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  Arthur Bergen: LITE: EMBO Table of Contents: 17 (4)  

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Subject: LITE: EMBO Table of Contents: 17 (4)
From: Arthur Bergen <a.bergen@ioi.knaw.nl>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 09:12:38 MET
Organization: ioi.knaw.nl
Priority: normal

 The EMBO Journal, Volume 17, Issue 4,
 dated Feb 1998, is now available at:


A plain-text copy of the table of contents has been appended below.

The EMBO Journal
Current Table of Contents: Feb 15 1998;  17 (4)


 The PsaC subunit of photosystem I provides an essential lysine
 residue for fast electron transfer to ferredoxin
        Nicolas Fischer, Michael Hippler, Pierre Setif,
        Jean-Pierre Jacquot, Jean-David Rochaix
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 849-858

 A dynamin-like protein in Arabidopsis thaliana is involved in
 biogenesis of thylakoid membranes
        Jeong Mee Park, Ja Hyang Cho, Shin Gene Kang, Hyun Jung
        Jang, Kyeong Tae Pih, Hai Lan Piao, Moo Je Cho, Inhwan
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 859-867

 Identification of a functional respiratory complex in chloroplasts
 through analysis of tobacco mutants containing disrupted plastid ndh
        Paul A. Burrows, Leonid A. Sazanov, Zora Svab, Pal
        Maliga, Peter J. Nixon
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 868-876

 The first step of glycosylphosphatidylinositol biosynthesis is
 mediated by a complex of PIG-A, PIG-H, PIG-C and GPI1
        Reika Watanabe, Norimitsu Inoue, Barbara Westfall,
        Christopher H. Taron, Peter Orlean, Junji Takeda, Taroh
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 877-885

 Disruption of the kappa -opioid receptor gene in mice enhances
 sensitivity to chemical visceral pain, impairs pharmacological
 actions of the selective kappa -agonist U-50,488H and attenuates
 morphine withdrawal
        Frederic Simonin, Olga Valverde, Claire Smadja, Susan
        Slowe, Ian Kitchen, Andree Dierich, Marianne Le Meur,
        Bernard P. Roques, Rafael Maldonado, Brigitte L. Kieffer
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 886-897

 CFTR Cl- channel and CFTR-associated ATP channel: distinct pores
 regulated by common gates
        Makoto Sugita, Yun Yue, J.Kevin Foskett
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 898-908

 Viral protein R regulates nuclear import of the HIV-1
 pre-integration complex
        Serguei Popov, Michael Rexach, Gabriele Zybarth, Norbert
        Reiling, May-Ann Lee, Lee Ratner, Cynthia M. Lane, Mary
        Shannon Moore, Gunter Blobel, Michael Bukrinsky
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 909-917

 Control of protein splicing by intein fragment reassembly
        Maurice W. Southworth, Eric Adam, Daniel Panne, Robyn
        Byer, Roger Kautz, Francine B. Perler
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 918-926

 The b' domain provides the principal peptide-binding site of protein
 disulfide isomerase but all domains contribute to binding of
 misfolded proteins
        Peter Klappa, Lloyd W. Ruddock, Nigel J. Darby, Robert B.
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 927-935

 The SecB chaperone is involved in the secretion of the Serratia
 marcescens HasA protein through an ABC transporter
        Philippe Delepelaire, Cecile Wandersman
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 936-944

 Proteolytic mapping of kinesin/ncd-microtubule interface:
 nucleotide-dependent conformational changes in the loops L8 and L12
        Maria C. Alonso, Jose van Damme, Joel Vandekerckhove,
        Robert A. Cross
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 945-951

 A novel protein complex promoting formation of functional alpha -
 and gamma -tubulin
        Silke Geissler, Katja Siegers, Elmar Schiebel
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 952-966

 In mouse brain profilin I and profilin II associate with regulators
 of the endocytic pathway and actin assembly
        Walter Witke, Alexander V. Podtelejnikov, Alessia Di
        Nardo, James D. Sutherland, Christine B. Gurniak, Carlos
        Dotti, Matthias Mann
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 967-976

 Synapsin I is structurally similar to ATP-utilizing enzymes
        Lothar Esser, Chyung-Ru Wang, Masahiro Hosaka, Cynthia S.
        Smagula, Thomas C. Sudhof, Johann Deisenhofer
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 977-984

 epsilon -COP is a structural component of coatomer that functions to
 stabilize alpha -COP
        Rainer Duden, Loren Kajikawa, Linda Wuestehube, Randy
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 985-995

 The L3 loop: a structural motif determining specific interactions
 between SMAD proteins and TGF-beta receptors
        Roger S. Lo, Ye-Guang Chen, Yigong Shi, Nikola P.
        Pavletich, Joan Massague
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 996-1005

 IL-10 inhibits macrophage activation and proliferation by distinct
 signaling mechanisms: evidence for Stat3-dependent and -independent
        Anne-Marie O'Farrell, Ying Liu, Kevin W. Moore, Alice
        L.-F. Mui
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 1006-1018

 Role of TAK1 and TAB1 in BMP signaling in early Xenopus development
        Hiroshi Shibuya, Hiroshi Iwata, Norihisa Masuyama, Yukiko
        Gotoh, Kyoko Yamaguchi, Kenji Irie, Kunihiro Matsumoto,
        Eisuke Nishida, Naoto Ueno
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 1019-1028

 The conserved N-terminal BH4 domain of Bcl-2 homologues is essential
 for inhibition of apoptosis and interaction with CED-4
        David C.S. Huang, Jerry M. Adams, Suzanne Cory
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 1029-1039

 Induction of DNA synthesis and apoptosis by regulated inactivation
 of a temperature-sensitive retinoblastoma protein
        Frank Tiemann, Philip W. Hinds
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 1040-1052

 Inhibition of poly(A) polymerase requires p34cdc2/cyclin B
 phosphorylation of multiple consensus and non-consensus sites
        D.F. Colgan, K.G.K. Murthy, W. Zhao, C. Prives, J.L.
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 1053-1062

 Mutations in ccf, a novel Drosophila gene encoding a chromosomal
 factor, affect progression through mitosis and interact with Pc-G
        Laurent Kodjabachian, Michele Delaage, Corinne Maurel,
        Raymond Miassod, Bernard Jacq, Roland Rosset
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 1063-1075

 Regulation of Drosophila Adh promoter switching by an
 initiator-targeted repression mechanism
        Bing Ren, Tom Maniatis
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 1076-1086

 Direct triggering of the type I interferon system by virus
 infection: activation of a transcription factor complex containing
 IRF-3 and CBP/p300
        Mitsutoshi Yoneyama, Wakako Suhara, Yukiko Fukuhara,
        Makoto Fukuda, Eisuke Nishida, Takashi Fujita
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 1087-1095

 The NOT proteins are part of the CCR4 transcriptional complex and
 affect gene expression both positively and negatively
        Hai-Yan Liu, Vasudeo Badarinarayana, Deborah C. Audino,
        Juri Rappsilber, Matthias Mann, Clyde L. Denis
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 1096-1106

 Nup116p and Nup100p are interchangeable through a conserved motif
 which constitutes a docking site for the mRNA transport factor Gle2p
        Susanne M. Bailer, Symeon Siniossoglou, Alexandre
        Podtelejnikov, Andrea Hellwig, Matthias Mann, Ed Hurt
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 1107-1119

 Inosine exists in mRNA at tissue-specific levels and is most
 abundant in brain mRNA
        Michael S. Paul, Brenda L. Bass
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 1120-1127

 Dob1p (Mtr4p) is a putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase required for
 the 3' end formation of 5.8S rRNA in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
        Jesus de la Cruz, Dieter Kressler, David Tollervey,
        Patrick Linder
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 1128-1140

 Evidence for in vivo ribosome recycling, the fourth step in protein
        Laszlo Janosi, Salim Mottagui-Tabar, Leif A. Isaksson,
        Yasuhiko Sekine, Eiichi Ohtsubo, Shijie Zhang, Scarlett
        Goon, Sarah Nelken, Masahiro Shuda, Akira Kaji
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 1141-1151

 A novel specificity for the primer-template pairing requirement in
 Tetrahymena telomerase
        He Wang, David Gilley, Elizabeth H. Blackburn
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 1152-1160

 The function of the secondary DNA-binding site of RecA protein
 during DNA strand exchange
        Alexander V. Mazin, Stephen C. Kowalczykowski
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 1161-1168

 Efficient transposition of IS911 circles in vitro
        B. Ton-Hoang, P. Polard, M. Chandler
        EMBO J. 1998 17 (4): p. 1169-1181

Copyright (c) 1998 by Oxford University Press.
Dr. Arthur A.B. Bergen
Department of Ophthalmogenetics
The Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute (IOI)
Royal Academy of Sciences of the Netherlands (KNAW)

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P.O.Box 12141               (+31)206916521         A.Bergen@IOI.KNAW.NL
1100 AC  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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