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  Arthur Bergen: LITE: (pre-)print-services  

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Subject: LITE: (pre-)print-services
From: Arthur Bergen <a.bergen@ioi.knaw.nl>
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 11:29:11 MET
Organization: ioi.knaw.nl
Priority: normal

Dear HUM-MOLGENeticist,

this message contains
1) Notification of replies to (pre-)printservices editorial/survey
2) New LITErature service: information about (pre-)prints

A number of  reponses to our inviting editorial :
"preprint-services/open peer review" have been selected and published
on the HUM-MOLGEN WWW, and can be directly found at:


(OTHER documents section)
We may accept additional responses (to: HUM-MOLGEN@nic.surfnet.nl)
for another two days.


Given the overwhelming support in our survey for "moderated
preprint-services", and the succes of pre-print archives in other
fields of science, we will, from now on, accept "pre-prints" :
that is: (letters/A4/abstracts) or comprehensive reviews only:

These simple rules will be followed:

1) Text (A4 abstracts/letters or comprehense reviews only) can be
send to HUM-MOLGEN@nic.surfnet.nl, as you are used to.
2) Please indicated in the subject of your message LITE: preprint
3) Low-key moderation will be employed similar as you are used to on
4) Preprints will be published on the HUM-MOLGEN WWW.
5) Titles will be forwarded once a month on HUM-MOLGEN E-mail.
6) The preprints can or will be auto-deleted on a pre-indicated date,
(f.i. date of copyright-transfer) if needed/neccesary
7) contributions can be searched and directly viewed at the central
HUM-MOLGEN documents page:

The current service gives you the opportunity to show your work
directly to over 5000 colleague-subscribers, and will be implemented
for at least six months. The project will be continued after that, if
proven succesfull.

The current project is supported in part by the Dutch Institute
for Innovative Scientific Information Exchange IWI

Arthur Bergen
LITE editor

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