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  Arthur Bergen: LITE: Table of Contents NAR  

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Subject: LITE: Table of Contents NAR
From: Arthur Bergen <a.bergen@ioi.knaw.nl>
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 15:31:37 MET
Organization: ioi.knaw.nl
Priority: normal

Nucleic Acids Research - Table of Contents
Volume 26, January - December 1998: Issue 07 -
URL: http:/www.oup.co.uk/nar/Volume_26/Issue_07/

SURVEY AND SUMMARY: Interaction of Ku protein and DNA-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit with nucleic acids
William S. Dynan and Sunghan Yoo
Pages 1551-1559
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb289_gml

Recognition and manipulation of branched DNA by the RusA Holliday junction resolvase of Escherichia coli
Sau N. Chan, Simon D. Vincent and Robert G. Lloyd
Pages 1560-1566
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb319_gml

Selecting optimal oligonucleotide composition for maximal antisense effect following streptolysin O-mediated delivery into human leukaemia cells
R. V. Giles, D. G. Spiller, J. Grzybowski, R. E. Clark, P. Nicklin and D. M. Tidd
Pages 1567-1575
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb320_gml

SnoRNA-guided ribose methylation of rRNA: structural features of the guide RNA duplex influencing the extent of the reaction
Jerome Cavaille and Jean-Pierre Bachellerie
Pages 1576-1587
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb281_gml

Mechanisms of DNA damage by chromium(V) carcinogens
Rathindra N. Bose, B. Stephen Fonkeng, Shadi Moghaddas and Diane Stroup
Pages 1588-1596
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb303_gml

Drosophila clipper/CPSF 30K is a post-transcriptionally regulated nuclear protein that binds RNA containing GC clusters
Chunyang Bai and Peter P. Tolias
Pages 1597-1604
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb304_gml

A conserved structural element in horse and mouse IGF2 genes binds a methylation sensitive factor
Kerstin Otte, Devapriya Choudhury, Marika Charalambous, Wilhelm Engstrom and Bjorn Rozell
Pages 1605-1612
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb317_gml

Purification, characterization and molecular cloning of TGP1, a novel G-DNA binding protein from Tetrahymena thermophila
Quan Lu, Ted Schierer, Sang-Gu Kang and Eric Henderson
Pages 1613-1620
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb313_gml

Identification of stress-responsive genes in Caenorhabditis elegans using RT-PCR differential display
Wilson N. Tawe, Marie-Luise Eschbach, Rolf D. Walter and Kimberly Henkle-Duhrsen
Pages 1621-1627
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb282_gml

Consensus-degenerate hybrid oligonucleotide primers for amplification of distantly related sequences
Timothy M. Rose, Emily R. Schultz, Jorja G. Henikoff, Shmuel Pietrokovski, Claire M. McCallum, Steven Henikoff
Pages 1628-1635
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb321_gml

The presence of modified nucleotides is required for cloverleaf folding of a human mitochondrial tRNA
Mark Helm, Herve Brule, Francoise Degoul, Claude Cepanec, Jean-Paul Leroux, Richard Giege, Catherine Florentz
Pages 1636-1643
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb283_gml

Apolipoprotein B RNA sequence 3[prime] of the mooring sequence and cellular sources of auxiliary factors determine the location and extent of promiscuous editing
Mark P. Sowden, Matthew J. Eagleton, Harold C. Smith
Pages 1644-1652
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb301_gml

Isolation of novel human and mouse genes of the recA/RAD51 recombination-repair gene family
Richard Cartwright, Alison M. Dunn, Paul J. Simpson, Cathryn E. Tambini, John Thacker
Pages 1653-1659
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb308_gml

DNA minor groove recognition by a tetrahydropyrimidinium analogue of Hoechst 33258: NMR and molecular dynamics studies of the complex with d(GGTAATTACC)2
Clare E. Bostock-Smith, Charles A. Laughton, Mark S. Searle
Pages 1660-1667
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb297_gml

Sequence specific interaction of Mycobacterium smegmatis topoisomerase I with duplex DNA
Tisha Bhaduri, Devanjan Sikder, Valakunja Nagaraja
Pages 1668-1674
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb305_gml

Dimerization of the testis brain RNA-binding protein (translin) is mediated through its C-terminus and is required for DNA- and RNA-binding
Xin-Qi Wu, Lihui Xu, Norman B. Hecht
Pages 1675-1680
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb292_gml

Mutational analysis of p50E4F suggests that DNA binding activity is mediated through an alternative structure in a zinc finger domain that is regulated by phosphorylation
Robert J. Rooney, Kristen Rothammer, Elma R. Fernandes
Pages 1681-1688
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb291_gml

Modelling the secondary structures of slippage-prone hypervariable RNA regions: the example of the tiger beetle 18S rRNA variable region V4
John M. Hancock, Alfried P. Vogler,2
Pages 1689-1699
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb295_gml

Isolation and characterization of a human cDNA for mRNA 5[prime]-capping enzyme
Toshiko Yamada-Okabe, Rikuo Doi, Osamu Shimmi, Mikio Arisawa, Hisafumi Yamada-Okabe
Pages 1700-1706
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb306_gml

Escherichia coli RNA and DNA polymerase bypass of dihydrouracil: mutagenic potential via transcription and replication
Jiang Liu, Paul W. Doetsch
Pages 1707-1712
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb288_gml

The processivity of DNA synthesis exhibited by drug-resistant variants of human immunodeficiency virus type-1 reverse transcriptase
Orna Avidan, Amnon Hizi
Pages 1713-1717
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb294_gml

Baculovirus surface display: construction and screening of a eukaryotic epitope library
Wolfgang Ernst, Reingard Grabherr, Daniela Wegner, Nicole Borth, Andreas Grassauer, Hermann Katinger
Pages 1718-1723
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb312_gml

Signal-dependent degradation of I[kappa]B[alpha] is mediated by an inducible destruction box that can be transferred to NF-[kappa]B, Bcl-3 or p53
F. Gregory Wulczyn, Daniel Krappmann, Claus Scheidereit
Pages 1724-1730
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb280_gml

Sequence-specific DNA recognition by the Myb-like domain of the human telomere binding protein TRF1: a model for the protein-DNA complex
Peter Konig, Louise Fairall, Daniela Rhodes
Pages 1731-1740
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb284_gml

Non-canonical inteins
Alexander E. Gorbalenya
Pages 1741-1748
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb298_gml

The joining of blunt DNA ends to 3[prime]-protruding single strands in Escherichia coli
Jeff King, Cecilia Fairley, William Morgan
Pages 1749-1754
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb314_gml

An RNA aptamer to the xanthine/guanine base with a distinctive mode of purine recognition
Daisuke Kiga, Yasuhiro Futamura, Kensaku Sakamoto, Shigeyuki Yokoyama
Pages 1755-1760
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb307_gml

E1A represses apolipoprotein AI enhancer activity in liver cells through a pRb- and CBP-independent pathway
Edward J. Kilbourne, Mark J. Evans, Sotirios K. Karathanasis
Pages 1761-1768
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb287_gml

Specific tandem GG to TT base substitutions induced by acetaldehyde are due to intra-strand crosslinks between adjacent guanine bases
Tomonari Matsuda, Masanobu Kawanishi, Takashi Yagi, Saburo Matsui, Hiraku Takebe
Pages 1769-1774
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb300_gml

Characterization of a novel trypanosomatid small nucleolar RNA
Alexander  Levitan, Yu-xin  Xu, Claudia Ben-Dov, Herzel Ben-Shlomo, Yafei Zhang, Shulamit Michaeli
Pages 1775-1783
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb318_gml

Overlapping RNA and DNA binding domains of the wt1 tumor suppressor gene product
Nabeel Bardeesy, Jerry Pelletier
Pages 1784-1792
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb290_gml

Cruciform-extruding regulatory element controls cell-specific activity of the tyrosine hydroxylase gene promoter
Ella L. Kim, Hu Peng, Frederico M. Esparza, Sergei Z. Maltchenko,  Michal K. Stachowiak
Pages 1793-1800
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb315_gml

Correct usage of multiple transcription initiation sites and C/EBP-dependent transcription activation of the rat XDH/XO TATA-less promoter requires downstream elements located in the coding region ofMelissa P. Clark, Chi-Wing Chow, Jean E. Rinaldo, Rog
Pages 1801-1806
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb316_gml

Terminal transferase-dependent PCR: a versatile and sensitive method for in vivo footprinting and detection of DNA adducts
Jun-ichiro Komura, Arthur D. Riggs
Pages 1807-1811
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb299_gml

Positional cloning without a genome map: using `Targeted RFLP Subtraction' to isolate dense markers tightly linked to the regA locus of Volvox carteri
J. Corrette-Bennett, M. Rosenberg, M. Przybylska, E. Ananiev, D. Straus
Pages 1812-1818
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb285_gml

Stimulation and suppression of PCR-mediated recombination
Michael S. B. Judo, Andrew B. Wedel, Charles Wilson
Pages 1819-1825
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb293_gml

Position-independent expression of a human nerve growth factor-luciferase reporter gene cloned on a yeast artificial chromosome vector
Fred A. M. Asselbergs, Rita Grossenbacher, Rainer Ortmann, Bastian Hengerer, Gary K. McMaster, Esther Sutter, Roland Widmer , Frank Buxton
Pages 1826-1833
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb296_gml

A common 40 amino acid motif in eukaryotic RNases H1 and caulimovirus ORF VI proteins binds to duplex RNAs
Susana M. Cerritelli, Oleg Y. Fedoroff, Brian R. Reid, Robert J. Crouch
Pages 1834-1840
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb286_gml

Interaction between the N-terminus of human topoisomerase I and SV40 large T antigen
Paul Haluska Jr, Ahamed Saleem, Troy K. Edwards, Eric H. Rubin
Pages 1841-1847
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb302_gml

An improved PCR-mutagenesis strategy for two-site mutagenesis or sequence swapping between related genes
Ralf D. Kirsch, Etienne Joly
Pages 1848-1850
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb309_gml

Intramolecular derivatization of 2[prime]-amino-pyrimidine modified RNA with functional groups that is compatible with re-amplification
Marian J. Kujau, Stefan Wolfl
Pages 1851-1853
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb311_gml

Inosine 5[prime]-triphosphate can dramatically increase the yield of NASBA products targeting GC-rich and intramolecular base-paired viroid RNA
Kenji Nakahara, Tatsuji Hataya, Ichiro Uyeda
Pages 1854-1856
Document ID = nar_26_07_gkb310_gml

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