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  Frank S. Zollmann: New HUM-MOLGEN homepage at http://hum-molgen.de  

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Subject: New HUM-MOLGEN homepage at http://hum-molgen.de
From: "Frank S. Zollmann" <zoll@ovid.ukbf.fu-berlin.de>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 21:01:03 +0100

Dear HUM-MOLGENeticists,

the updated homepage of HUM-MOLGEN - Your International Communication Forum
in Human Genetics  moved to the new address


Since 1994 we focus on almost instantaneous interactive communication
between individuals, institutions, companies and clinicians working in the
field of Human Genetics. At this time (November '99), more than 5,500
subscribers and 40,000 WWW users from 80 countries participate at our

To further improve our www site we are interested in your feedback at
http://www.hum-molgen.de/bb/Forum9/HTML/000001.html. Thanks for your help.

We are looking forward to your participation in this forum.

Kai Garlipp & Frank S. Zollmann
(on behalf of HUM-MOLGEN Editors)



international communication forum in human genetics

bridging the gap between bioscience and medicine

             discussion forum:

             Biotechnical requests and sources
             Requests conc. spec. protocols, ...

             DIAGnostics - Clinical Research (professional requests)
             Requests from researchers regarding general information on
             diseases/ treatments,  collaborative studies, laboratories
performing certain
             molecular tests

             DIAGnostics - Clinical Research (patient requests)
             Requests are doubly moderated; thus the reply must go through
             editorial board

             Ethical, legal and social implications
             Discussions conc. the ethical, legal and social implications
of the Human
             Genome Project

             Internet resources in Human Genetics
             Announcements of new Internet sources for the scientific

             Literature for Human Geneticists & Biomedical Journals
             Recent and historical books, announcements of new and direct
links to
             important journals

             News (academic & non-academic)
             Recent developments in human genetics and molecular biology,
             opportunities, press releases of biotech companies

             Open Topic Forum / Special offers
             missing sources, feedback / free samples, reduced offers etc.

             further services:

             Biolinks & Databases
             Important biomedical resources, incl. catalog of human genes
and genetic
             disorders (OMIM) and Medline (PubMed)

             Biomedical companies
             Registry of biotechnological and medical companies (>1.110)

             Events in Bioscience and Medicine
             Searchable database of upcoming exhibitions and events

             Positions in Bioscience and Medicine
             Central resource for employment in Genetics and Biotechnology

             Somatic Mutation Analysis Database and Laboratory Registry

             HUM-MOLGEN / about us:

             HUM-MOLGEN Mailing list & WWW
             HUM-MOLGEN is a moderated communication service in Human genetics
             providing the opportunity to communicate with scientists,
physicians and
             other genetics professionals worldwide.


  |   Frank S. Zollmann
  |   HUM-MOLGEN - International Communication Forum in Human Genetics
  |     Phone/SMS/Fax:  +49 177 318-0146
  |     E-mail:         Zollmann@hum-molgen.de, zollmann@medizin.fu-berlin.de

  |     PGP:            available

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