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  Hans Goerl: ETHI: three messages  

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To: Multiple recipients of list HUM-MOLGEN <HUM-MOLGEN@NIC.SURFNET.NL>
Subject: ETHI: three messages
From: Hans Goerl <GENETHICS@delphi.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 16:29:26 -0500

1. ETHI: Patent Query
>In a recent article on apolipoprotein E genotypes and Alzheimer disease
>a footnote mentioned a group at Duke has applied for a patent on using
>apo E genotyping for diagnosis or prognosis. The recent Nature Genetics
>paper on the hemochromatosis gene mentioned that Mercator Genetics has
>applied for a patent on the gene sequence used for diagnosis.
>Can anyone point me towards resources that explain what another lab is
>legally allowed to do to replicate and use this published information?
>Is it legal to use ASO hybridization and/or sequence analysis of a
>reported mutation to make a diagnosis?  We have been using apo E
>genotyping to predict the risk of coronary artery disease - would this
>infringe on a patent on a process for predicting Alzheimer disease?
>Chris Friedrich, M.D., Ph.D.
>Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Medical Genetics
>University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine


2. ETHI: Physician Education

> From: Judith M King <jking@WORLD.STD.COM>

> I am looking for any data that has been collected on the following:
>         genetic education of primary care physicians and the general
>         public
>         general public's perception of genetics and genetic testing
>         primary care physicians' understanding of genetics and genetic
>         testing
> Info to be used for educational purposes.  All information is welcome.
> Thanks.

> Judith King                                     PHONE:  508-872-8400 X2513
> Education/Communications                        FAX:    508-872-5663
> Genzyme Genetics

3. ETHI: Task Force Meeting


     Notice is hereby given of the fourth meeting of the Task Force on
Genetic Testing of the National Institutes of Health-Department of Energy
Joint Working Group on the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Human
Genome Research (ELSI Working Group) on Tuesday, September 24, 1996, 1:00
p.m. to recess; Wednesday, September 25, 1996, 7:30 a.m. to adjournment, at
the Clarion Hotel at Mount Vernon Square, 612 Cathedral Street, Baltimore,
Maryland, (410) 272-7101.

     Contact Person:  Neil Holtzman, M.D., M.P.H., Genetics and Public
Policy Studies, The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, 550 North Broadway,
Suite 511, Baltimore, Maryland 21205 (410) 955-7894.

     The Task Force has developed Interim Principles primarily regarding
scientific validation of new tests; laboratory quality; and education,
counseling, and delivery.  At this meeting, the Task Force will continue its
 consideration of recommendations to implement the Interim Principles, as

well as revisions to the Interim Principles.  The Interim Principles are
available on the World Wide Web at:

     Individuals who plan to attend and need special assistance, such as
sign language interpretation or other reasonable accommodations, should
contact Dr. Holtzman in advance of the meeting.

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