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  Frank S. Zollmann: LITE: GENOMICS Contents, Volume 27, Number 3, June 10, 1995  

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To: Multiple recipients of list HUM-MOLGEN <HUM-MOLGEN@NIC.SURFNET.NL>
Subject: LITE: GENOMICS Contents, Volume 27, Number 3, June 10, 1995
From: "Frank S. Zollmann" <zollmann.1@osu.edu>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 1995 02:53:15 -0400


    International Journal for Analyses of the Human and Other Genomes

    Victor A. McKusick
    The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

    Raju S. Kucherlapati
    Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, New York

    Frank H. Ruddle
    Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

    GENOMICS emphasizes the integration of basic and applied research
    in human and comparative gene mapping, molecular cloning,
    large-scale restriction mapping, and DNA sequencing and
    computational analysis. The journal provides a common meeting
    ground for those involved in molecular biology and genetics.
    Technologic and methodologic advances in genomic analysis and
    interpretation are described, and analyses of the human genome in
    hereditary and neoplastic diseases are reported. Full-length
    articles, short communications, brief reports, and reviews are
    included. In addition, GENOMICS promotes efficient communication
    with the major genetic databases.

    Research Areas Include: Chromosomal assignments of genes and DNA
    fragments by Mendelian and physical mapping approaches; Reports of
    nucleic acid sequences of cloned genes and other interesting
    portions of a genome; Descriptions of distributions of gene
    families and genes that share nucleic acid or amino acid sequence
    domains; Comparative analyses of genomes to yield structural,
    functional, or evolutionary insights;
    Patterns of genome organization that provide insights into gene
    regulation and development; Methods for large-scale genomic
    cloning, restriction mapping, and DNA sequencing; Computational
    methods and descriptions of algorithms for the manipulation of DNA
    and protein sequence data; Analyses of genetic linkage data in
    pursuit of information on inherited disorders; Development of
    experimental, computational, and database management techniques of
    broad applicability in genome research.

    Database coverage includes Biological Abstracts (BIOSIS), Current
    Contents/Life Sciences, Genetics Abstracts, Index Medicus
    (MEDLINE), and Science Citation Index.


    Volume 27, Number 3, June 10, 1995


    D Smith; Y Zhu; J Zhang; J Cheng; E Rubin

    Construction of a Panel of Transgenic Mice Containing a Contiguous 2-Mb
    Set of YAC/P1 Clones from Human Chromosome 21q22.2


    H Chen; I Thalmann; J Adams; K Avraham, N Copeland; N Jenkins; D Beier;
    D Corey; R Thalmann, G Duyk

    cDNA Cloning, Tissue Distribution, and Chromosomal Localization of
    Ocp2, a Gene Encoding a Putative Transcription-Associated Factor
    Predominantly Expressed in the Auditory Organs

    M Bozza; L Kolakowski Jr; N Jenkins, D Gilbert; N Copeland, J David, C

    Structural Characterization and Chromosomal Location of the Mouse
    Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor Gene and Pseudogenes

    S Chakravarti; R Stallings; N SundarRaj; P Cornuet; J Hassell

    Primary Structure of Human Lumican (Keratan Sulfate Proteoglycan) and
    Localization of the Gene (LUM) to Chromosome 12q21.3-q22

    M Saijo; Y Sakai; T Kishino; N Niikawa; Y Matsuura; K Morino; K Tamai;
    Y Taya

    Molecular Cloning of a Human Protein That Binds to the Retinoblastoma
    Protein and Chromosomal Mapping

    M El-Maghrabi; A Lange; W Jiang; K Yamagata; M Stoffel; J Takeda; A
    Fernald; M Le Beau; G Bell; L Baker; S Pilkis

    Human Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphatase Gene (FBP1): Exon-Intron
    Organization, Localization to Chromosome Bands 9q22.2-q22.3, and
    Mutation Screening in Subjects with Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphatase

    K Bloch; J Wolfram; D Brown; J Roberts, Jr; D Zapol; J Lepore; G
    Filippov, J Thomas; H Jacob; D Bloch

    Short Communication:  Three Members of the Nitric Oxide Synthase II
    Gene Family (NOS2A, NOS2B, and NOS2C) Colocalize to Human Chromosome 17

    L Erikson; N Maeda

    Short Communication:  A New Family of Retroviral Long Terminal Repeat
    Elements in the Human Genome Identified by Their Homologies to an
    Element 5' to the Spider Monkey Haptoglobin Gene

    I Yulug; A Yulug; E Fisher

    Short Communication:  The Frequency and Position of Alu Repeats in
    cDNAs, as Determined by Database Searching

    K Harder; J Saw; N Miki; F Jirik

    Brief Report:  Coexisting Amplifications of the Chromosome 1p32 Genes
    (PTPRF and MYCL1) Encoding Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase LAR and L-myc
    in a Small Cell Lung Cancer Line


    L Xu; C Sterner; M Maheshwar; P Wilson; M Nellist; P Short; J Haines; J
    Sampson; V Ramesh

    Alternative Splicing of the Tuberous Sclerosis 2 (TSC2) Gene in Human
    and Mouse Tissues

    D Hunt; J Cowing; R Patel; B Appukuttan; J Bowmaker; J Mollon

    Short Communication:  Sequence and Evolution of the Blue Cone Pigment
    Gene in Old and New World Primates


    S Miyazaki; C Kozak; A Marchetti; F Buttitta; D Gallahan; R Callahan

    The Chomosomal Location of the Mouse Mammary Tumor Gene Int6 and
    Related Pseudogenes in the Mouse Genome

    A Scalzo; P Lyons; N Fitzgerald; C Forbes; W Yokoyama; G Shellam

    Genetic Mapping of Cmv1 in the Region of Mouse Chromosome 6 Encoding
    the NK Gene Complex-Associated Loci LY49 and musNKR-P1

    J Suh;l T Yamanishi; K Matsui; K Tanaka; K Wada

    Short Communication:  Mapping of the Gracile Axonal Dystropohy (gad)
    Gene to a Region between D5Mit197 and D5Mit113 on Proximal Mouse
    Chromosome 5


    L Hawthorne; J Cowell

    Integration of the Physical and Genetic Linkage Map for Human
    Chromosome 13

    B Holdener; J Thomas; A Schumacher; M Potter; E Rinchik; S Sharan; T

    Physical Localization of eed: A Region of Mouse Chromosome 7 Required
    for Gastrulation

    N Pollet; S Dhorne-Pollet; J Deleueze; C Boccaccio; C Driancourt; N
    Raynaud; D Paslier; M Hadchouel; M Meunier-Rotival

    Construction of a 3.7-Mb Physical Map within Human Chromosome 20p12
    Ordering 18 Markers in the Alagille Syndrome Locus

    S Washington; J Farr; B Thiel; T Matise; J Weissenbach; A Chakaravarti;
    C Richard III

    A Radiation Hybrid Map of 95 STSs Spanning Human Chromosome 13q

    C Philippe; C Arnould; F Sloan; H van Bokhoven; S van der Velde-Visser;
    M Chery; H Hilger Ropers; S Gilgenkrantz; A Monaco; F Cremers

    Short Communication:  A High-Resolution Interval Map of the q21 Region
    of the Human X Chromosome

    E Raimondi; M Romanelli; D Moralli; C Gamberi; M Russo; C Morandi

    Brief Report:  Assignment of the Human Gene Encoding Heterogeneous
    Nuclear RNA Ribonucleoprotein I (PTB) to Chromosome 14q23-q24.1

    V Tiranti; E Rossi; M Rocchi; S DiDonato; O Zuffardi; M Zeviani

    Brief Report:  The Gene (NFE2L1) for Human NRF-1, an Activator Involved
    in Nuclear-Mitochondrial Interactions, Maps to 7q32

    A van der Wijngaard; D Weghuis; C Boersma; E van Zoelen; A van Kessel;
    W Olijve

    Brief Report:  Fine Mapping of the Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-4
    Gene (BMP4) to Chromosome 14q22-q23 by in Situ Hybridization


    D FitzPatrick; E Germain-Lee; D Valle

    Isolation and Characterization of Rat and Human cDNAs Encoding a Novel
    Putative Peroxisomal EnoylCoA Hydratase

    P Radice; D Perotti; V De Bendetti; P Mondini; M Radice; S Pilotti; R
    Luksch; F Bellani; M Pierotti

    Allelotyping in Wilms Tumors Identifies a Putative Third Tumor
    Suppressor Gene on Chromosome 11


    F Del Gatto; R Breathnach

    Brief Report:  A Crouzon Syndrome Synonymous Mutation Activates a 5'
    Splice Site within the IIIC Exon of the FGFR2 Gene


    C Kozak; M Adamson; C Buckler; L Segovia; V Paralkar; G Wistow

    Genomic Cloning of Mouse MIF (Macrophage Inhibitory Factor) and Genetic
    Mapping of the Human and Mouse Expressed Gene and Nine Mouse

    G Elgar; F Rattray; J Greystrong; S Brenner

    Genomic Structure and Nucleotide Sequence of the p55 Gene of the Puffer
    Fish Fugu rubripes

    S Solinas-Toldo; C Lengauer; R Fries

    Comparative Genome Map of Human and Cattle



    The Subject Index for Volume 27 will appear in the December 10, 1995
    issue as part of a cumulative index for the year 1995.


    GENOMICS: International Journal for Analyses of the Human and Other

    Volumes 25-30 (1995), 18 issues (including annual subject index)

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