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  Frank S. Zollmann: NEWS: Human Genome News / January 1998; Volume 9, Number 1 & 2  

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Subject: NEWS: Human Genome News / January 1998; Volume 9, Number 1 & 2
From: "Frank S. Zollmann" <Frank.Zollmann@rz.uni-rostock.de>
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 00:44:06 +0100

Human Genome News  Volume 9, Numbers 1 & 2 is up on the web at:


In This Issue...

Genome News

       Groups Coordinate Gene Sequencing
            cDNA Support in the United States
            I.M.A.G.E. Consortium Aiding Rapid Development of Human Gene
            Fast-Forwarding Through the Genome with cDNAs
       Genome Resources Help Scientists Explore Life-Environment Interactions
       HGP FAQs, contributed by Dan Drell
       GDB to Cease Operations
       JGI Sequencing Facility Progressing
       Anticipated Benefits of Genome Research
       Team Completes HGP Milestone: Human Chromosome 7 Map
       Large Insert Cloning Vectors Aid Function Studies
       WEB HGN Bonus: Table on Large DNA Cloning Systems
       Complete E. coli Genome Sequence in Public Databases
       Table of Completed Genomes
       New HGP Spinoff Program to Study Genes for
       Environmental Risk
       Genetic Privacy Task Force Hears Testimony
       Report from CME Genetics Conference for Physicians
       Coalition Promotes Genetic Education Among Healthcare Professionals
       HuGEM to Educate Health Professionals in Genetics
       CF Genetic-Testing Panel Emphasizes Education
       Task Force Reports on Genetic Testing
       Legislation Sought Against Gene Bias
       McKusick Receives Lasker Award
       Lyme Disease Bacterium Genome Sequenced
       Cloning: From DNA Molecules to Dolly
       LLNL and Onyx Collaborate on Proteome Project
       DOE Genome Researchers Win R&D Awards
       Hollaender Fellows Named
       TIGR Terminates Relationship, Releases Data
       HGP: Reaching Maryland's Minority Communities
            Editor's Note: "Reference" Genome to Contain Basic Set of Genes
       Workshop Focuses on Sequence Annotation

Web Sites

        The Gene Letter on Web
       E. coli Web Site
       Web Sites for Microbial Sequence Data
       Natural History of Genes Web Site Introduced
       ExPASy Web Server
       Bermuda Sequencing Strategy Report on Web
       WebSite for DOE Santa Fe Meeting Proceedings
       50th Anniversary BER Exhibits Available on Web
       Gene Sequence Analysis Tool Available on Web


       U.S. Genome Research Funding
       Merck Genome Research Institute Accepting Proposals

Information Resources

        Judges' Journal Features DNA and Courts
        Helix Directory Lists Testing Laboratories
        New Journal: Genetic Testing
        CSHL Publishes Book on Integrating Genetics, Medicine
        A Question of Genes: Inherited Risks
        PBS Special
        New MIM Edition
        New Book: Genetic Secrets: Protecting Privacy and
            Confidentiality in the Genetic Era
        Special Genome Issues of Your World, Our World
        NSGC Publishes Paper on Predisposition Testing
        Journals Publish Special Genome Issues
        New Publications Available from HGMIS
        SBIR 1997 Human Genome Awards Announced

Betty K. Mansfield, Managing editor, Human Genome News
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
1060 Commerce Park, MS 6480
Oak Ridge, TN  37830
Voice: 423/576-6669     Fax: 423/574-9888
E-mail: bkq@ornl.gov    http://www.ornl.gov/hgmis
http://www.ornl.gov/meetings   http://www.ornl.gov/courts
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Energy Human Genome Program


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  |   University of Rostock / Free University Berlin  - Germany        |
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  |                 Zollmann@medizin.fu-berlin.de                      |
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