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  Arthur Bergen: CALL: and offers: various messages  

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To: Multiple recipients of list HUM-MOLGEN <HUM-MOLGEN@NIC.SURFNET.NL>
Subject: CALL: and offers: various messages
From: Arthur Bergen <bergen@AMC.UVA.NL>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 1995 12:58:44 +0100

This message contains 6 submessages:

1) OFFER: Focal dermal hypoplasia cell line available - collaboration
2) CALL:  gene patenting info wanted
3) CALL:  educational question: info wanted about hemophilia genes
4) CALL:  for a probe
5) CALL:  info wanted about Krabbe disease
6) OFFER: free african compound offered for human medical research


Subj:   CALL: Focal dermal hypoplasia cell line available

This message  was originally  submitted by gsuthers@MAD.ADELAIDE.EDU.AU  to the

    Dear Colleague,

    We have identified a girl with classic Focal Dermal Hypoplasia (or
    Goltz syndrome). There is no evidence of an Xp22 deletion on
    conventional cytogenetics. We have established a fibroblast cell line
    from this child - is anyone interested in obtaining some cells for
    research purposes?

    Yours sincerely,

    Graeme Suthers
    Dr Graeme Suthers                  tel   (int)-61-8-204 7375
    Department of Medical Genetics     fax   (int)-61-8-204 6088
    Women's & Children's Hospital
    North Adelaide
    SA 5006
    <<<            email: gsuthers@medicine.adelaide.edu.au            >>>
From:   IN%"clhorn@cats.ucsc.edu"  "Cynthia Horn" 28-MAY-1995 01:56:38.78
To:     IN%"ED-MOLGEN@nic.SURFnet.nl"  "Multiple recipients of list ED-MOLGEN"
Subj:   patents

clhorn@cats.ucsc.edu. (Cynthia Horn) sent the following comments:

I am in search for scienctist concerned the implications
of patenting genes. Much opposition has erupted re the
Human Genome Diversity Project surrounding the commercialization
of data collected. I call your group and others dedicated
to analyzing the social and ethical issues of modern genetics
to focus their efforts on patenting. Do you have any current
info or knowledge of trends or precedents. Reply would be

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Remote host: tsa-30.UCSC.EDU
Remote IP address:

From:   IN%"NAH4@aol.com" 28-MAY-1995 18:23:17.94
Subj:   hemophilia

I am doing research for a report on hemophilia. One of the requirements for
the report is to find the exact gene that causes this disease. I've looked in
several encyclopedias and can't find anything on this gene. Thank-you.


This message was originally  submitted by jeff_kant@PATH1A.MED.UPENN.EDU to the

                       Subject:                               Time:10:54 AM

  OFFICE MEMO           CALL,DIAG: Nonpolymorphic MspI probe  Date:6/5/95
For Southern blot dosage studies on human genomic DNA we would like to combine
with our test probe a second probe which detects a single nonpolymorphic MspI
band of 3.5-6.0 kb to normalize results.  Any suggestions regarding a suitable
probe and where to obtain it would be welcome.

Jeffrey Kant MD
Univ. PA Medical Center
Philadelphia, PA 19104
email: jeff_kant.labmed@path1a.med.upenn.edu

From:   IN%"dagfinnc@nfh.uit.no"  "Dagfinn Conradi"  7-JUN-1995 08:39:28.36
To:     IN%"ED-MOLGEN@nic.SURFnet.nl"  "Multiple recipients of list ED-MOLGEN"
Subj:   CALL: Krabbe decease

dagfinnc@nfh.uit.no (Dagfinn Conradi) sent the following comments:


I'm interested in resent information on Krabbe decease.  Can
anyone tell me where to look. (journals, books, URL's etc.)


From:   IN%"rarnold@teleport.com"  8-JUN-1995 21:44:15.48
To:     IN%"ED-MOLGEN@nic.SURFnet.nl"  "Multiple recipients of list ED-MOLGEN"
Subj:   Researchers?

Seeking researchers with access to lab facilities that would like to
experiment with a mushroom species that is eaten with relish in Africa
and is used in native medicine (a) internally to cure stomach aches, head
aches, high blood pressure, fevers and other sympthoms; and (b) externally
to relieve sympthoms causes by skin disorders.  I am willing to provide
*free* samples for research to institutes/universities seeking additional
sources of compounds.  Perhaps it might contain a new compound for
fighting AIDS or other diseases.  All I ask is that I be kept informed of
results.   Ralph Arnold     rarnold@teleport.com

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