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  Arthur Bergen: BIOT: for March  

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Subject: BIOT: for March
From: Arthur Bergen <a.bergen@ioi.knaw.nl>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 07:44:32 MET
Organization: Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute
Priority: normal

New BIOTs!

The BIOT section is open for requests and offers of information regarding
molecular biology and molecular genetics (protocols, techniques, products,
collaboration, etc.).

You can reach over 5500 of your colleagues, and on average you may expect up to
twenty replies to a single message. This service is absolutely FREE of charge.
Help yourself by helping your colleagues!

- Please send high quality messages only, including full name, address and
- Please use the appropriate TOPIC subject heading in your message.
- Please state non-trivial questions only.
- Please reply by private E-mail only, unless your request is of general
interest to the entire HUM-MOLGEN community.
- Messages may be refused without further notification.

Edward Wilcox
Trevor M. D'Souza

(BIOT editors)

This BIOT message contains:

[1] How can I show DNA-protein interaction?
[2] Where can I find basic information about the BRAC1/2 gene?
[3] Information about NetPrimer: Free Primer Analysis on the Internet.
[4] I need information on genetic engineering for a high school research paper.
[5] Where can I get scientific literature on the role of genetic engineering in
    sports science?
[6] I am looking for information on Zeolite coupled with oxides used as an
    inorganic catalyst for medical purposes.
[7] Is there any improved method for in situ hybridization?
[8] I need information for a research paper on germline or designer babies.



How can I identify whether a protein is able to interact with DNA?

Dr Liu YP
Beijing Biotechnology Institute,
Beijing China
E-mail: l.yi@MAILCITY.COM


I am a 15-year old.  I am writing a research paper of the technicalities of the
actual testing for the BRAC1/2 genes.  I have been reading a lot about it but
everything is too hard to understand.  Could you please send me the basics?

Sara, Ithaca NY
E-mail: slustick@TWCNY.RR.COM

Dear Editor,

We would like to tell your membership of a new FREE resource on the Internet,
NetPrimer, which we believe is the most comprehensive primer pair analysis
program available on the Internet. Here is additional information:

NetPrimer is a web-based program that analyzes individual or pairs of primers.
It is available free of charge. The program combines the latest primer design
algorithms with an intuitive interface allowing the user to quickly analyze
primers.  Primers are analyzed for melting temperature using the nearest
neighbor thermodynamic theory to ensure accurate Tm prediction. Primers are
analyzed for all secondary structures including hairpins, self-dimers, and
cross-dimers in primer pairs. This analysis ensures the availability of the
primer for the reaction as well as minimizing the formation of primer
dimer. The
program eases quantitation of primers by calculating primer molecular
weight and
optical activity. To facilitate the selection of an optimal primer, each primer
is given a rating based on the stability of its secondary structures. Extensive
help including algorithms and formulae used is available online. A complete
analysis report can be printed for individual primers or primer pairs.

Please take a look at NetPrimer by visiting:

Looking forward to a reply from you,

Kay Brown

PREMIER Biosoft International
Developers of Intuitive Software for the Molecular Biologist

3786 Corina Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303-4504
Tel: 650-856-2703; Fax: 650-843-1250

Web: http://www.PremierBiosoft.com
E-mail: kbrown@PremierBiosoft.com

Dear Sir:

I need general information on genetic engineering for a research paper.
Could you please send me some or give me an address where I can write for some?


Jill Lemoine
E-mail: JLEMO64164@AOL.COM

Dear Sirs/Madams:

My name is Christian Di Zio and I am doing my honours degree at the University
of the Witwatersrand in Gauteng, South Africa. I have recently become very
interested in the field of human biotechnology/genetic engineering. I was lucky
enough to be chosen to do my theoretical project on the subject of: "Does
genetic engineering have a justifiable role to play in sports science?" One
month after an intensive literary research it has become apparent to me that
very little has been speculated on the subject! This leaves me with quite a big
problem. My report is due in two weeks and I have really battled to find a
substantial amount of literature. I would be eternally indebted to you if you
could please reply to this mail with any information or opinions you have on
this subject. Any type of reply; e.g. Internet sites, journal articles (or
references), opinions on the ethical or physiological role of genetic
engineering in sports science, or even other e-mail addresses to which I can
apply to; would suffice.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Christian Di Zio
Department of Physiology
University of the Witwatersrand

E-mail: christian_di_zio@hotmail.com  OR  phslcri@chiron.wits.ac.za

Hi, My name is Syed Ameeruddin. I am looking for information on Zeolite coupled
with Pt or other oxide used as an inorganic catalyst for medical purposes.

My email address is:

Is there any improved method for in situ hybridization using very small
(20-100bp) sequences inserted in plasmid for (FISH)?

Bharati Hukku

E-mail: bhukku@yahoo.com

I am writing a research paper on germline or designer babies and I am
hoping for
some helpful information. Please get in touch with any additional information.


Erika Reimerdes
E-mail: ereimerd@bu.edu


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