Table of Contents for Nucleic Acids Rese
From: Arthur Bergen <a.bergen@ioi.knaw.nl>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 10:18:31 MET
Organization: ioi.knaw.nl
Priority: normal

Nucleic Acids Research - Table of Contents
Volume 26, January - December 1998: Issue 06 -
URL: http:/www.oup.co.uk/nar/Volume_26/Issue_06/

Myotonic dystrophy: molecular windows on a complex etiology
Zeljka Korade-Mirnics, Paul Babitzke and Eric Hoffman
Pages 1363-1368
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb252_gml
Mutational analysis of the RNA pseudoknot involved in efficient ribosomal frameshifting in simian retrovirus-1
Deukyong Sung and Hunseung Kang
Pages 1369-1372
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb258_gml

DNA binding and oligomerization of NtrC studied by fluorescence anisotropy and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
Franz W. Sevenich, Jorg Langowski, Verena Weiss and Karsten Rippe
Pages 1373-1381
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb257_gml

UV sensitivity and impaired nucleotide excision repair in DNA-dependent protein kinase mutant cells
Catherine Muller, Patrick Calsou, Philippe Frit, Caroline Cayrol, Timothy Carter and Bernard Salles
Pages 1382-1389
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb265_gml

Wheat cytoplasmic arginine tRNA isoacceptor with a U*CG anticodon is an efficient UGA suppressor in vitro
Michael Baum and Hildburg Beier
Pages 1390-1395
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb260_gml

Denaturing high performance liquid chromatography (DHPLC) used in the detection of germline and somatic mutations
Wanguo Liu, David I. Smith, Keri J. Rechtzigel, Stephen N. Thibodeau and C. David James
Pages 1396-1400
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb270_gml

Determinants of the position of a Flp-induced DNA bend
Karen H. Luetke and Paul D. Sadowski
Pages 1401-1407
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb275_gml

Single chain dimers of MASH-1 bind DNA with enhanced affinity
Martin Sieber and Rudolf K. Allemann
Pages 1408-1413
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb261_gml

A plasmid expression system for quantitative in vivo biotinylation of thioredoxin fusion proteins in Escherichia coli
Paul A. Smith, Brian C. Tripp, Elizabeth A. DiBlasio-Smith, Zhijian Lu, Edward R. LaVallie and John M. McCoy
Pages 1414-1420
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb264_gml

Survey of four different photoreactive moieties for DNA photoaffinity labeling of yeast RNA polymerase III transcription complexes
Jennifer J. Tate, Jim Persinger and Blaine Bartholomew
Pages 1421-1426
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb277_gml

Temporally and spatially regulated somatic mutagenesis in mice
Frieder Schwenk, Ralf Kuhn, Pierre-Olivier Angrand, Klaus Rajewsky and A. Francis Stewart
Pages 1427-1432
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb254_gml

NF- [kappa]B mediated transcriptional activation is enhanced by the architectural factor HMGI-C
Fiamma Mantovani, Sonia Covaceuszach, Alessandra Rustighi, Riccardo Sgarra, Carol Heath, Graham H. Goodwin and Guidalberto Manfioletti
Pages 1433-1439
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb271_gml

A simulation of subtractive hybridization
Tae-Ju Cho and Sang-Soo Park
Pages 1440-1448
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb212_gml

Regulation of expression of nuclear and mitochondrial forms of human uracil-DNA glycosylase
Terje Haug, Frank Skorpen, Per Arne Aas, Veslemoy Malm, Camilla Skjelbred and Hans E. Krokan
Pages 1449-1457
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb255_gml

Direct amplification of length polymorphisms (DALP), or how to get and characterize new genetic markers in many species
E. Desmarais, I. Lanneluc and J. Lagnel
Pages 1458-1465
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb256_gml

Transcription coupled nucleotide excision repair by isolated Escherichia coli membrane-associated nucleoids
Chien-liang Glenn Lin, Oleg Kovalsky and Lawrence Grossman
Pages 1466-1472
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb279_gml

Study of the interaction of DNA with cisplatin and other Pd(II) and Pt(II) complexes by atomic force microscopy
G. Bibiana Onoa, Gemma Cervantes, Virtudes Moreno and M. Jose Prieto
Pages 1473-1480
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb266_gml

A liquid chromatography/electrospray mass spectrometric study on the post-transcriptional modification of tRNA
Hisaaki Taniguchi and Nobuhiro Hayashi
Pages 1481-1486
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb272_gml

Negative regulation of yeast telomerase activity through an interaction with an upstream region of the DNA primer
Neal F. Lue and Yun Peng
Pages 1487-1494
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb269_gml

Species-specific and sequence-specific recognition of the dG-rich strand of telomeres by yeast telomerase
Neal F. Lue and Jinqiang Xia
Pages 1495-1502
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb268_gml

Non-complementary DNA helical structure induced by positive torsional stress
Alexander V. Vologodskii, Xiaoping Yang and Nadrian C. Seeman
Pages 1503-1508
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb253_gml

Conformational properties of DNA strands containing guanine-adenine and thymine-adenine repeats
Michaela Vorlickova, Iva Kejnovska, Jiri Kovanda and Jaroslav Kypr
Pages 1509-1514
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb259_gml

Parallel thermodynamic analysis of duplexes on oligodeoxyribonucleotide microchips
Alexander V. Fotin, Aleksei L. Drobyshev, Dmitri Y. Proudnikov, Alexander N. Perov and Andrei D. Mirzabekov
Pages 1515-1521
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb276_gml

RNase L dimerization in a mammalian two-hybrid system in response to 2 ' ,5 '-oligoadenylates
Sharon Naik, Jayashree M. Paranjape and Robert H. Silverman
Pages 1522-1527
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb278_gml

The yeast telomere length regulator TEL2 encodes a protein that binds to telomeric DNA
Rama S. Kota and Kurt W. Runge
Pages 1528-1535
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb263_gml

The distal elements, OCT and SPH, stimulate the formation of preinitiation complexes on a human U6 snRNA gene promoter in vitro
Gary R. Kunkel and John D. Hixson
Pages 1536-1543
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb267_gml

In vivo mapping of nucleosomes using psoralen-DNA crosslinking and primer extension
Ralf Erik Wellinger and Jose M. Sogo
Pages 1544-1545
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb273_gml

Directed termination PCR: a one-step approach to mutation detection
Junjian Chen and Paul D. N. Hebert
Pages 1546-1547
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb262_gml

Detection of mutations in GC-rich DNA by bisulphite denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis
Per Guldberg, Kirsten Gronbak, Anni Aggerholm, Anton Platz, Per thor Straten, Vibeke Ahrenkiel, Peter Hokland and Jesper Zeuthen
Pages 1548-1549
Document ID = NAR_26_06_gkb274_gml

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